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Catholic Relief Services recrute The Provision Of Consultancy Services On Trauma Awareness, Management, And Healing

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The Provision Of Consultancy Services On Trauma Awareness, Management, And Healing

JOB from Catholic Relief Services
Closing date: 05 May 2017
Job ID: #1996504
Career Categories: Program/Project Management
Theme: Gender
Years of experience: 3-5 years
Job type: Consultancy
  1. Description


For over five decades, the people of South Sudan fought a brutal war of independence that resulted in the secession of the country in 2011 from what was Sudan. Besides fighting with the north, many ethnic groups in the south had long standing conflicts that periodically erupted into fratricidal wars over the period. Hence, many communities in South Sudan came into the new independent state with memories, wounds, and scars of the wars they had fought against each other.

After attaining independence, the unhealed mutual hurts and unaddressed causes of the interethnic conflicts erupted into factional fighting that has since splintered into different armed groups fighting each other and/or against the central government. This has not only perpetuated the entrenched culture of violence and war in South Sudan, it has deepened the psychological pain and economic deprivations of its citizens. Many live with the pain of loss of loved ones, property and livelihoods through destructions, pillage, and displacements from their homes.

Women have borne the brunt of being objects of war through rape and other forms of sexual abuse, as well as, facing the challenges of fending orphaned children. Deprived of every condition for healthy childhood, children have come to accept violence as a norm that influences their behaviour in society. The youth, many of whom grew up in war, continue to be both the protagonists and victims of the cycles of violence and war. Whether as members of ethnic militias or traditional fighters, youth are part of the conflict cycle that sustain the violence against their peers of the other side and vice versa.

The years of war and suffering have left strong and visible traumatic scars on all South Sudanese. Everyone in the society is traumatized. However, with very limited opportunities for stress and trauma awareness, management, and healing, many South Sudanese are unaware of the traumatic state in which they find themselves; and those who know it have very few outlets for getting effective healing and support. Many South Sudanese therefore live with suppressed/repressed anger, fear, pain, and memories that have only served to perpetuate the cycles of interethnic hatred and violence. Consequently, a large section of South Sudanese, especially the younger ones, have come to internalize the culture of violence as the norm in their dealing with disagreements. This fuels the perpetuation of the culture of vengeance, violence, and war that has come to characterize life in South Sudan.

  1. Past and Planned Interventions

Although several efforts have been made to offer opportunities for healing stress and trauma in South Sudan, the efforts have often been restricted spatially (i.e. to small geographical areas of the country) or in time (short, project-tied durations). As a result, South Sudan has been unable to build local capacity to institutionalize and sustain stress and trauma awareness and healing services beyond the lifespan of projects.

Catholic Relief Services and the South Sudan Council of Churches are, however, set to change this dynamic. With funding from USAID, CRS and SSCC are supporting the implementation of the Reconciliation for Peace project under which the promotion of trauma awareness and healing is a major component. This time round, the project aims to train and equip community level actors with the knowledge and skills to provide trauma awareness and healing services at the payam, county, and other decentralized levels on a sustainable basis. Managed through the SSCC, this approach will ensure the building of local capacities and networks for providing stress and trauma awareness, management and healing services beyond the life of the project.

In furtherance of this, the project plans to train a core group of trainers who will in turn train community level stress and trauma awareness and management service providers to deliver awareness and healing services at the local levels in the States of Western Equatoria, Jonglei, Lakes, and Juba County. Specific project targets include;

  • 45 community representatives from project target locations trained as trainers on trauma awareness and healing
  • A minimum of 10 workshops (at least 40pax) on trauma awareness, management and healing conducted by the trained TOTs in Jonglei, Western Equatoria, Lakes and Juba County.

The project also aims to equip 165 Community Peace Mobilisers (CPM), who are charged with supporting community level peace and reconciliation efforts, to be more sensitive in recognizing and dealing with cases of stress and trauma during the community consultations that they will be conducting. The intent is equip the CPM trainees with the knowledge and skills that enable them help members of participating communities to be aware of stress and trauma, their causes and effects, and how to deal with them at a basic level. The CPMs and other community trauma management service providers will be equipped with information about referral services for expert assistance. The training will incorporate identified local best practices in indigenous trauma healing approaches to create the space for community members to access such services.

  1. Deliverables

In pursuit of the above objectives, CRS is seeking the services of individuals or institutions with expertise and experience in the provision of training of trainers’ services in trauma awareness and healing. Specifically, the Service Provider will be expected to deliver the following services:

  1. Pre-contract Deliverables:

As part of the consultant selection process, the prospective service provider will develop and submit to CRS a technical and financial proposal on how he/she/they intend to meet the needs of CRS and SSCC in building and institutionalizing local capacity for stress and trauma recognition, awareness, management, and healing in South Sudan. The proposal should include, but not limited to the following:

  1. Demonstration of an understanding of the operational context of South Sudan, the challenges that underscore the need for stress and trauma recognition, management, and healing, and how this understanding informs the design and delivery of the services required.
  2. A technical component that details how and why the proposer plans to carry out the TOT and subsequent accompaniment services to support the trainers, the trainees, CRS, and SSCC to institutionalize the provision of community-level stress and trauma recognition, management, and healing services.
  3. A Financial proposal indicating how much it would cost the resource person or team to deliver the proposed services. This should be as detailed as possible, indicating line items and their costs.
  4. A timeline by activity for the delivery of the consultancy services.

Please note that this is an unremunerated phase of the prospective service provider’s participation in the selection process.

  1. Post Contract Phase Deliverables:

Once the Service Provider has been screened and contracted to provide the services, he/she/they will be expected to deliver the following services:

  1. A revised work plan addressing comments and incorporating suggestions that CRS would have offered in the review of the bid proposal
  2. A technical and methodological proposal that details the design and delivery of the TOT services
  3. Support identified local trauma managers and healers within church structures from Lakes, Western Equatoria, and Jonglei States, as well as, Juba County to develop a curriculum and facilitation guide that integrate local best practices and appropriate techniques for the trained trainers to use in replicating community level stress and trauma management service providers’ training.
  4. Provide backstopping to trained stress and trauma managers/healers to enable them;
  5. to map out women, children and other community groups that are most at risk to trauma or already affected by it.
  6. conduct trauma awareness raising workshops in selected trauma affected communities of Jonglei, Western Equatoria and Lakes States. A minimum of 10 workshops.
  7. set up trauma and resilience caregiver structures at the community level in each of the project locations to provide ongoing trauma support with affected and at risk women, children and other community groups.
  8. Provide other support services that would institutionalize capacity for community level stress and trauma management and healing in South Sudan.
  9. Working Relationships
  10. The service provider will work principally with the national secretariat of the South Sudan Council of Churches and their affiliates, the Inter Church Committees (ICCs) at the State, County, and Payam levels respectively.
  11. CRS staff will provide technical and logistic backstopping to ensure the successful execution of the assignment


  1. Duration of the Scope of Work

    The timeframe for the consultancy is June 1st to August 30th, 2017

  2. Budget

Costs will be negotiated after the selection and review of the technical and financial proposals


Send all applications to [email protected] and cc [email protected]

Application deadline is May 5th, 2017.

Primary Contact: Secondary Contact:

Atem Dut Joseph Kuek Godefridus Jonkers

Senior Project Manager Peacebuilding Advisor

CRS South Sudan CRS South Sudan

Tel: +211957165104 Tel: +21192024639

E-mail: [email protected] E-mail: [email protected]

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