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International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA): general procurement notice of multinational-technologies for african agricultural transformation (taat), Nigeria

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International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)


(PROJECT ID P-Z1-A00-016 AND GRANT NUMBER 2100155036067)



The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) (the Executing Agency) and its partners including AfricaRice, CIAT, ICARDA, IFPRI, ILRI, IWMI, ICRISAT, WorldFish Center, CIP, CIMMYT, AATF, CABI, ICIPE, and FARA (the Implementing Agencies) has received a grant of UA 29 million from the African Development Fund (ADF) to finance the Multinational-Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT). Activities will cover nine agricultural commodities (cassava, high iron beans, water efficient maize for Africa, cassava, rice, orange flesh sweet potato, wheat, small livestock and aquaculture), four enablers (policy support services, capacity development and outreach, water services, and ENABLE-TAAT) and one emergency (fall armyworms control services) compacts. The Project formulation team articulated TAAT activities under the 15 compacts derived from these commodities, enablers and the emergency. The Regional Technology Delivery Infrastructure (RTDI) powers the compacts for impact on the ground, especially in the areas of increasing agricultural productivity and narrowing yield gaps between Africa and the rest of the world.

The development objective of TAAT is to “rapidly expand access of smallholder farmers, majority women, to high yielding agricultural technologies to improve their food production, assure food security and raise rural incomes, and deliver regional public goods by scaling up agricultural technologies across similar agro-ecological zones”. Overall TAAT has three main objectives: i) Creating an enabling environment for technology adoption by famers via policies for deployment and adoption of food production technologies that are regionally harmonized, food and nutrition conscious, and environmentally sustainable; ii) Facilitate effective delivery of technologies to farmers by working with existing Regional Technology Delivery Infrastructure in a compact with RMCs, represented by NARES, private sector actors, and an independent technology Clearinghouse; and iii) Raising agricultural production and productivity through the identification and deployment of appropriate technologies, including nutrient dense crop varieties, and vigorous crop outreach campaigns, extension, and market linkage campaigns, in RMCs.

In order to achieve these objectives the project will have the following four (4) components:

  1. Creation of an enabling environment. Component 1 is to support technology adoption by famers through the enactment of policies that are favorable to seed systems, technology release and registration and the regional harmonization of such policies.
  1. Regional Technology Delivery Infrastructure (RTDI) or TAAT platform. Component 2 supports provision and deployment of needed food production technologies.
  1. Sustainable Capacity Strengthening of Project Stakeholder. Component 3 is to promote sustainable capacity enhancement of relevant stakeholders along the value chain of the four target commodities, and
  1. Deployment of appropriate food production technologies. Component 3 focuses on the deployment of appropriate food production technologies and through crop/livestock campaigns in the Bank’s RMCs
  1. Efficient Project Management. Under component 4, the project will coordinate the implementation monitoring and evaluations and timely reporting of the project progress and activities.

The project will finance activities in the categories of goods and services as required across the Banks RMCs (no works). All procurement of goods and works and services will be in accordance with the “Procurement Policy for Bank Group Funded Operations”, dated October 2015, using the relevant Bank Standard solicitation documents. The methods of procurement used will include but not be limited to (i) Open Competitive Bidding (OCB), and Limited Competitive Bidding (LCB) for Goods and Works at national level; and (ii) Open Competitive Bidding (OCB), and Limited Competitive Bidding (LCB) for Consulting Services at international and national levels. Planned major Goods, Works and Consulting Services include the following:

  • Goods: vehicles, agro-processing and office equipment, small inputs and materials
  • Works: field works
  • Consulting Services: for project management, training, surveys and studies/supervision of civil works, audit and mid-term review

Solicitation documents are expected to be available by August 2018. However, interested bidders can obtain further information by contacting:


Deputy Director General, Partnerships and Delivery
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)
PMB 5320, Oyo Road, Ibadan, Oyo State
Nigeria, West Africa
Telephone +234 2 241 2626 or +234 2 7517472 or +201 6336094 Ext 2208
Mobile +234 803 978 4446
Fax number +44 208 7113786 or +873/870 76198636
Email: [email protected]



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