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AECOM is seeking for relationships manager – Somalia

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AECOM is seeking for relationships manager – Somalia


Scope of work

Relationships manager 

Program : somalia transition initiatives for stabilization plus (tis+) program

Position title : relationships manager

Position status:short-term technical assistance consultant

Place of performance : somalia, with possible travel to nairobi, kenya

Period of performance : o/a november 16, 2018 – november 15, 2019

Level of effort : up to 9 months (5-day work week)


Background information :

AECOM International Development implements the Transition Initiatives for Stabilization Plus (TIS+) Program for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), promoting good governance and community cohesion. The four objectives of this TIS+ Program are to:

  • Increase confidence in governance based on equitable participation in decision making and management of community assets
  • Empower community and government representatives to engage with private sector and development actors in a collaborative process for community growth
  • Increase Somali engagement in creating a more stable future
  • Support inclusive, sustainable development by reducing gender gaps in stabilization and development.


Objective :

Civil society plays a key role in delivering services across the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding spectrum Somalia. While NGOs in particular are recognized valuable partners to both Somali authorities and the international community in providing such assistance, their work is often hampered by inadequate regulatory frameworks, significant bureaucratic obstacles and inconsistencies in rules and regulations between various levels of governments.

A clear and harmonized framework for guiding and coordinating the work of NGOs would enable a more effective engagement by civil society in working with Somali authorities to address the humanitarian and development needs of Somalia. Ineffective regulation, on the other hand, will slow recovery, inhibit growth, and undermine efforts to advance Somalia’s development agenda as expressed in the National Development Plan.

Over the last few months, USAID-funded consultants have worked with the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and various Federal Member States (FMS) to develop an overall policy that would regulate of NGOs. It is essential that these efforts be coordinated between FGS and FMS to avoid duplication or contradictions, reduce transaction costs (for NGOs and authorities), and to provide a transparent and safe environment for NGOs to continue to provide assistance to the people of Somalia. This has resulted in drafting of a new NGO law, agreements between the FGS and FMS over the future direction of NGO regulation and oversight and identification of the challenges which NGOs need to respond to for this to be effective.It is against this background that USAID seeks to continue to support the FGS and FMS in achieving implementation of the new legal framework, consistency of regulatory practice, elimination of duplications of systems and clarity over fees and other regulatory requirements. The NGO Relationship Manager will work in close coordination with NGO Policy Development Consultant to support the finalization and implementation of the framework for NGOs in Somalia.


Overall responsibility

Support the NGO Policy Development technical expert to carry out her/his Scope of Work by managing relationships, networking with government and other personnel in the Somalia context, providing ongoing day-to-day oversight of Government’s commitments to completion of NGO Policy Framework development tasks, and

AECOM International  Development+1 703 682 4900tel
3101 Wilson Boulevard+1 703 682-4901fax

Suite 900

Arlington, Virginia 22201, USA

providing reliable and timely administrative and logistical support. Represent the TIS+ Program in a conflict- and gender-sensitive and professional manner.


Primary responsibilities

On behalf of the NGO Policy Framework Development Consultant :

  • Function as the principle point of contact for Government of Somalia officials at federal and state levels, United Nations counterparts supporting this consultancy, donors and other key stakeholders and for events ;
  • Maintain direct monthly contact with key stakeholders to ensure implementation is on track and to identify any concerns, as they arise ;
  • Provide support for the registration, monitoring and evaluation of NGOs ;
  • Facilitate meetings on behalf of the NGO Policy Development Consultant, when she/he is unable to attend ;
  • Undertake all administrative and logistical support for visits/workshops and events for the Technical Expert ;
  • Work closely with the United Nations counterparts responsible for organizing government stakeholders’ logistics and ensure that the most appropriate individuals are invited to and monitor attendance to ensure the invitedindividuals attended ;
  • Assist in the finalization of the NGO Policy Development implementation plan ;
  • Take and keep meeting minutes and other key documentation and distribute to agreed individuals as necessary ;
  • Assist in English and Somali translation during meetings and for written and/or audio/visual ;
  • products, ensuring consistency in both versions or identifying variations ;
  • Provide written weekly short updates and a monthly longer update on consultancy achievements, challenges and results ;
  • Communicate regularly and in a timely manner with the TIS+ Mogadishu Field Office Program Development Officer and with TIS+ Program Field Coordinators and other Program Development Officers, ensuring they are aware of meetings and are provided with the opportunity to attend ;
  • where appropriate ;
  • Assist with communications tasks, including coordinating with the TIS+ Program Development Officer/Mogadishu Field Office (PDO/MFO) and the TIS+ Strategic Communications Specialist regarding publicity, photographs, video clips, tweets, etc ;
  • Undertake other reasonable and agreed tasks as needed.


Deliverables :

Weekly Briefing Note (TIS+ template)End of each week
Monthly Report (TIS+ template)End of each month
Meeting Agendas and MinutesNot more than 1 day after meeting
Summary Report on Important Meetings and Events (TIS+ template)Not more than 2 days after meeting
Communications Products (photographs, video clips, etc.)Prior to, during and after meetings
and events
Other reasonable and agreed deliverables may be added.


Supervision and reporting :

Firstly, the Relationship Manager will work closely with the NGO Policy Development technical expert and be tasked by the technical expert. The technical expert will provide TIS+ feedback on performance.

The Relationship Manager will be supervised formally by the PDO/MFO. The Relationship Manager should convey any issues and concerns about the role and responsibilities to the PDO. If the PDO is unable to resolve the issues/concerns, the Deputy Chief of Party will assist.

Scope of Work – Relationships Manager for NGO Policy Development – Final – Nov. 4 20182
AECOM International Development+1 703 682 4900tel
3101 Wilson Boulevard+1 703 682-4901fax

Suite 900

Arlington, Virginia 22201, USA

Overall supervision and reporting will be to the TIS+ Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) on an as needed basis.


Other information

  • Prior approval for all travel and any costs to be incurred must be obtained from TIS+ with adherence to USAID/TIS+ policies and procedures ;
  • Submit all deliverables, timesheets and expense reports to the PDO/MFO for approval and processing ;
  • The TIS+ Deputy Chief of Party will review certain deliverables as and when needed, as will the Chief of Party.



  • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) ;
  • Demonstrated ability to ;
  • Liaise and network with a range of stakeholders in the Somali context, including government, donor and project personnel ;
  • Organize and oversee various administrative and logistical matters. Communicate with diplomacy and firmness ;
  • Work with expatriate technical experts ;
  • Work independently and with limited supervision and to set and follow a work plan and schedule. Represent an agency professionally and ethically ;
  • Take instructions and offer an informed opinion ;
  • Commitment to producing high quality work ;
  • Strong oral and written communication skills (Somali and English) ;
  • Willingness to learn.

Applicants from diverse backgrounds and female applicants are encouraged to apply

Interested and qualified candidates must apply via link :  by latest Sunday 11th November 2018

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