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Recruitment of a consultant – Environmental and social safeguards financial intermediaries expert – Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

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Avenue Joseph Anoma, 01 BP 1387, Abidjan 01, Côte d’Ivoire


High Level Evaluations Division (BDEV.2)

E-mail: [email protected] ; Telephone: +225 20 26 56 76


Title of the assignment : Consultant – Environmental and social safeguards financial intermediaries expert

Brief description of the assignment : Support to the Evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Integrated Safeguards System (ISS).

Department issuing the request : BDEV/BDEV.2

Place of assignment : Abidjan, with possibility to participate in country missions, if necessary.

Duration of the assignment : 45 days (during a 6 months’ period).

Tentative Date of commencement : February 2019.

Deadline for applications : 17 January 2019.

Applications to be submitted to: [email protected]

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to: Ms. Emillia Agwajinma : [email protected] copying Ms. Lomena-Gelis Monica: [email protected]

Terms of Reference

Introduction :

The responsibility for independent evaluation at the African Development Bank Group (AfDB or the Bank) rests with the Independent Development Evaluation department (BDEV or IDEV). The department’s overarching mission is to enhance the development effectiveness of the Bank’s interventions. It does so through supporting both learning and accountability, as well as promoting a culture of evaluation within the Bank and its Regional Member Countries.

The evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Integrated Safeguards System (ISS), covering Environmental and Social Safeguards (ESS) issues, is part of IDEV’s work program 2016-2018. The evaluation started with an assessment of the extent of compliance with the Bank’s ESS at project level within the Evaluation of Quality Assurance across the Project Cycle (finished in October 2018). The current evaluation will build upon this project-level analysis to examine how related policies, strategies and processes are implemented across the Bank, among other higher-level issues to be determined in the inception report.

BDEV hereby invites individual consultants specialized in the Environmental and Social Management of financial intermediaries – with extensive expertise in environmental and social safeguards systems in the framework of Multilateral Development Banks, – to indicate their interest in the following assignment: support to the evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Integrated Safeguards System (ISS). The main tasks will involve :

  1. Contributing to finalize the evaluation inception report ;
  2. Conducting an in-depth analysis of the ISS compliance of category 4 operations (financial intermediaries lending) ;
  3. Providing inputs to the overall evaluation report coordinated by the BDEV Task Manager ;
  4. Objectives of the Assignment.

The overall objective of the assignment is to provide support to the evaluation of the African Development Bank’s Integrated Safeguards System (ISS). The ESS FI expert is expected to support the evaluation team, through the inception, data collection and reporting phases. As deliverables, the consultant should provide a stand-alone report on point b above and inputs to deliverables produced by other evaluation team members.

Main activities and deliverables :

Under the guidance of the BDEV Task Manager, the main duties of the ESS FI expert will be :

  • Assist the BDEV team to finalize the inception report, including clear evaluation questions and evaluation tools, specifically for the analysis of category 4 (FI) projects ;
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the ISS compliance of category 4 operations (financial intermediaries lending) ;
  • Provide inputs to the overall evaluation report ;
  • Other duties identified as supporting the smooth and efficient running of the evaluation.

In these tasks the highest standards of data collection, organization, analysis and presentation will be required.


Administration/reporting :

The ESS FI expert will report to the BDEV2 Task Manager for the Evaluation of the ISS. The evaluation team will be complemented by a senior ESS expert and an ESS compliance expert (with special focus on resettlement/compensation issues). A BDEV junior consultant will also provide research support, especially to find key documentation and arrange meetings at the Bank, if necessary. The BDEV Task Manager will ensure the coherence of the ESS FI expert’s inputs within the overall framework of the evaluation report, as she will lead the review of all draft deliverables, after the integration of the inputs received from key stakeholders.


Duration of the assignment :

This consultancy is for a period of 6 months with a total of 45 working days. The estimated starting date is February 2019. The consultant is expected to be home based. It is expected that (s) he will travel to Abidjan once and will conduct two country field missions for data collection.

The first deliverable will be the development of selected sections of the Evaluation inception report (IR), including a draft of data collection tools for FI operations and comments to improve the IR. The second deliverable will be a technical report responding to the evaluations questions about category 4 projects of the Evaluation Matrix. The expert will also provide comments to draft versions of the reports and presentation of preliminary findings.

Qualifications and Experience required :

  • At least a Master’s Degree or its equivalent in Environmental Management or Social Science, International Development studies or finance-related discipline;
  • A minimum of 8 years of practical experience in environmental and/or social management and assessment; experience in the financial sector;
  • Experience with the review, appraise and supervision of IFC Performance standards applied to Financial Intermediary Investments and good knowledge of environmental management systems;
  • Familiarity with financial sector products and how they operate, preferably with experience with IFI approaches to FIs and their development agenda;
  • Excellent verbal and written English language skills, preferable also French.
  • Experience in African region is preferred.

In addition, following the regulations of the Bank the consultant must be a citizen of a member country of the Bank.

Remuneration :

The Bank offers a salary on a scale, strictly related to the consultant’s level of experience and area of expertise. The consultant will be remunerated through a lump sum (including fees, accommodation and subsistence allowances). The candidate will be responsible for obtaining personal health insurance at his or her own cost. The coverage should include all medical expenses, including those resulting from illness or injury incurred during the duration of the assignment.

Application and Selection :

Applicants should submit their CVs, in either English or French. Candidates are encouraged to supplement their CVs with examples of previous relevant work.

Please attach an updated Curriculum Vitae on the basis of the template below:


Title of the Assignment :

Departmen t:

Surname :

Birth Date :

Address :

Telephone :

First Name :

Nationality :

Country :

E-mail :

Key Qualifications :

Please provide (i) a summary of your experience and training highlighting the most relevant for the proposed assignment, and (ii) the responsibilities which you exercised. Utilise one half -page maximum.

Professional Training :

Employment Record :

Begin with your most recent employment. For each job since your Master Degree achievement, please indicate :

  • Name of the Employer ;
  • Type of Activity/Business of the Employer ;
  • Title / Function ;
  • Place of Employment ;
  • Brief Description (three lines maximum) of main accomplishments and responsibilities.

Reference :

Please indicate the name and address of three persons with no family relationship with yourself, familiar with your character and titles. I hereby certify that the responses which I provided above are all, to the best of my knowledge, true, complete and accurate. I acknowledge that an inaccurate statement or essential omission in a personal declaration or another document required by the African Development Bank might result in the rejection of my application, termination of my Contract or any other administrative sanction by the Bank. The African Development Bank may verify any statements which I made in this application.

Date : ____________

Signature :

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