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Expressions of interest are being requested for an individual Consultant for a readiness and market assessment studies

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6, Avenue Joseph Anoma

01 B.P. 1387 – Abidjan 01

Côte d’Ivoire

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Department

E-mail:         Telephone: +225 20 26 5873

Expressions of interest are being requested for an individual Consultant for a readiness and market assessment studies


Brief description of the assignment : Conduct in-depth readiness and market assessment to screen solar projects in four (4) to five (5) countries

Place of assignment : The consultant will be based at the Bank Headquarters in Abidjan with possible travels to the countries as required

Duration of the assignment : mid-November 2018 ~ mid-February 2019

Tentative date of commencement : 19 November, 2018

Detailed terms of reference for the assignment : attached in a separate document

Deadline for applications : 30 October, 2018

Applications to be submitted to: Ji In Seol; Adama Moussa

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to: Ji In Seol; Adama Moussa


Terms of reference

In-depth Public Sector Readiness and Market Assessment Study for Project Development in Support of the Desert to Power Program


1. Background and introduction

1.1. Access to electricity remains a significant impediment to Africa’s economic and social development. Especially, the costs of insufficient energy access in the Sahel region have continued to hamper the region’s economic growth, with 64% 1of the population in the Sahel region living without access to electricity. However, the strong solar irradiation in the Sahel region can be utilized at various scales, ranging from the household and community levels to industrial and national scale operations ;

1.2. Some of the governments in the Sahel region are increasingly eager to expand renewable energy access and boost generation capacity. However, as public finances are constrained and international investment limited, private investment will need to be harnessed to deliver on targets for energy access ;

1.3. The African Development Bank (the “Bank”), as part of its New Deal on Energy for Africa, has set the aspirational goal of achieving universal energy access in Africa by 2025. In order to achieve this goal, innovative mechanisms are required to mobilize an additional USD 30-55 billion annually in domestic and international capital flows into energy infrastructure stocks, with a strong emphasis on exploiting the continent’s renewable energy potential. The Bank is currently addressing gaps in financing that hinder the development of renewable energy solutions in Africa.

 2. The desert to power program

2.1. The Bank has established the Desert to Power Program (the “Program”), which aims to make ground-breaking progress in solving the Sahel region’s energy access challenge and transform the region by tapping into solar power. The Program aims to develop 10GW of solar energy across the Sahel region by 2025 and provide solar-generated electricity to 250 million people, wherein 160 million will be reached through on-grid (7GW); 90 million, through off-grid solutions (3GW) ;

2.2. The Desert to Power Program (the “Program”) is structured as an innovative blended finance program, anchored with the Bank and other partners’ funding to catalyze the participation of selected private sector and institutional investors. For maximum operational effectiveness and impact, the Program will be implemented in two separate vehicles of (i) early-stage equity fund and (ii) concessional and non-concessional debt financing.


3. Objective and scope of the assignment

3.1. The Bank seeks the services of a highly skilled and experienced individual Consultant to undertake in-depth assessment studies that includes project identification in four to five countries. The Program is initially being supported in a :

  • A weighted average of eleven countries included in the Desert to Power countries – Burkina Faso, Chad, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sudan.

few countries in the Sahel region; the individual Consultant will conduct an in-depth assessment to screen projects or programs which will be a part of pipeline development in the four to five countries that possibly will include Niger, Sudan, Chad, Burkina Faso, and Mali.

3.2. The overall objectives of the Assignment are to determine market readiness for early-stage solar power project development, both on- and off-grid, as well as deep-dive understanding on the activities taking place in the markets for the Program implementation arrangement (the “Objective”) ;

3.3. In this respect, the Assignment will include two components ;

3.4. In the first component (“Component One”), the Consultant will perform an extensive and detailed diagnostic study into the public sector readiness, which will include :

3.4.1. Detailed analysis and assessment into the readiness of the public sector, including legal and regulatory framework, utilities, sovereign fund, procurement framework and practices, capacity of the government to participate in transactions, and the more ;

3.4.2. Assessment of government demand and appetite for renewable energy projects, particularly for on- and off-grid solar ;

3.4.3. Especially, detailed analysis and assessment with regard to on- and off-grid solar pipelines in the country that would benefit from the Program; and,

3.4.4. Recommendation of the optimal activities and operating definition for the Program given the public sector/government demand, appetite, and preferences.

3.5. In the second component (“Component Two”), the Consultant will perform an extensive and detailed diagnostic study into the market transactions, which will include :

3.5.1. Detailed analysis and assessment on the market conditions, demand and appetite for solar IPPs and off-grid, including an analysis into technical requirements and specificity as well ;

3.5.2. Detailed scoping of developers, investors, and donors in the market; in-depth analysis on those willing to partner with the Bank in the project development and construction roll-out under the Program ;

3.5.3. Detailed analysis on a pipeline of potential projects that would benefit from the Program’s support (Para 3.4.3); and

3.5.4. Recommendation of the optimal interventions for the Program given market demand/appetite and investor/donor preferences.

3.6. The final form of the service deliverable will be a Public Sector Readiness and Market Study Report. The Assignment will be completed once the Task Manager and the Task Team confirm the final version of the Report satisfactory to the Bank ;

3.7. Taking into account the findings from both the public sector and the market transactions, the Consultant will put forward and elaborate the implementation framework of the Program, consolidating Para 3.4.4. and Para 3.5.4., both for early-stage equity fund and long-term concessional and non-concessional debt ;

3.8. The Consultant will produce the requisite documents during the service term by which and according to which the Bank will continue or begin operationalizing the Program.


4. Timeframe and deliverables 

4.1. The contract for the Assignment shall be for a term of three (3) consecutive months; all deliverables and related materials shall be completed and submitted within the period ;

4.2. The Consultant is expected to begin the service upon the contract signature. By  two

  • weeks from the commencement of the service, the Consultant must submit an Inception Report, which will have been drafted after having gone through the existing data, notes, and reports in the Bank, detailing its methodology and schedule for the Assignment, as well as planned output and formats for all relevant reports ;

4.3. Following acceptance of the Inception Report by the Bank, the Consultant will commence the Assignment. The Consultant will work as a one team with the Task Manager and the Task Team.

4.4. Public Sector Readiness and Market Study Report must address all points contained under the objective and scope of services section in this Terms of Reference. The first mid-term draft of the Study Report will be delivered to the Bank three (3) weeks following the acceptance of the Inception Report. The second draft will be delivered to the Bank four (4) weeks thereafter. The final version of the Report will be delivered to the Task Manager four (4) weeks thereafter.


5. Consultant qualification & experience requirements

5.1. The Consultant must possess at least 10 years of experience and proven track-record of leading and undertaking similar assignments :

5.1.1. Extensive experience in conducting feasibility studies, in-depth readiness studies, and market assessments for renewable energy and/or infrastructure projects in Africa, particularly in West Africa ;

5.1.2. Deep understanding of project development cycle in African energy and infrastructure markets – previous experience of undertaking debt capital markets transactions in Africa, particularly in the energy sector, is preferred ;

5.1.3. Evidence of a strong network of local and international stakeholders such as regulators, government agencies, international donors, institutional investors, DFIs, commercial investors ;

5.1.4. Experience in developing renewable energy projects in Africa. S/he shall demonstrate strategic and cooperation skills and have managed projects in emerging economies; experience in facilitating energy and infrastructure investments in frontier markets, especially in Africa, is a plus ;

5.1.5. Understanding and experience in utilizing blended finance solutions to catalyze and crowd-in private sector investment ;

5.1.6. Proven ability in data gathering, analytical work, fast synthesis, report writing, and strong capacity to produce outputs in a timely manner ;

5.1.7. Ability to commence activities within a short time period following conclusion of the contract; agility and flexibility with a focus on outputs as the Assignment rolls out ;

5.1.8. Previous experience in, or working for, a Multilateral Development Finance institution is a plus ;

5.1.9. Client and results-oriented with strong analytical and communication (verbal and written) skills, sense of accuracy and attention to detail; and

5.1.10. Bilingual proficiency in English and French.


6. Reporting requirements

6.1. The Assignment shall be conducted under the direct supervision of the Desert to Power Task Manager, as well as under the overall supervision of the Director, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Department. The Consultant will report on a day-to-day basis to the Task Manager ;

6.2. All deliverables/outputs would be subject to initial review and approval by the Task Manager prior to final approval by the Director.


7. Language

7.1. All reports and documents will be in English unless required to be in French.



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