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MENTOR Initiative recrute Country Director – Central African Republic

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Country Director – Central African Republic

JOB from MENTOR Initiative
Closing date: 28 Apr 2017

Job ID: #1989204

Career Categories: Program/Project Management

Country: Central African Republic

Theme: Health

Years of experience: 5-10 years

Job type: Consultancy

Job Title: Country Director


Work Base: Bangui (Central African Republic) with extensive field travel to MENTOR bases (North West) and to other areas in CAR to explore potential future interventions.

Responsible to: HQ Programme Manager (PM) and, for all operational support issues, HQ Grants Manager (GM)

Responsible for: A team of 11 expats and (indirectly) 80 national staff members

Duration: 12 months

Start date: May / June 2017

Closing date: until suitable candidate has been identified.

Fee: 4000-4400USD per month depending on experience

The MENTOR Initiative is looking to recruit a new Country Director (CD) for the organisation’s mission in the Central African Republic (CAR). The CD will be responsible for the development and implementation of the mission’s strategies as per ongoing and new needs identified within essential health care provision in CAR. This includes donor funding opportunities. In a very challenging security context, he/she will bring sufficient experience and skills to ensure the correct delivery of programme activities through efficient management of one of the biggest MENTOR missions in the field.


MENTOR Initiative is present in CAR since 2008 implementing community based health care in remote and insecure areas in the North-Western part of the country. Presently, MENTOR supports a network of more than 200 Community Health Workers (CHWs) as well as 20 health facilities across eight sub prefectures. Operations are managed from three different field base locations (Paoua, Bocaranga and Batangafo) with support from a country management team based in Bangui. More than 200,000 patients have been treated over the past year by the MENTOR Initiative teams through the provision of basic health care for common diseases (e.g. malaria) at community level.

The main responsibilities of this post include the following:

1. Security Management

In close collaboration with the PM, the CD is responsible for overall security management in a highly insecure and volatile context:

  • Ensure solid networking and in depth and regular information collection and analysis on the security situation in the country.
  • Organises for regular security updates by phone / mail with the MENTOR bases in the field
  • Provide security updates to MENTOR HQ on a regular basis.
  • Oversee that security related logistical support for the operations is adequate and functional.
  • Directly responsible for regular updating of clear and pragmatic security guidelines for the MENTOR mission in CAR. This includes overseeing that all MENTOR bases in CAR have adequate evacuation / hibernation plans in place.
  • Ensure the strict respect of general security rules by all MENTOR team members in CAR.
  • Ensures solid and extensive security briefing of new expatriate team members upon arrival in the MENTOR mission in CAR.

2. Programme Management

  • Support an extensive network of Community-based Healthcare Workers (CHWs) as well as to health facilities (for referral of cases beyond the capacity of CHWs) to allow for quality case management of the most common health problems.
  • Support implementation of prevention campaigns such as distribution of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLIN) and Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS); general IEC/BCC sensitisation through schools, churches, women’s’ groups etc.
  • Oversee planning and organisation of operational research studies (if feasible considering the security situation).
  • Ensure, in close collaboration with the Country Health Programme Coordinator, that an efficient system for data collection and analysis is in place. Data collected must reflect the reporting needs for the different grants in CAR.
  • Use the log frames for the different projects as a tool for strategic discussions and planning as vital part of successful project implementation
  • Through clear and efficient communication and support, collaborate closely with the MENTOR Initiative Base Coordinators to ensure that programme activities are implemented according to objectives and action plans and as per security constraints in the different geographical targeted areas in CAR.
  • In close collaboration with the MENTOR Country Health Programme Coordinator, provide general representation and active technical support to the National Malaria Control Program as well as to NGO / UN counterparts in Bangui.
  • Oversee the efficient coordination of DFID supported Consortium activities including participation in meetings with Consortium Management Team and Consortium Partners as required.

3. Donor Management

  • Oversee the management of grants including appropriate expenditure of funds and timely grant reporting (to be sent to HQ for review prior to submission to donors).
  • Responsible for the coordination and final editing of field drafts of narrative donor progress reports and for sending these for review to the PM as per the required deadlines.
  • In close collaboration with HQ, carry out exploratory field missions in order to assess and report on potential new intervention areas.
  • Liaise with current and future donors (as relevant), in consultation with HQ, to advance program ideas, solicit funding and other support.

4. Financial / administrative Management

In close collaboration with the MENTOR Finance Coordinator in CAR and with direct support from the GM at HQ level, responsible to the organization for the financial integrity of the programme by ensuring financial resources are cost-effectively utilized to implement activities in accordance with budget available and as per MENTOR standard procedures:

  • Ensure solid and appropriate security precautions in regards to cash management in the MENTOR mission.
  • Directly responsible for the regular update of budget tracking for all grants supporting MENTOR activities in CAR.
  • Oversee that monthly finance documents (reports on expenditures, requests for cash, payrolls, budget plans etc) are submitted to the GM at HQ level within the required time frame.
  • Oversee that hard copies of expenditure justifications are adequate and in line with MENTOR standard requirements.
  • Ensure compliance with all local government taxation and labour regulations
  • Responsible for the finalisation and endorsement of mission related official documentation (Memoranda of Understanding, legal contracts, agreements etc.)

5. Human Resource Management

  • Direct line management of MENTOR Coordinators in CAR as per the organogram while ensuring their effective management of programme and operational support staff.
  • Participate in the recruitment of expatriate team members including in the final selection among shortlisted candidates.
  • Directly responsible for an in-country general briefing to new expatriate team members upon their arrival to the mission as well as for debriefing sessions for each expat team member at the end of their contract.
  • Ensure the effective implementation of staff performance reviews in a timely manner by all team managers. The CD is directly responsible for ensuring performance evaluations for expat staff members under his/her direct responsibility.
  • Oversee and approve the recruitment of all local team members in accordance with national labour law.
  • In close collaboration with the Finance Coordinator in CAR, review the internal regulations and policies for MENTOR team members in accordance with national labour law.
  • Ensure that national contract formats, per diem policies etc are adhered to consistently.
  • Coordinate weekly and ad hoc general team meetings as well as senior programme management team meetings to ensure that the team works harmoniously to meet the needs of the programme.
  • Directly responsible for overall expat adherence to code of conduct and immediate reporting to HQ on violations of the code. .

6. Logistics

In close collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator:

  • Ensure adequate logistical support to security management within all mission bases.
  • Oversee that timely international and local procurement is carried out as per budgets available and in line with programme needs.
  • Oversee an appropriate stock management of assets, drugs, prevention material etc.
  • Oversee that logistical filing systems are maintained, including appropriate filing of equipment manuals, maintenance schedules and other logistical documentation e.g. way bills.
  • Oversee that the MENTOR fleet in CAR is renewed and maintained as needed and as per instructions from HQ.
  • Oversee required procurement, maintenance and usage of all communication equipment including HF, VHF and satellite phones / internet connexion.

7. Communication

  • Internal:

o Ensure clear and regular communication between Bangui and the field bases.

o Ensure the implementation of regular general team meetings in all MENTOR bases in the country

o Organise regular management team meetings for all coordinators in the mission

o Responsible for the elaboration of regular internal situation reports

o Carry out regular verbal briefings with HQ (PM and GM) as required.

  • External:

o Ensure MENTOR participation in all appropriate external meetings.

o Organise and participate in technical meetings with health stakeholders. This includes strategic steering committee meetings with DFID Consortium partners.

o Ensure a transparent and efficient exchange of data, context reports etc with relevant stakeholders.

o Provide support during agreed media related field visits.

8. Other

· From time to time and as requested, work with MENTOR Initiative at organisational level to share best practice across the organization.

· Includes the possibility of transfer to another similar post in another MENTOR Initiative country programme within the period of this contract agreement.

· Any other duties as may be assigned by the HQ based Programme Manager.

Job Requirements:

At least 5 years field experience in managing emergency and post emergency humanitarian programmes in insecure environments. This includes proven successful experience in regards to security management, team coordination as well as grants management.

EXCELLENT team worker and COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS (internally and externally)

Organised and disciplined

Strong stress management

Flexible and willing to learn

Practical, hands on approach

Fluent French and good English (written and oral)

Solid experience with NGO working environments and standard procedures.

Ability to work long hours

Honest, conscientious and reliable

Desirable University degree Public health, medicine or other applicable field.


CV and letter of motivation to be sent to [email protected] and [email protected]


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