Plan International recruits a Youth Voices for Girls’ Rights and Gender Equality M&E Coordinator – Kupang / Indonesia

Description :

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia is currently implementing its Country Strategy 4 (CS 4) covering fiscal year 2017 to 2022, where the country objective has been defined as “to identify and facilitate the removal of obstacles that prevent children from enjoying their rights and participating fully in Indonesian society”. This goal will be achieved by providing technical support and implementing quality programs and projects through partnership. With the clear goal to reach 1,000,000 girls as beneficiaries, YPII needs robust monitoring and evaluation framework in place, supported by technically capable personnel who are motivated to focus on measuring the impact of YPII Programme to children (boys and girls equally) and their community.


In view of the above, the M&E coordinator will be hold responsibility to ensure that the M&E framework is in place, functional and utilized to gather evidence on how well YPII programmes and projects are on track to achieve their impacts.

In view of the above, the Projects Manager will be responsible to lead the program support functions in developing and implementing coherent, integrated and quality projects which includes designing, implementation, monitoring and evaluations of country projects under


This position will be responsible to support and assist the implementation of Youth Voices for Girls’ Rights and Gender Equality Project which is funded by European Union (EU). The overall objective of the project is to enable CSOs, youth, and government to work in a strong partnership in the implementation and monitoring of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) National Action Plan (Rencana Aksi Nasional/ RAN-SDGs),particularly for SDG 5 and SDG 16.


S/He will work closely with Youth Voices for Girls’ Rights Project Manager, Children and Youth Participation National Project Manager, Children and Youth Participation Advisor as well as with Gender and Inclusion Advisor at country level to ensure all the guideline and principles related to those issues are incorporate into the project implementation and being monitor.


Dimensions of Role :

She/he is responsible to organize the Youth Voices for Girls Rights & Gender Equality Project MER, develop and maintain the Youth Voices for Girls Rights & Gender Equality Project MER framework, ITT, and produce good quality of project monthly, quarterly and annual reports and support the project team in producing monthly, quarterly and annual reports.

  • The post holder reports to Project Manager.
  • Coordinate the M&E framework development and support to Country Office, Programme Implementation Area, programmes, projects and humanitarian responses.
  • Liaise with Project Manager to supervise and provide oversight of the work of M&E consultants and implementing partners, to ensure linkage to YPII M&E framework and Plan International standards and guidelines for Programming and Influencing.
  • Play a key role in ensuring timely monitoring and evaluation on programmes and projects, coordination of monitoring activities and baseline data collection and submission of YPII quarterly and annual report.


Accountabilities :

This section is critical for clarifying expectations of the role, providing the framework for its relationship with colleagues and providing areas of accountability against which performance can be managed.

This should include a series of brief statements that define the end results required. E.g. drive, contribute, identify, manage, responsible for, advise/coach, build, develop, provide, conduct, oversee, establish, participate etc.

Statements should ideally be worded so that they will lead to thoughts of measurement.  For example, it is better to state something like “achieve maintenance standards” than “undertake maintenance”.  The former leads to a measure against the maintenance standards.

Responsible for support the project team to develop and maintain operational projects MER Framework, Indicator Tracking Table and annual plan :

  • Based the Project DIP, she/he is responsible to support the project team to conduct workshops to develop operational project MER Framework, ITT and annual plan and regular meetings to maintain and improve the framework, ITT and annual plan ;
  • Based on the project MER framework, she/he is responsible to support the project team to put in place a system to maintain the project ITT ;
  • Based on the project DIP and MER annual plan, she/he is responsible to support the project team to develop and maintain the project MER calendar ;
  • She/he is responsible to support the project team in the selection of project MER partners and/or consultants ;
  • She/he is responsible to support the project team to oversee partners and/or consultants in providing services in program evaluations and research, including reviewing research planning, tools, data collection process, data analysis ;
  • She/he is responsible to support the project team to conduct internal evaluation/research ;
  • She/he is responsible to support the project team to coach projects’ partner in data management and maintaining project ITT, including assist the project to develop monitoring tools ;
  • Ensure that the project MER annual plan is implemented and punctually submitted to Project Manager, including ITT data submission ;
  • Collect, analyze and maintain project learning into proper documentations ;
  • Leads the development of monitoring and evaluation plans as well as tools of YPII programmes and projects, ensuring quality of baseline data, availability of risks registry, monitoring activities and evaluability criteria as per the programmes/projects theory of change, gender transformative approach, CS4 and Plan International Area of Global Distinctiveness (AoGDs) ;
  • Works under the technical supports from Research and Knowledge Management (RKM) Specialist/Manager to provide oversight to programmes and projects research tools and analysis for M&E.


Responsible to support the project team in producing monthly, quarterly and annual reports :

  • Support the projects manager to produce project report at monthly, quarterly and yearly based ;
  • Produce other data analysis reports for various needs, such us report for government ;
  • Make the project dashboard easily monitored ;
  • Collects and coordinate data collection required for timely submission of M&E reports of  projects for CO quarterly and annual report to Regional and Global Hub, Donors and NOs ;
  • Ensures the utilization of PROMPT or any IT-based platform for M&E is well developed and functional to generate timely report .

Knowledge Management and Outreach :

  • Provides capacity building and mentoring for Project Team on M&E, focusing on quality of data collection and tools to capture change to monitor/track project impacts ;
  • Actively involves in Plan International Regional and Global Hub exercise to strengthen MERKM tools, ensuring knowledge sharing and cascade of information to CO, PSO and PIA on Plan International standards and guidelines on M&E ;
  • Participates in M&E related events to present YPII as requested by Project Manager to establish networks and learn from M&E community of practice.

Safeguarding of Children and Young People :

  • Ensures that Plan International’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in accordance with the principles and requirements of the policy including relevant Implementation Standards and Guidelines as applicable to their area of responsibility. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring staff and associates are aware of and understand their responsibilities under these policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC), their relevance to their area of work, and that concerns are reported and managed in accordance with the appropriate procedures


Technical expertise, skills and knowledge :

This section details the skills, knowledge and expertise the post holder will be required to demonstrate in doing the job well.

This should include clear levels of technical expertise and skills that support our work at national, international, and global level.

Essential :

  • Bachelor degree in social science, statistics, public health and any related field ;;
  • At least 3 years of experience in project M&E, with practical knowledge on Results Based Management and Theory of Change ;
  • Possess knowledge and skill in research methodology and data collection for baseline and evaluation ;
  • Good analytical skill ;
  • Well informed about methods to capture change/results of project implementation ;
  • Good interpersonal communication and facilitation skills for mentoring and knowledge sharing ;
  • Possess good judgement to deal with conflict ;
  • Able to work both in team and independently with minimum supervision .

Core competencies :

(Set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for all Plan-Indonesia staff)

  • Comprehensive knowledge of project M&E ;
  • Practical knowledge and skill in data analysis (quantitative and qualitative) ;
  • Research methodology ;
  • Report writing skill .

Functional competencies:

(Set of knowledge, skills and attitudes specific to the managerial, technical, or support requirements of the position which may also be discipline specific)

  • Networking and collaboration: Establishes good relationships with stakeholders , works cooperatively with other units, maintains networks outside the organization
  • Communication and Facilitation Skills: Effectively handles discussions with a focus on both groups and individuals to enrich participant’s understanding of particular subjects or solutions


Knowledge and Skill:

  • Good knowledge and skills on Children Rights and Youth Participation ;
  • Good understanding and analytical skills on SDG’s issues particularly under goals #5 and #16 ;
  • Good understanding about CSO strengthening concept and practices ;
  • Good facilitation and communication skills ;
  • Good interpersonal skill and team work ;
  • Understand about human rights and child rights ;
  • Good computer skill and writing skills in English ;
  • Willing to travel extensively (60%) .

All applications will be treated in confidence. Only short-listed candidates will be notified and invited for interviews. Please submit your letter of application and detailed curriculum vitae in English by email not later than July 13, 2019

Please fill the ‘subject’ column of the e-mails in this format : (The Position)–(Your Name). File attachment not later than 1MB.

Yayasan Plan International Indonesia seeks to improve the lives of the most marginalized, particularly girls, women, and people with disability. We encourage people form diverse backgrounds and experiences, particularly women and people with disability to apply .