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Cash Learning Partnership recrute CTP Technical Experts and Training Materials Development Experts

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JOB from Cash Learning Partnership
Job ID:#1885074
Career categories : Program/Project Management
Organization : Cash Learning Partnership
Job years of experience : 5-10 years
Job type : Consultancy
Closing date: 23 Feb 2017

The CaLP community of practice is supported by a core team of CaLP staff, which is made up of technical, capacity building, communications and management staff. CaLP has five regional hubs (East Africa, West Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America), and global secretariat in Europe, including a Geneva-based advocacy office.

These hubs support and facilitate knowledge sharing, learning and training in multiple countries, and ensure that all voices are heard through representation in key global and regional fora.

As CaLP is a relatively small team, we regularly work with partners as well as outsourcing small pieces of work to a range of consultants and experts, such as developing research, guidelines, new training materials (including e-learning), and case studies. In the past, CaLP has individually advertised each ToR, and conducted a selection and recruitment process for each piece of work. As our team and our vision have grown, CaLP is committed to building strategic relationships with key consultants with specific areas of expertise.

We are therefore seeking to develop framework agreements with a small pool of CTP technical experts and training materials development experts, to allow us to work more effectively with a smaller group of people.

How does it work?

Based on the criteria listed on the TOR CaLP will be selecting a group of 5-10 CTP and training materials development experts to have a framework agreement with CaLP.

Under this contract, when individual pieces of work come up, CaLP will reach out to our pool of experts as a first point of call. Although each piece of work will have a specific ToR, there will be no need to re-contract those experts for each piece of work. It is our hope that this will streamline our recruitment processes for outsourced pieces of work. We also intend to identify specific consultants as technical leads on certain technical thematic areas (e.g. markets) and/or with specific capacity building expertise (e.g. storyboard development)

This pool of experts would be CaLP’s first choice for consultancies, and ToRs for those pieces of work would only go on to be advertised publicly if no-one in the pool was available within the time frame, or if specific expertise was required which was not available within the pool.

Time Schedule & Contract duration

The framework agreement would last for 1 year, and each agreement would be reviewed at the end of this period with an option for it to be renewed.

While CaLP cannot guarantee a specific number of days will be paid under this agreement, it is expected that as CaLP’s go-to pool for consultancy work that there would be a minimum of 10 days’ work per year, and it is likely to be more than this. This framework agreement is similar to a zero-hours contract, which would be valid for 1 year, with a possibility for extension on annual review.

What types of work/ToRs would this include?

CTP and Training Experts in CaLP’s pool could expect to be offered the following types of work (please note this is not an exhaustive list, but indicative of the main areas of work CaLP will be undertaking via the pool):

  • Developing and updating standards and guidelines relating to CTP or other technical thematic areas
  • Facilitating cross-member collaboration on specific technical areas (e.g. through leading a TAG technical working group)
  • Developing new training materials relating to CTP and in-line with CaLP’s capacity building approach, or updating and revising existing materials
  • Developing e-learning materials
  • Developing new evidence on CTP, including research and case studies



Expression of Interest

CaLP is inviting expressions of interest from suitably qualified consultants or teams of consultants to undertake this work. Interested applicants are expected to submit a proposal with the following components:

1.Technical proposal (no more than 3 pages) to include:

  • An overview of your skills and experience as it relates to both the essential and desirable criteria listed above,
  • Details of your membership, or association with, any relevant groups, rosters, or other organisations.
  • Your expected daily rate for the following types of work:
    • Training Delivery
    • Training Materials Development
    • Research/Case studies/Chairing technical working groups/fora
  • Descriptions of at least 3 relevant examples of recent work 2. Consultant’s CV
  • Three referees for whom the consultant has carried out similar work, (stating the organization, assignment undertaken, date and duration, contact person’s name, email address and contact number)

– Please note that while we encourage you to reference any previous work done for CaLP in your application, CaLP staff cannot act as referees.

Application Procedures

Expressions of Interest must be sent to the CaLP Global Administration Officer at [email protected] by 23 Feb 2017**

Any additional clarifications on the consultancy should be addressed to the CaLP Technical Project Manager, Stephanie Roberson at e-mail address [email protected]

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