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Carter Center recrute Operations/Logistics Technical Advisor, Chad

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Operations/Logistics Technical Advisor, Chad

JOB from Carter Center
Closing date: 30 Jun 2017
Theme: Health
Job years of experience: 0-3 years
Job type: Consultancy

The Operations/Logistics TA will be responsible for ensuring all necessary logistic and procurement of The Carter Center (TCC) program and is in charge of the regular running and/or set up of the base and field base including management of the logistics team (logistics, procurement, decentralized storeroom staff, drivers and guards) and security of the bases. The Operations/Logistics TA must coordinate with administration, HR, and program field staff.

Operations/Logistics TA will ensure the proper functioning of supply chain including procurement planning, purchasing of goods and services, their transport and storage, supervises the organization, planning, and maintenance of the vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles.

Operations/Logistics TA is responsible for the security on the base and field offices including staff, premises, as well as security of TCC materials and assets. The Logistic Department Manager assesses monitors and reports the security situation and develops security procedures relevant to the current situation.

The Operations/Logistics TA will:

  1. Participate in programme planning and advising on logistics considerations.
  2. Provide technical and operational support to the field offices, as well as advice on application of logistics management best practice, systems and procedures. Take initiative in management improvement for the logistical functioning.
  3. Ensure the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of new initiatives and procedures related to logistics.
  4. Conduct special management reviews and/or follow-up on audit observations to assist in the improvement of office procedures and practices related to logistics.
  5. Prepare all required reports and submit monthly logistics report to: Country Representative.
  6. Support the staff of the logistics department in handling of all procurement
  7. Ensures product technical information to be used by program in ordering process are maintained
  8. Supervision of repairing and maintaining vehicles
  9. Maintenance of Codan Radios and verification of field usage
  10. Work cooperatively and harmoniously with government officials and TCC colleagues to strengthen TCC-supported programs in every way possible.
  11. Ensure a safe, respectful, efficient, and effective logistic team work environment while building a sense of team by giving all staff the opportunity to grow professionally.
  12. Work daily with awareness that the TCC works in support of the Chad Guinea Worm Eradication.
  13. Assist the CR to establish policies and procedures for transportation, procurement and logistics management TCC supported programs by providing direct, day-to-day management and oversight of the aforementioned areas.
  14. Assist the CR to supervise and monitor: TCC transportation, procurement and logistics management.
  15. Serve as the procurement officer, establishing a procurement system and ensuring that all purchases for the organization are done transparently and fully in-line with established procurement guidelines at all times.
  16. Directly supervise the logisticians to ensure the following:

a) Drivers follow established policies and procedures;

b) Management of fleet of vehicles including supervision of logbooks, vehicle registration, insurance, monthly fuel consumption and maintenance.

c) Support and organize weekly vehicle movement planning and staff movement; transport decisions are taken with technical (field) considerations taking priority;

d) Logistics are properly established to ensure field needs are met immediately;

e) The CR is immediately aware of all transport or logistical needs threatening the ability of technical staff to do their jobs or staff safety; f) Procurement policies are established and complied on a consistent basis;

  1. TAs and CR houses are secure and functional
  2. Provide overall supervision and coordination for supply chain operations and TCC logistics officers (logistician and compound manager). Specific duties will include the following:

a) Serve as primary approving officer for office supply requests;

b) Ensure office supply requests follow proper protocol;

c) Track non-available items and submit weekly request, if necessary, to CR;

d) Coordinate all incoming and outgoing shipments while always prioritizing field technical needs;

e) Track shipments in process; and investigate and report on any discrepancies between waybills and received items.

  1. Verify that TCC assets, materials and supplies are being used in an honest and transparent fashion. Ensure TCC-supported programs maintain accurate inventories of all physical resources through the following:

a) Ensure stock delivered to supply hub is verified upon delivery;

b) On a weekly basis, ensure through physical checks that stock cards or other documentation of inventory items are up to date and weekly inventory is submitted by staff. Any discrepancies between stock cards/inventories/waybills and physical counts must be reported weekly to the CR;

c) Ensure inventories accurately reflect all tools and equipment;

d) Ensure system of internal asset control including a properly documented waybill system;

e) Verify inventories on a weekly basis and ensure inventories are disseminated in a timely fashion; and

f) Along with the relevant field program managers, maintain effective asset controls and tracking for all staging areas in the program area of responsibility.

  1. Represent The Carter Center with pride, integrity, professionalism, humility, respect for persons, and sensitivity to local culture and traditions. Be constantly aware that you represent an organization founded by a former President of the United States who believes in working aggressively and harmoniously to assist and strengthen health service delivery.
  2. Others duties as required and/or assigned by the CR/NPC of the CGWEP.

Operations/Logistics TAs are independent contractors and as such are offered short term contracts up to 180 days (6 months). A contractor may be offered multiple successive contracts over time. The contract provides a daily honorarium commensurate with experience and education. The daily honorarium can vary; however, the starting rate per day is usually US$125.00. The contract also provides a daily rate to provide for accommodation, meals and incidentals. The transportation costs (transatlantic flights, in country flights and land movement) are provided as well.

Other requirements are:

• At least 2 years of public health experience with community-based programs, preferably in Africa.
• Demonstrated experience with the preparation of technical reports, budgets, plans of action, and management of inventories.
• Demonstrated ability to build team work.
• Ability to make sound work judgments under difficult conditions, and to become technically effective with minimal level of attention from supervisors.
• Sound personal and professional conduct, and respect for the work of The Carter Center and of the Chad Ministry of Health.
• TAs are assigned to remote areas where disease transmission is endemic, and must be prepared to work and live in such areas.
• Fluent in written and spoken French and English.


To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to Subject line ought to include: Application Operations/Logistics TA Position.

All documents ought to be in Microsoft word (.doc), PDF or open source format.

Only finalists will be contacted.


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