Asia External Representation (SNAR) Tokyo, JAPAN

Title of the assignment  : Procurement and Administration Specialist

Brief description of the Assignment  : Assist in SNAR’s all procurement and administration

 related work
Place of assignment: Tokyo, Japan
Duration of the assignment: 12 months
Tentative Date of commencement: January/2020
Deadline for applications: 25/November/2019, 12:00 local time in Tokyo, Japan.
EOI to be submitted to:
EOI to be sumitted with: Updated own Curriculum vitae

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to :


Terms of Reference

  1. Background :

The African Development Bank (the Bank or AfDB) is a Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) established in 1964 to catalyze sustainable economic development and social progress in its Regional Member Countries (RMCs), thus contributing to poverty reduction. The AfDB Asia External Representation Office (SNAR) is the Bank’s sole representative office outside Africa, opened in Tokyo, Japan, in 2012. The SNAR’s major objectives are to enhance partnerships and dialogue with Asian countries, promote business and investment opportunities in and with Africa, and widely disseminate and exchange information about the Bank, itself, and development issues and projects in Africa. There are currently four Asian member countries, which are China, India, Japan, and Korea.

The work of SNAR has been growing particularly after 2018 at the time the new Work Program has been advised by the Executive Board of the Bank. The emphasis of the new Work Program is to strengthen its capacity of SNAR to contribute further to the core business of the Bank and to cover entire region of its coverage. In order to achieve such work, it is indispensable to continuously secure individuals and firms that can provide appropriate services to SNAR that the Bank requires. First and foremost, the SNAR plans to organize the Third Japan Africa Business Forum in later 2020 or early 2021 which is a major activity of SNAR to promote private investment and business. In order to carry out this event, it is necessary to hire a firm to implement event management work. Procurement such firm involves a lot of documentation work and process to communicate with the Bank’s procurement department. Therefore, a specialized experience and knowledge of procurement is needed. At the same time, hiring invididuals as consultant requires a lot of process to manage.

In addition, SNAR expects to move out from the current office location to another place that involves a lot of administrative work including procurement work and other logistical work. Supervising relocation work is basically done by the specialized department of the Bank but the local supervision is still necessary for monitering minute process. Therefore, this consultant needs to have such experience of physical office management at small field office level of large organizations.

Lastly, the office management work of SNAR requires other issues such as hiring various individual consultants, supporting ICT work, helping web-based communication work, and other office management work. With the support of the local administrative staff of SNAR, SNAR needs to have a Procurement and Administration Specialist by an individual consultant in order to strengthen office management capacity. Under such context, SNAR needs to recruit a long-term consultant for twelve months to conduct related work.

  1. Major Tasks of the Consultant :

Under the overall guidance and instruction of the Head of SNAR and advices by the External Relations and Communication Officer, and the Executive Team and Finance Assistant of SNAR, the consultant shall :

  • Support SNAR’s corporate procurement activities, including sourcing and contract management activities ;
  • Support SNAR’s office relocation process in all areas ;
  • Support SNAR’s office administrative activities ;
  • Support SNAR’s ICT administration activities ;
  • Support SNAR’s web-based communication activities ;
  • Support activities for the Bank’s executives visits to Asia ;
  • Assist in other related tasks that the Head may deem necessary from time to time.

  1. Qualifications :
  • Minimum a Master’s degree in business administration, finance, commerce or any other relevant subjects ;
  • Minimum seven years in total of working experience in MDBs and/or public institutions, such as government offices of member countries, development related institutions, and other international organizations includeing UN, etc ;
  • Working experience in Asian countries, particularly in Japan, is a strong asset ;
  • Working experience in developing countries, particularly in Africa, is a strong asset ;
  • Understand, interpret and apply the Bank’s rules and procedures and public procurement principles ;
  • Highly developed problem solving and negotiations skills. o Strong communication and presentation skills ;
  • Act with integrity and always maintain confidentiality ;
  • Observe the highest standard of ethics, honesty and accountability. o Excellent inter-personal and communication skills ;
  • Fluency in English or French, with working knowledge of the other language. o Practical skills for handling the Japanese language are required for this position ;
  • Competence in the use of standard Microsoft Office Suite applications. SAP knowledge is desirable.

  1. Duration and Location of the Assignment :
  • Twelve months between January and December 2020 with possibility of extension ;
  • The Consultant will work at the Bank’s Asia External Representation Office in Tokyo, Japan, unless otherwise requested by the Head of SNAR.


  1. Consultancy fees :

Remuneration of the consultant will depend on the consultant’s experience in accordance with the Bank’s procurement guidelines. A candidate will be responsible for obtaining personal health insurance at his or her own cost. The coverage should include all medical expenses, including those resulting from illness or injury incurred during the duration of the assignment. If an international travel is required for reporting duty to SNAR in Tokyo, a round trip travel cost in economy class will be compensated.


  1. Office provision :

Office space and telephone will be provided for the consultant.


  1. Other :

While the consultant will be expected to perform his/her tasks mostly in Tokyo, international/domestic travels may be required depending on actual assignments.