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Recruitment of a fisheries consultant to review and analyze national and regional blue economy investments in Africa – Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Accueil » Offres » Avis de recrutement » Recruitment of a fisheries consultant to review and analyze national and regional blue economy investments in Africa – Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

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Agriculture Research, Production and Sustainability Division

Rue Joseph Anoma, 01 BP 1387 Abidjan 01, Cote d’Ivoire

For more information, contact Ahmed Khan : [email protected]

Fisheries consultant to review and analyze national and regional blue economy investments in Africa

Overview :

The Blue Economy (BE) program is one of nine flagships to implement the Feed Africa Strategy, with specific goals that contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty, end hunger and malnutrition, become self-sufficient with fish protein, contribute to regional and international fish trade and aquatic resource management; and move the continent to the top of key fish value chains.

The role of the consultant is to continue the ongoing dialogue with African countries in the blue economy sector by contributing to Feed Africa Strategy under the AHAI 2 Division work program based on key performance indicators of both the Division and the Department. The broad objective of the assignment is to assess, analyze, and synthesize various sectoral and cross-sectoral approaches on fisheries and integrated management that promotes value chain development in the inland and marine sectors in regional member countries (RMCs). Three specific areas of focus have been identified for the consultancy: i) resilience pathways for Small Island Developing States and Madagascar (SIDSAM); ii) fisheries and aquaculture development in inland lakes such as Malawi; and iii) blue economy investments in coastal countries such as Cote d’Ivoire. In addition, the technical consultant is expected to make critical recommendations to the management of the AHAI work program based on results and findings from the systematic review and participatory research, policy interventions, and management best practices that exhibit scalable impact.

Department issuing the request : Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department

Place of assignment : Abidjan

Duration of the assignment : 6 months

Tentative Date of commencement : 14th January 2019

Detailed Terms of reference for the assignment : [see TORs below]

Deadline for applications : 31st December 2018

Applications can be submitted to Fati Kondo : [email protected] and cc the Chief Fisheries

Officer, Ahmed Khan : [email protected]

Terms of referemce :

Introduction :

1.1 In support of the Blue Economy (BE) flagship, a fishery specialist is required to provide assistance to the AHAI.2 Division in portfolio management and various technical expertise in ecosystem approach to fisheries, fish commodity value chain development, integrated watershed and coastal zone management, marine spatial planning, and climate change resilient development.

1.2 The AHAI.2 Division is part of the Agriculture and Agro-Industry Department (AHAI), which aims to implement the Bank’s strategy for poverty reduction in rural areas, food security and sustainable management of the environment and natural resources. In this context, AHAI manages the project cycle of all flagship programs as an effective means of implementing the African agriculture transformation strategy: “Feed Africa” for the period 2016-2025 (Feed Africa 2016-2025). Project cycle management, which includes both the project design and implementation cycle, is a very demanding task, and performance of operations depends on it, so Bank experts in charge of operations are under pressure in the context of the AHAI Department’s work program. In order to maintain an acceptable frequency of file processing and continuation of the work program according to the required standards, the Bank needs to proceed with the recruitment of a highly qualified professional on the issues of portfolio management, blue economy investments, and fisheries management, with familiarity of the Bank’s procedures.

Objectives of the consultancy :

The objective of the incumbent is to continue the ongoing dialogue with African countries in the blue economy sector according to the pillars as defined by the Bank. Specifically it will be necessary to maintain an acceptable frequency in processing and implementation of the AHAI 2 work program based on key performance indicators of both the Division and the Department.

Tasks :

Under general supervision of the Division Manager and in collaboration and the Task Manager and Coordinator of the BE flagship, the fisheries consultant will provide support to the AHAI.2 Division in the implementation of work program. This includes the portfolio of projects and programs, procurement of goods and services, participation in various missions and meetings, with expertise in the fishery and aquaculture sectors, integrated management, and addressing ecosystem service trade-offs and synergies in nearshore and coastal region. The consultant will also provide his/her expertise to the operational activities of the AHAI Department. He will perform, among others, the following tasks :

  • Analyze requests from Regional Member Countries (RMCs) for ongoing projects and propose the Bank’s official communications to this effect ;
  • Provide technical support to RMCs in the development and implementation of strategic initiatives for natural resource development, and in the identification of appropriate development projects, inter alia, in the area of fisheries and adaptation to climate change ;
  • Provide high-level technical support to AHAI Department to assist selected RMCs in selection of investment program in relation to the fishery sector for the development of investment plans, as well as that the processing of the applications related to the operations which result from it ;
  • Coordinate and undertake project report on preparation and appraisal missions for approval by the Bank ;
  • Participate in all project cycle missions, i.e., country team missions, and AHAI.2 Division field missions in RMCs ;
  • Organize, initiate and participate in the production of new knowledge and dissemination concerning activities related to blue economy, natural resource management and the environment ;
  • Collaborate with multilateral and bilateral donors to support the rational exploitation of Africa’s natural resources and increase the leverage effect of loans and grants provided by the Bank ;
  • Participate on behalf of the Bank in various seminars and conferences on blue economy and management of aquatic resources ;
  • Provide technical guidance and advice to other experts within AHAI Division and the Bank’s field offices on various activities of the project cycle ;
  • Coordinate and undertake project completion report preparation missions with a view to learning lessons for the implementation of future Bank projects in these areas ;
  • Ensure the processing of procurement of goods and services of ongoing operations, based on the Bank’s procurement procedures ;
  • Participate in AHAI Division and Country Team meetings, based on instructions of the AHAI.2 Division Manager ;
  • Collaborate effectively with all project leaders and AHAI.2 Division staff in performing day-to-day tasks ;
  • Perform other duties as assigned by AHAI.2 Division Manager and / or AHAI Department Director.

Reporting :

Expected output from the consultant will be a contribution to the AHAI Division 2 work program over the period of the contract. In addition, the consultant will contribute, in accordance with the terms of reference (ToR) of the missions in which he will participate. He/she will submit at the end of each month, a report of activities undertaken especially at the end of missions, a summary report of contributions to the Department, in the form of a memo to submit for approval by the AHAI Division 2 Manager. Monthly reports are a condition for the final payment of the consultant’s fees.

Duration of the assignment :

The assignment will last for six (6) months calendar starting in mid-January.

Qualification and core competencies :

This contract will be entrusted to a qualified and experienced individual with the following profile :

  1. Hold at least a Masters or equivalent degree in fisheries resource management, fisheries economics, development economics with a focus on fisheries resources, or related disciplines ;
  2. Have at least 10 years of relevant professional experience in environmental planning with project management skills, technical expertise in environmental and social impact analysis, with consulting experience for at least two years to the Bank or in any other international entity and / or regional body ;
  3. Have in-depth expertise on issues related to aquatic resource management within the context of climate variability and change ;
  4. Have a good knowledge of the institutional and strategic issues related to the implementation of development projects in Africa ;
  5. Have experience and knowledge about fisheries resource development assessments, as part of development projects, and if possible in fragile environments ;
  6. Be familiar with the procedures of Multilateral Development Banks or other Technical and Financial Partners will be an advantage. Working experience within multicultural teams and international organizations or companies and highly knowledgeable of Africa’s social, rural development, and fisheries economics challenges and opportunities ;
  7. Possess strong editorial and communication skills; fluency in English or/and French, with Spanish and Portuguese an advantage ;
  8. Proficiency in standard software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, as well as knowledge of best practices in ICT ;
  9. Familiarity with Bank procedures is an advantage.

Selection criteria :

The consultant will be selected based on i) general qualifications; ii) experience in fisheries related blue economy projects; iii) language skills; and iv) experience of working in developing countries and in multilateral organizations.

Remuneration :

The payment of the consultant fees will be monthly, based on the amount set in the contract. In addition, the consultant will also receive a travel allowance, while on mission, at the daily rate applicable in the country.


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