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Caritas France seeks to recruit a community of practices moderator – Lomé, Togo

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Affichage: 901

Date de clôture : 25 janvier 2019


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FonctionsCoordination, Gestion de projet
ActivitésAnimation, Formation, Education, Appui institutionnel, Décentralisation
ContratVolontariat / service civique

Programme people / secours catholique – Caritas France

Community of practices moderator


Mission Description :

Within the framework of the general mission of Secours Catholique, its guidelines, and the policies of DAPI, the Community of practices moderator participates in the operational implementation of PEOPLE programme (Preparing for Emergencies by strengthening Organisational Procedures, Learning and Exchange).

Responsible for the daily input of data and for the functioning of the platform, the moderator exercises his/her profession through strong team work, finding the means and solutions for the creation of a system conducive towards exchange and trust.

He/She is responsible for :

  1. The development and implementation of a Community of Practices for humanitarian action ;
  2. Promoting the capitalization and knowledge sharing on humanitarian actions ;
  3. The assessment of system features ;
  4. The development of the Monitoring tools and methods.
  • He/She is in charge of developing the necessary conditions for the formalization, capitalization and spreadingof knowledge, facilitating access to information and knowledge available throughout Caritas agencies/partners ;
  • He/She contributes to formalizing capitalization, as well as enhancing, sharing and renewing the knowledge and know-how of Caritas associations as part of the implementation of the “Knowledge Management” project specific objectives for the for the PEOPLE programme ;
  • He/She participates in representing Secours Catholique before Caritas associations and any other organization engaged in the project, by ensuring the visibility of the programme ;
  • He/She is part of the Caritas Africa team in Lome and under the responsibility of the Humanitarian Program Officer of Caritas Africa. He/She will have a functional relationship with the “DIRO coach” who is in charge of knowledge management.

Activities  :

Assists Caritas agencies enhance their know-how within the Caritas Africa network and the PEOPLE programme by :

Main activities :

  • Supporting different procedures (encourages the use of work platforms, sets up the necessary procedures and supports for the capitalization of experts’ studies…) ;
  • Facilitates the Community of practices :
  1. Sets the initial mood or climate of the Community of practices to build trust and collaboration;
  2. Keeps the Community of practices focused on task and process;
  3. Remains as objective as possible;
  4. Is an informed guide helping the Community of practices chart its course and accomplish its goals;
  5. Asks probing questions to challenge thinking and deepen learning;
  6. Reframe or refocus discussions;
  7. Encourages everyone to participate, while remembering that different people participate in different ways;
  8. Protects members of the group from threatening behavior, verbal and non-verbal;
  9. Is gender and culturally sensitive;
  10. Energises a group or slows it down as needed;
  11. Recaps, occasionally, what has happened in the Community of practices;
  12. And helps the group to make connections between meetings.
  • Managing content and knowledge/information ;
  • Compiling, in collaboration with PEOPLE staff, an inventory of existing documents and expertise from different Caritas agencies participating in the programme ;
  1. Draws up and formats documents (syntheses and analyses) facilitating educational purposes and comprehension, based on Caritas’ experience and in close collaboration with participating Caritas agencies and PEOPLE staff ;
  2. Carries out research on external websites in order to identify resources of interest for subjects previously defined by the reinforcement plans ;
  3. Contributes to capitalizing, processing, analyzing, formatting and archiving knowledge (know-how, experience, expertise, innovation);
  • Assists knowledge-management stakeholders to diversify knowledge capitalization formats, and with the designing of procedures, methodological guides, models and data depositories (interviews, lessons learned, codes of practice, educational booklets…) ;
  • Assists in data retrieval/collection for project indicators (including quantitative statistics and qualitative stories/quotes) ;
  • Collaborates with DIRO Programme.

Additional activities :

  1. Assists the Communications Officer in analyzing questions/concerns and responding to the demands of the site’s visitors ;
  2. Supports sign off processes for external communications and media materials, and ensures compliance with EUAV visibility requirements ;
  3. Linking and creating a social network, in coordination with CAFOD PEOPLE team and other PEOPLE partners ;
  4. Assist Caritas Africa in any other activities linked with PEOPLE project if needed, including support to Capacity Strengthening planning and implementation.

Projects Actors :

PEOPLE :The “Preparing for Emergencies by strengthening Organisational Procedures, Learning and Exchange” project is programme which will strengthen the capacity of ten participating organisations in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe to prepare for and respond to humanitarian crises and strengthen their network and volunteer management systems.

A consortium of Caritas member organisations, two headquartered in EU member states, 10 southern based will implement the programme along with CRS and the CHS Alliance for a period of 24 months. The programme will engage three full time staff, 40 community volunteers and one international volunteer.

The objectives are to :

  1. Strengthen humanitarian preparedness & response capacity of 10 local and national organisations to design and deliver needs based humanitarian aid ;
  2. Strengthen volunteer management capacity of 10 prospective hosting organisations to facilitate integration & active participation of volunteers in humanitarian action ;
  3. Strengthen collective dialogue, knowledge sharing, learning and peer- to-peer support between partners on volunteers.

The programme will support three partners to initiate the process of becoming certified EU host organisations contributing to enhance European solidarity at an international level.

Caritas Caritas Internationalisis confederation of over 160 members who are working at the grassroots in almost every country of the world. When a crisis hits, Caritas is already on the ground. The diverse members give us our strength – from small groups of volunteers to some of the biggest global charities. Inspired by Catholic faith, Caritas is the helping hand of the Church – reaching out to the poor, vulnerable and excluded, regardless of race or religion, to build a world based on justice.

SCCF : Secours Catholique – Caritas France implements practical action of genuine solidarity in France and overseas and challenges the authorities on issues of poverty and exclusion. It carries out its mission in France through 67,500 volunteers and by financing projects through local partners overseas. Secours Catholique has been working on capacity development of national Caritas partners through its ‘Développement institutionnel et renforcement organisationnel’ (DIRO) project. Since 2006 it has supported 15 partners in 14 countries in West and Central Africa to strengthen their organisations and learn from each other. To strengthen cross organisational learning in the DIRO programme a knowledge management system is developed.

The DAPI is the International Action & Advocacy Division which is in charge of all international relations and operations except I n Europe.

CAFOD : As a partnership organisation and agent of the Catholic Church, CAFOD’s ways of working embody locally-led humanitarian response. CAFOD is a leading agency in localisation; it is a signatory to the Grand Bargain and a key actor in driving the Charter4Change commitments. Since 2013 CAFOD has invested over Euro 1.5 million on humanitarian capacity development. The programme has supported over 25 local organisations in eight countries to improve the leadership and quality of their emergency response and recovery programmes. CAFOD has worked closely with the CHS Alliance on the development of the Core Humanitarian Standards and was one of the first organisations to obtain CHS certification. CAFOD is a founding member of the START network. CAFOD has 5,300 volunteers working across the UK and 33 in its head office and in overseas offices.

Caritas Africa : Caritas Africa is one of the seven regions of Caritas Internationalis and brings together 46 national Caritas organisations. The strength of Caritas Africa is its widespread network, employing more than 38.000 people and supported by more than 453.000 volunteers. In 2016, Caritas Africa facilitated a consultative workshop for its members and identified capacity strengthening in general and humanitarian capacity strengthening is a key priority focus.

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