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Médicos del Mundo España seeks to recruit a senior EU aid volunteer in IT and telecommunications – Burkina Faso

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Affichage: 100

Date de clôture : lundi 31 décembre 2018


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FonctionsTechnicien spécialiste
ActivitésInformatique, Communication
PaysAfrique, Burkina Faso
ContratVolontariat / service civique


The objective of the volunteer is to strengthen the skills of the support team and all staff by :
Administering and ensuring the operation and operation of one or more hardware or software elements (tools, networks, databases, messaging, …) at the group level.

  • Administer and operate the server ;
  • Monitor and update the configuration and architecture of information systems according to changes ;
  • Establish the technical procedures for the operation, use and safety of IT equipment ;
  • Analyze the performance of the information system and recommend measures to improve quality, safety, productivity ;
  • Identify and diagnose malfunctions, incidents, or nonconformities. Implement corrective measures ;
  • Select or install computer equipment (software, hardware, …) ;
  • Advise and assist development teams, computer production or users in the choice and implementation of technical solutions ;
  • Manage, install and maintain computer equipment (computer stations, peripherals, …) ;
  • Manage the wiring ;
  • Help with software management, installation and maintenance ;
  • Assist and provide technical support (hardware and software) to users ;
  • Guiding the user to resolve malfunctions or take control of the system remotely ;
  • Present IT resources to users.

Establishing decentralized systems :

  • Manage backups on applications, internal server and sharepoint ;
  • Manage the configuration of the applications.

Ensuring consistency, accessibility and security of information :

  • Define and track access rights according to the characteristics of users or services ;
  • Follow and update technical, economic, regulatory, …
  • Raise awareness of users about IT security and rules of good practice ;
  • Support the activity of the users intervening on the network ;
  • Manage IT security (access authorization, protection …) ;
  • Develop applications and make them easy to use ;
  • Set up and apply the information security instructions and operating instructions ;
  • Set up remote work support tools.

Médicos del Mundo has been present in Burkina Faso since 2002, implementing projects to improve sexual and reproductive health and reduce maternal and infant mortality, particularly linked to malnutrition. Currently, we have two major projects that support the health districts of Dori, Djibo, and Sebba in the Sahel region, to achieve an improvement in the care of children with severe acute malnutrition and promote sexual and reproductive health in the communities. – From February to December 2018 we worked in humanitarian action in partnership with the Belgian Red Cross to alleviate acute malnutrition in the health districts of Dori and Djibo (Sahel region), serving a direct population of 358,234 children under 5 years of age (51 % girls). – In consortium with Humanité et Inclusion, Veterinarians Without Borders Belgium and the Spanish Red Cross from June 2017 to February 2020 we will work on a development cooperation project to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations in food and nutrition insecurity in the provinces from Yagha, Sahel region, for a population of 25,297 children between 0-5 years old. We provide training in municipalities and management committees aimed at community health agents to improve their involvement in the health of their community. Our objective is to improve the prevention, the quality of medical care, especially at the ambulatory level and in hospital recovery centers, reinforcing the Burkina health system. We seek to fulfill the right to sexual and reproductive health, especially of young people, through sexual education, improvement of health services, family planning in the face of the prevention of premature pregnancies, gender violence, of early, child and forced marriages of female genital mutilation and excision.


Expériences / Formation du candidat :

  • A university level (BAC + 4 or higher) in the IT sector ;
  • Significant experience in network administration and decentralized systems ;
  • Good knowledge of the usual configurations, systems, office tools, internal server and sharepoint of the organization ;
  • General knowledge of operating systems ;
  • Good knowledge on computer networks ;
  • Know how to detect, diagnose and repair system and network problems ;
  • Good knowledge of business software ;
  • Dialog with users by adapting to their expectations ;
  • Know how to set up a computer maintenance plan ;
  • Design and develop a site: design, modeling and architecture of applications, methods, standards, languages and development tools, web programming languages and security procedures.

Langues parlées :

  • Français ;
  • Anglais et Espagnol : souhaitable.

Qualité du candidat :

Have a good general IT background – Know the programming concepts – To be creative and imaginative to find new solutions and innovate. – Self-training, being autonomous – Understand project constraints (deadlines, budget, expectations) – Rigor, organization, pedagogy and a good sense of relational – Have the ability to work in a team – Use common sense – Have a listening mind – To be methodical – Know how to work under pressure – Being flexible – Good knowledge of French – Good knowledge of Spanish and English would be an asset

Durée du contrat :

  • The candidate for EU Aid Volunteers must be a citizen of the EU or a third country national who is a long-term resident in an EU Member State, and must have a minimum age of 18 years ;
  • The volunteer must be available for his/her assignment from May 2019 until July 2019. This aspect, along with being proficient in French, are non-negotiable and exception criteria ;
  • 3 mois.

Salaire / Indemnité :

  • A monthly Subsistence Lump Sum (572,10 Euros per month) in the local currency (CFA francs), that intends to cover basic needs and local transport. The best restaurants will be identified to allow volunteers to have a varied diet and to eat in good hygienic conditions. In general it is easy to eat in the capital ;
  • In addition, for each month of deployment 100 Euros of post-deployment resettlement allowance is foreseen ;
  • Accommodation, Visa fees, insurance and airfares will be covered.

Documents à envoyer :

Shortlisting and interviews are expected to take place on a rolling basis (January-February 2019) with the Deployment commencing in May 2019.
Please note that only completed applications that are submitted through will be considered.


Applications should include :

  • Completed EUAV application form (in French) ;
  • CV in Europass format (in French) ;
  • Completed EUAV Self Assessment Questionnaire (in French) ;
  • Motivation Letter (in French).

Email de la personne contact : [email protected]

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