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ONG CONCERN recrute un Base Manager (Logistics Coordinator), Goz Beida

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Job Title:Base Manager

Date requested: 09 Nov 2016

Contract Grade: B

Contract Length: 1 year renewable

Date Needed By: 2nd February 2016

New Post or Replacement: Replacement

Accompanied / Unaccompanied: Unaccompanied

Exact Job Location: Goz Beida (Eastern Chad)

Reports To: Goz Beida Area Coordinator (Head of Office) (hierarchical line)

Logistics Coordinator (functional line)

Responsible For: Logistics, HR/Administration and Finance (daily management) – all based in Goz Beida

Liaises With: Goz Beida based Programme Managers and Deputy PMs, Suppliers, Logistics and Admin managers of other agencies, Country Financial Controller, Human Resource Manager

Closing date : 28 feb 2017

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Job Purpose:

To assure an effective and efficient management of the logistics and administration functions for the Concern programme in Goz Beida and provide day to day supervision to the Logistics, IT, HR/Admin & Finance teams, in support of the area programme in Sila Region.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:


  • Reporting to the Area Coordinator, and as a member of the Management Team in the Programme Area (Sila), the Base Manager is jointly responsible for the effective delivery of the Concern programme in Sila and is accountable for ensuring  effective compliance by all towards organisational policies and minimum standards.
  • Provide technical leadership and advice to department staff and to managers in Goz Beida on logistics, IT, Finance and administration issues
  • Consistent engagement with the Programme team to understand programme needs and challenges in achieving results so as to contribute effectively to organisational commitments
  • Advise programme teams on logistics needs and requirements for new proposals and budgets and review proposals accordingly
  • Advise on distributions of relief items to beneficiaries and ensure that they are in line with Sphere standards and donor requirements.



  • Support the Area Coordinator in ensuring full implementation of the Security Management Plan to contribute to the safety and security of Concern staff, assets and buildings in Goz Beida and Concern’s operating area in Sila Region.
  • Reporting to the Area Coordinator, provide adequate support in the maintenance and implementation of the SMP.
  • Support best practice in security management procedures and practice, ensuring compliance with Concern’s policies and procedures.



  • Ensure Concern and donor procurement procedures are understood and complied with by all relevant personnel
  • Ensure the Goz Beida Logistics department maintains a clear, well-documented and full audit trail in their files (including all paperwork in place and easily available as required).
  • Work with the programme teams and the Logistics Coordinator to develop realistic annual procurement plans and ensure that these are maintained, adhered to, and regularly updated.



  • Proactive engagement with the programme team to understand their material needs and ensure these are taken into account for efficient management of stocks
  • Ensure that all procedures and controls are in place for warehouse management in Goz Beida, including storage and movement of goods and programme materials.
  • Conduct physical stock and inventory counts at year end and whenever necessary.
  • Ensure all assets lists and inventories are properly recorded and always maintained up to date.
  • Ensure that minimum stock levels have been clearly defined and are maintained at all times



  • Ensure effective fleet management is in place in Goz Beida in accordance with Concern procedures
  • Ensure all monthly transport reports on fuel usage, mileage, repairs and maintenance for each vehicle are accurate and submitted in a timely manner and review these for any potential issues
  • Assess the transport requirements of the Goz Beida programme on a regular basis and ensure that appropriate solutions (e.g. vehicle rental arrangements, vehicle procurement to increase the fleet and vehicle procurement to replace old assets) are implemented on a timely basis to meet these needs.



  • Oversee the on-going maintenance and running of Concern’s Goz Beida premises (offices, stores and residences) ensuring that adequate supplies, staffing and support systems are in place and that appropriate cleanliness and health and safety standards are maintained
  • Ensure the leases for all premises are actively managed, ensuring payment requests (including taxes) are processed on a timely basis and that contract renewals are assessed and implemented or amended on a timely basis this is conjunction with N’Djamena.



  • Supervise day-to-day and provide support to the IT officer (managed by the GSM), Cashier (managed by the CFC) and HR Officer (managed by the HRM)
  • Ensure that all Goz Beida staff understand and comply with IT, Finance and HR policies and procedures
  • Ensure that the IT, communication, Finance and HR needs of all Goz Beida staff are met on a timely basis, liaising as necessary with the GSM, CFC and GSM in N’Djamena
  • Ensure that all communication equipment (radios, satellite phones) is operational and used in line with communication protocol policy and that requisite training is provided to staff



  • Develop accurate transport and administration budgets for donor proposals and as part of Concern’s annual budget processes
  • Manage transport and administration expenditure and budgets, ensuring resources are optimally utilized and spending is in line with Concern financial procedures and Donor requirements
  • Monitor transport and administration monthly expenditure reports, investigating all significant variances to budget



  • Lead and manage the Goz Beida Logistics and Administration staff, contributing to their capacity building and career development through on-the-job training and coaching, including in particular a thorough induction at the start of their contract
  • Ensure that all positions in the department have accurate job descriptions
  • Ensure each member of the team fully understands outcomes which are expected of them by setting SMART objectives, and that they are aware of the success criteria relating to their work
  • Monitor and review performance and hold staff accountable for meeting the success criteria; give corrective feedback where required and proactively & decisively addresses situations where there is poor performance
  • Support the GSM, CFC and HRM in providing performance feedback (on the job and in formal PDRs) and day to day coaching and support to the Goz Beida IT Officer, Cashier and HR Officer
  • Ensure that work within the team(s) is planned and organised in a way which will meet the organisation’s needs in the most cost effective manner possible; ensuring that team members are given appropriate workloads and are working efficiently while also ensuring appropriate segregations of duty for control purposes
  • Identify and take appropriate action to fill human resource gaps



  • Actively participate in collective exercises such as preparation or updates of Preparing for Effective Emergency Response (PEER) plan, Security Management Plan (SMP) and other Concern initiatives.
  • Contribute to addressing equality issues, particularly relating to gender, by taking active measures within the operational areas of work under the post holder’s responsibility and actively help to improve equality in other aspects of the overall programme in Sila region.
  • Ensure the highest stands of accountability through ensuring good communication and information sharing within and outside the programme and enabling staff, beneficiary and other stakeholder participation as appropriate and relevant.
  • Be aware of, understand and comply with all of Concern’s policies and procedures (P4, finance, logistics, HR, security management etc.) and ensure staff within the base manager’s team also fully understand and comply with these key policies & procedures.
  • Actively participate in any emergency response if called upon to do so (within the existing programme area or in a new one).
  • Undertake other related duties as may reasonably be required.



Essential Education, Qualifications & Experience:

  • Degree in logistics, management, business administration or a relevant profession
  • Two years overseas experience in a logistics management role with an international NGO (experience in fleet management, communication equipment, logs procedures and procurement planning is particularly an advantage).
  • Fluent French
  • Experience in security management

Essential Skills, Aptitude or Personality Requirements:

  • Cross cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Empathy with Concern’s goals and a commitment to capacity building, protection and participation
  • Good communication and training / capacity building skills
  • Ability in team building and working in a participatory/integrated manner
  • Ability to work on own initiative
  • Good sense of humour
  • Flexible, patient and adaptable to a changing environment
  • Ability to work under pressure with numerous deadlines
  • Knowledge of computer applications i.e. Microsoft Office
  • Ability to live and work in a close team environment
  • Prepared to work and live in a challenging and remote location



  • Ability to communicate in Arabic is an advantage

All applications should be submitted through our website at by closing date.  CV’s should be no more than 4 pages in length.

Due to the urgency of this position, applications will be short listed on a regular basis and we may offer posts before the closing date.


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