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Avis d’appel d’offre pour le renforcement de la coopération transfrontalière et de la gestion intégrée des ressources naturelles dans le bassin de la rivière Songwe (CINEMA-SRB)

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Government of The Republic of Malawi

Government of The United Republic of Tanzania




Project ID : P-Z1-EAZ-052

Grant No  : 5550155001701


  1. Introduction :

The Governments of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Republic of Malawi are jointly implementing the Songwe River Basin Development Programme (SRBDP), which is managed by the Secretariat of the Joint Songwe River Basin Commission (S-SRBC) with office located at Kyela, Tanzania. The two countries have received a grant from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) through the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the ‘Strengthening Transboundary Cooperation and Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Songwe River Basin’ (STCINRM-SRB) Project. The project intends to apply part of the proceeds of this grant to make eligible payment for goods, works and services to be procured under this project. The cost of the project is estimated at USD 6,392,694 and Country contributions are estimated at USD 1,000,000 each for the two governments of Tanzania and Malawi. The project duration is 4 years (2019-2023).

  1. Objectives of the Project :

The purpose of the STCINRM-SRB project is to enhance basin protection, livelihoods and integrated water resources management through improved transboundary cooperation and sustained ecosystem services.

  1. The project consists of (4) components which includes :
  • Component 1- Enhancing transboundary management and institutional capacity – This component aims at strengthening the capacity of the SRBC and ensure that the river basin commission is effective, well-functioning and can fulfil its core functions which include; Transboundary diagnostic analysis undertaken and strategic action plans updated, Operationisation of the Songwe Convention through Inter-Ministerial Steering Committees and thematic taskforces, Strengthening the institutional capacity and financial sustainability of the Commission by recruiting staff and through resource mobilisation ;
  • Component 2- Improving early warning, disaster risk management, and monitoring measures – This component will strengthen the capacity of the secretariat of the SRBC and agencies in the two partner states through preparation of flood response plans and development of structural and non-structural measures to minimise flood risk. The environmental monitoring system focus on collecting environmental data which will feed into the Management Information System and strengthen the knowledge base of the SRBC to enable informed decision making ;
  • Component 3: Community based demonstrations in Integrated Natural Resources Management and Conservation – This component will focus on planning and implementation of measures for community based watershed and forest management detailed as: Strengthening foundational Institutional Capacity for watershed management; Spatial analysis on erosion modelling to help prioritize watershed areas; Development of watershed management plans in selected watersheds; and Piloting soil and water conservation measures and preparing replication across the basin ;
  • Component 4- Project management and Coordination – This component consists of activities to ensure smooth and timely implementation of the proposed interventions. Activities include: Annual financial and technical audits; Procurement of vehicles, ICT equipment and Operation costs.
  1. Procurement of Goods, Works and Services : Procurement of goods and/or works will be in accordance with the Bank’s Rules of Procedure for the Procurement of Goods and Works. Acquisition of the services of Consultants will follow the Bank’s Rules of Procedure for the Use of Consultants. All procurements methods will be in the forms of International Competitive Bidding (ICB), National Competitive Bidding (NCB), Short-listing and Shopping using the relevant Bank Standard Bidding Documents. Project activities are expected to start in March ,2020 and procurement activities will be published accordingly.

Interested bidders may obtain further information, and should confirm their interest, by contacting :

The Secretariat of the Joint Songwe River Basin Commission

P.O. Box 300, Kyela,


Contact name : Eng. Gabriel Kalinga

Email : ; cc

Telephone number : +255 754 832484; or +255 25 2957412

Fax number : +255 25 2957413


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