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Avis d’appel d’offre pour le programme de développement routier du couloir est (phase 1)

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LOAN NO./ CREDIT NO. ADF – 2100150041743 OFID – 14220P


  1. The Government of the Republic of Ghana has received a loan from the African Development Fund (ADF) and the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) in the amount USD 101.67 million (UA72.58million) to finance the Eastern Corridor Road Development Programme (Phase 1), and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project ;
  2. The primary objective of the Programme is to contribute towards an efficient transportation system that promotes Ghana’s ports and corridors to enhance inclusiveness, stimulate socio-economic development, and facilitate domestic and regional trade and integration ;
  3. The project will include the following components :
  • Roads Construction Works : This component covers the main civil works contracts incorporating: i) construction of two road sections – Section 3 Dufor Adidome – Asikuma Junction (39.2km) and Section 4 Asutuare – Aveyime (23.9km) including 2 no. interchanges at Dufor Adidome and Asikuma Junction ; ii) implementation and monitoring of the ESIA and RAP ;
  • Consultancy Services : This component covers the consultancy services contracts supporting project implementation and monitoring. It incorporates: i) Design review & supervision of civil works; ii) Monitoring & Evaluation of Project’s impact ; iii) Audits-Road safety, Technical, Procurement, Financial ; iv) Sensitisation – Campaigns on road safety, gender and women’s rights, HIV AIDS, STDs, etc.) ; v) Studies for future road projects, study for establishment of Agro-industrial parks along the Eastern Corridor and study for a water and sanitation system for the communities within the project area ;
  • Project Management & Institutional Support : This component focuses on supporting and enhancing performance of the Executing Agency, Project Coordination Unit (PCU) and AfDB Desk Office. Interventions will include : a)Technical Assistance support in Financial Management (FM), Project Management, Social Safeguards, Contracts and records keeping ; b) Trainings in specialized fields ; c) Provision of Logistics and equipment; d) general operations and coordination.

Community Support : This component focuses on addressing the immediate needs of the communities located along the project corridor. It emphasizes selectivity, integration and prioritizes support under three sub-components as follows : a) Skills Development : The project will train selected youth and women in the community to enhance their employability and entrepreneurship. Specifically the project will train construction gangs to avail services to the roads constructor and thereafter other constructions such as artisans, auto related services and other entrepreneurial occupations. b) Support for establishment of District and Community Level Agro-Processing Facilities : Under the guidance of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the project will provide facilities for livestock and fish processing and cassava, cereals and fruit processing for men and women. c) Social infrastructure development – emphasis on rehabilitation and improvements of existing facilities including 15 Basic Schools; 6 Health Posts; construction of 2 markets and 2 multi-functional centers. The Program will help address the needs of an estimated 228,665 people in the three districts and impact the lives of over 5.4 million inhabitants 53.6 % are women, children, and youth.

Trade and Regional Integration : This component looks at soft interventions to maximize the efficiency of the corridor by ensuring that procedures and controls governing the movement of goods along the Eastern Corridor do not impede trade and, instead help maximize the benefits of the road infrastructure and enhance regional integration. It is made up of three sub-components, namely : i) Customs related activities : the project will train customs officials on transit procedures and regulations, transit process flow as well as the monitoring of transit traffic along the corridor. ii) Inter-Agency Coordination : the project will undertake a study on business process mapping and the re-engineering of agencies operating at Tema port; as well as establish an inter-agency coordination platform to address bottlenecks along the entire trade corridor. iii) Corridor Coordination Activities : the project will facilitate the establishment of corridor coordinating institutions and negotiation of corridor MOU with Burkina Faso and Mali to ensure smooth traffic along the eastern corridor; as well as the harmonization of policies, laws and regulations along the corridor ;

  1. Procurement of contracts financed by the African Development Fund (ADF) will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the African Development Bank Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations, dated October 2015 ;
  2. Specific Procurement Notices for contracts to be bid under the African Development Fund (ADF) competitive bidding procedures and for contracts for Consultancy Services will be announced, as they become available, in UN Development Business and dgMarket and other technical magazines, newspapers and trade publications of wide international circulation and in local newspapers ;
  3. Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting :

The Chief Executive

Ghana Highway Authority

Room No. 305

O. Box GP 1641

Accra, Ghana


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