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  1. The Republic of Liberia through the Ministry of Agriculture has received a grant financing from Global Agriculture Food Security Program (GAFSP) of the World Bank Group and the African Development Fund of the African Development Bank (AfDB) for Agriculture development in Liberia, this grant in the sum of 6 Million is to finance the Smallholder Agriculture Development for Food and Nutrition Security (SADFONS) Project. The Project is being implemented under the supervision of the African Development Bank (AfDB). The development goal of the Project is to improve food and nutrition security and reduce poverty of targeted rural populations in (6) six selected counties. To achieve its development objective, SADFONS targets three strategic result areas: (1) increased agricultural productivity and production of smallholder farmers (with a focus on food crops such as rice, cassava, and vegetables), (2) improved smallholders’ value addition, market access and income; and (3) strengthened capacity of selected government institutions, farmers and producer organizations ;
  1. The Smallholder Agriculture Development for Food and Nutrition Security (SADFONS) Project overall project development objective to is to improve food and nutrition security and reduce poverty of targeted rural populations in Liberia. The project activities to be implemented based on the project components are as follows : Component 1. Support to enhancing smallholder agricultural productivity and market access Sub-Component 1.1. Strengthening of sustainable crop production and intensification: The project activities will be implemented in both upland and lowland areas, increasing the productivity of cassava, rice and vegetables production. The project will support rehabilitation of irrigation schemes for rice cultivation in a total of 130 ha of lowland areas. The rehabilitation will include stabilization of existing irrigation infrastructures for rice and vegetable production for improved water availability in the rice-producing counties of lowland areas and will include earth and layout works, water control and small irrigation structures.

Sub-Component 1.2. Value Addition and Market Linkages: The project will support interventions for the development and strengthening of smallholder market access and value chain linkages. The project will strengthen the linkages between smallholder farmers and six micro-hubs for primary processing of cassava and rice, with the help of four aggregation centres located near micro-hubs. The micro-hubs currently lack the management and operational capacities needed to consistently supply value addition services to smallholder farmers and to fully utilize the already installed processing machinery. The project will provide the additional financial support for a specified period during the lifetime of the project, on a declining basis, while concurrently building management and operational capacities to turnover independently.

Component 2. Institutional Strengthening and Capacity building 

Sub-Component 2.1: Strengthening participatory farmer advisory services: This sub-component will support institutional strengthening of extension service delivery, by continuing to engage the trained lead farmers as change agents for knowledge sharing, while encouraging ownership of the process by the FBOs for sustainability, with support by the MoA. As a complement to the FFS, group strengthening training courses will be implemented to improve group cohesion and internal functions. Informal groups that begin to formalize their operations into a FMO, to organize formal (purchasing and sales) functions for the group members, and may qualify for equipment support, along with existing FMOs. Inter-regional exchange visits will remain a vehicle for cross-learning among groups.

Sub-Component 2.2: Strengthening the capacity of Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in investment planning and implementation: The project will support the capacity strengthening of the MoA in the planning of sustainable agricultural investments, including trainings on system of rice intensification (SRI), Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) practices and Sustainable Water and Land Management, and on economic and financial analysis of agricultural investments. The project will support the mainstreaming of climate change adaptation in national agricultural M&E and in the extension and advisory system. It will also support the MoA to build its capacity to crowd in private investment to the agricultural sector by conducting agribusiness and investment policy dialogues with private sector partners, investment and commercial banks; and meetings with trade and financial specialists to share knowledge and interact on economic trends and events.

Component 3. Project Management 

The component will focus on the planning, coordination and management, and delivery of project activities within the scope and of high quality cost-effectively and efficiently.

  1. Procurement of goods, works and the acquisition of consultancy services financed under the project, will be carried out in accordance with the “Procurement Policy and Methodology for the African Development Bank Group Funded Operations” (BPM), dated October 2015 and Procurement through National Competitive Bidding (NCB) and shopping procedures will be carried out using Borrower Procurement System (BPS) comprising its Laws and Regulations Public Procurement Concessions Act of 2005 which was amended and reinstated September 2010. Procurement Notices and Bidding Documents are expected to be available with effect from October 18, 2021 ;
  1. Interested bidders may obtain further information and should confirm their interest by contacting the Ministry of Agriculture Program Management Unit office via the communication information below.

Attn : SADFONS Project,

Mr. Jlopleh Dennis Wiagbe, Jr.

Project Coordinator

Ministry of Agriculture

LUBSUCO Compound, Old LPRC Road,

Japan Highway, Gardnersville,

Monrovia, Liberia.

E-mail : [email protected]

Tel: +231-886-549-875/777-549-875

Project Financial Coordinator (FC) Email address : [email protected]

Procurement Officer E- mail address : [email protected]