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Demande d’expression d’intérêt pour des services Web (conception, développement, hébergement et maintenance)

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Date de clôture : Wednesday 13 March 2019

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Jean-Paul II, 01 B.P. 1387, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Financial Sector Development Department (PIFD)



The African Development Bank (AfDB) “the Bank” hereby invites Web design firms to indicate their interest to work with Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility (ADFI) to provide Web services. The Financial Sector Development Department (PIFD) at the Bank is implementing ADFI.

The Bank working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), Agence Française de Développement (AfD) and the Government of Luxembourg (the Initial Donors) have established the Africa Digital Financial Inclusion Facility (ADFI). ADFI comprises a multi-donor trust fund and debt funding from the Bank and has a projected ten (10) year investment horizon. Through catalytic and strategic investments in digital financial services (DFS throughout Africa, ADFI seeks to break down the barriers to DFS growth and uptake inorder to advance financial inclusion. ADFI’s design is informed by an in-depth market assessment that looked at the factors affecting DFS growth and uptake in several countries and regions in Africa.

The Internet has increasingly become the first and fastest point of reference on information for stakeholders of the Bank. These include the Bank’s members, government officials in Africa, private sector institutions, civil society representatives, donors, etc. The internet is also a key resource for stakeholders outside of the Bank who wish to know more about the Bank’s activities, areas of interventions, policies, etc… The proposed website is expected to accommodate current and evolving needs in terms of design and content management.


Objective of the website

The website will act as a tool to raise awareness of and to promote digital financial inclusion and poverty reduction in Africa. By doing so, the website will support the success, sustainability and visibility of ADFI in the continent. Specifically the website will serve to:

  1. Provide a platform for interaction and information sharing among all those who are interested in ADFI.
  2. Be the first point of reference on ADFI’s activities and delivering on financial inclusion in Africa.
  3. Make key documents accessible to target audiences and the general public.
  4. Provide news and updates on the work of ADFI in Africa.
  5. Promote the development and adoption of best practices and approaches related to digital financial inclusion.


Target audiences

The website aims to target the following groups:

  1. AfDB Member Countries with a focus on national governments and regulators, and Ministries of Finance
  2. Current donors, potential donors and other partners
  3. DFS ecosystem stakeholders
  4. Pan-African organizations and regional organizations
  5. Research institutions and think-tanks
  6. Relevant UN agencies
  7. Media organizations
  8. The African development Bank (Board of Governors, Board of Directors, senior leadership and staff)
  9. Digital financial services influencers and opinion makers, etc.



Tasks and expected deliverables

The following tasks and deliverables are expected from the Web Services firm:

  1. Liaise with the ADFI Coordinator and ADFI Communications Consultant to understand the needs of ADFI in order to identify corresponding user interface requirements, workflows, and functionalities
  2. Design and build the website according to the requirements of ADFI and in line with the Bank’s branding guidelines
  3. Create wireframes, storyboards and prototypes to propose options for implementation
  4. Develop user interface components including templates, style sheets, scripts, images, etc
  5. Develop web sections and sub-sections according to information to be provided by ADFI
  6. Develop a user manual and deliver training for the support staff and system administrators to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration
  7. Prepare source code handover: The contracted consultant or company will maintain full backup of the website through the duration of the contract. The backup, FTP, server code and source files will be delivered in full to ADFI on closing of the contract
  8. Design and programme the website in a way that enables ADFI to manage its content via a backend. This includes handover of administrative rights enabling ADFI to change all content automatically when necessary
  9. The website is designed based on corporate identity and guidelines of ADFI and AfDB.



Preferred technology and specific facilities

  1. The preferred technology as authorized by the Bank is Dupral 7 or equivalent.


Duration of assignment

  1. This assignment should be undertaken during a period of 30 calendar days (one month).


Contract and supervision

The consultancy will be undertaken under the supervision of the ADFI Coordinator, the ADFI Communications Consultant, and in close collaboration with the designated focal point in the ICT department. Content, photographs and other materials will be provided by ADFI. The consultant will be guided in terms of preferred structure of the website (i.e. various pages-about 4 to 5 tabs with drop down menu)


Application process

All interested companies are requested to send the following materials to [email protected], with the title ‘ADFI WEB SERVICES’ in the subject line

  • Application/motivation letter
  • Information about the company (company profile) and summary of similar assignments undertaken
  • Sample of previously designed websites with corresponding links.

All queries should be directed to the email address [email protected] Establishment of the Short List

A shortlist of three to six firms will be established at the end of the request of expressions of interest.

The shortlisted firms will be judged on the following criteria on the basis of their experience.


Company profile15%
Experience in provision of Web services40%
Samples of previously designed Web services45%



Application deadline

Expressions of interest must be delivered by email to address [email protected] with the title ‘ADFI Web Services’ by 13 March 2019 at 24.00 hrs Abidjan time (GMT)





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