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Request for proposal mid-term evaluation of CPD outcome one

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Date de clôture : Monday 29 April 2019

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Request for proposal mid-term evaluation of CPD outcome one


Procurement Process :RFP – Request for proposal
Office :Banjul – GAMBIA
Deadline :29-Apr-19
Development Area :CONSULTANTS
Reference Number :54743
Link to Atlas Project :
00095142 – Eco. Mgt & Evidenc-based Policy, Planning & Budgeting
Documents :

Overview :

2019 marks midway into the CPD (2017-2021) and therefore this is Mid-term Evaluation of the Outcome one of the Country ProgrammeUNDP commissions outcome evaluations to capture and demonstrate evaluative evidence of its contributions to development results at the country level as articulated in both the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) and UNDP Country Programme Document (CPD). These are evaluations carried out within the overall provisions contained in the UNDP Evaluation Policy. In line with the Evaluation Plan of UNDP The Gambia, this outcome evaluation was planned for this year 2019 to assess the impact of UNDP’s development assistance across the major thematic and cross cutting areas of economic management and governance outcomes. The UNDP Office in Gambia is commissioning this evaluation on economic management to capture evaluative evidence of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of current programming, which can be used to strengthen existing programmes and to set the stage for new initiatives. The evaluation serves an important accountability function, providing national stakeholders and partners in Liberia with an impartial assessment of the results of UNDP governance support. The evaluation will also provide perspective on the changing post-dictatorial regime landscape and priorities. Coming close on the mid- term of the UNDAF and the UNDP CPD, it will also provide the Country Office with insights as relates for needs for strategic re-alignments and prioritization with a specific focus within its economic management sphere of work.


Evaluation Scope :

The outcome evaluation will be conducted during the months of April to June 2019, with a view to enhancing programmes while providing strategic direction and inputs to the mid- term evaluation of the UNDP country programme and the UNDAF, both scheduled to start in 2019 also.


Specifically, the outcome evaluation will assess :

  1. The relevance and strategic positioning of UNDP support to Gambia on economic management entrepreneurship and private sector development ;
  2. The frameworks and strategies that UNDP has devised for its support on economic management and evidence-based planning and budgeting; entrepreneurship, private sector development including partnership strategies, and whether they are well conceived for achieving planned objectives ;
  3. The progress made towards achieving an accelerated Inclusive and sustainable economic growth to reduce poverty and inequality for the vulnerable groups outcome, through specific projects and advisory services, and including contributing factors and constraints ;
  4.  The progress to date under these outcomes and what can be derived in terms of lessons learned for future UNDP inclusive an.

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