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Recruitment of a senior EU Aid, Community Development and Economic Empowerment, Uganda

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Recruitment of a senior EU Aid, Community Development and Economic Empowerment, Uganda

Langues parléesFluent in English
ActivitésDéveloppement économique / Micro finance
PaysAfrique, Ouganda
ContratVolontariat / service civique
Durée du contrat1 year



The volunteer will have the possibility to work with 5 different women groups that have to do craft and art work as well as blacksmithing to earn income for sustaining their families. In this region of Uganda, there has been increased resilience regarding the financial issues and gender based violence is a major issue due to cultural practices and gender imbalances.

Uganda Pioneers´ Association (UPA) is an indigenous youth voluntary Non-Government Organization (NGO) registered with the National NGO Bureau in Uganda, under ref No. S5914/114. The organization focuses on offering youths with the opportunity to contribute to community development by involving them in community projects through workcamps and international volunteer exchanges. The organisation is Not-for-Profit and does not represent any political, religious or sectarian motives.

UPA was started in 1989 by a group of young Ugandans with the aim of promote community based development, intercultural co-operation, mutual understanding and youth participation through voluntary work. UPA is authorized by the National NGO Bureau to operate nation-wide.
It’s a member based organization that reaches the local communities through its eight (8) branches distributed in the various parts of Uganda; (Central branch, UPACT, Kikooba, Gulu, Apac, Arua, Terego and Pakwach) in 6 districts and with numerous local partnerships.

The Women groups in Pakwach and Arua where the volunteer will work are directly managed by the UPA branches. They do have various income generating activities since they have varying skills and potential. However, their main concern in the recent past has been lack of proper coordination and the possibility to research for markets beyond their localities. Such a challenge is rooted from the fact that they do not have the means, knowledge and skills to produce good quality products that can favourably compete in the existing markets. It is there fore on such a note that UPA sought for the current potential of EU AID Volunteer programme to enable these communities do better in their activities.

Tasks in Arua women group :

The members of the group have several skills such as making bags, tablecloths, hairdressing, pots, bracelets, handbags, tailoring, beads, dancing and drumming, handkerchiefs, mats, baskets, soap, animal keeping, agriculture, sheabutter, liquid soap, simsim. Group also is advocating to end domestic violence and child marriage. They meet twice a month.

The tasks of the volunteer are :

  • Assessing the quality of the products and the skills of the women group ;
  • Mapping the desired and possible activities of the women groups ;
  • Working out the schedule for possible activities ;
  • Designing the marketing strategy and finding market for the products ;
  • Support the group to generate monthly income to become stable as a group and to be able to rent a room ;
  • Find possible funds for materials for the products ;
  • Trainings on capacity building, financial skills, accounting ;
  • Assisting to organize the skills trainings for the women – there are many skills in the groups, some women can train others on tailoring, poultry keeping, sheabutter, soap, hairdressing, tree nursery, catering (cakes), beads ;
  • Find a source of income or funds to buy machines for tailoring ;
  • Ongoing support to the group regarding the marketing and bookkeeping.


Padyang women group :

The group has several income generating activities as a group. They used to have a businessman who bought their products and marketed them, but he stopped buying and now the group has skills and capacity, but no market. Group is also saving regularly once in a week as a group.
Their products are: oil of simsim, moringa tree, soya, to grow vegetables, aloe vera, lemon grass, shea oil, neem oil, soya products, moringa products, hibiscus products, lemon juice, bee wax products f.e. candles and cream.

The volunteer should help with marketing, branding and practical skills on how to improve the processes of making different products and how to improve the quality of products.

Sumaya and Namstar women groups Sumaya group was established in 1984 and Namstar group grew out of Sumaya group. The women are Muslims and have very good relationships in groups.
The main activities of the groups are: beads, mats, sheets, swaters, food baskets, drums and dances, promoting Numbian culture. Saving on weekly basis, money is used in case of the health issues of the members and to bury the people who have no relatives. Also weekly cleaning of the town, renting out plates and cups.
The group would need help with marketing the products and fundraising for the yearly trip to Mombasa in Kenya, where they represent their Numbian culture.

Mubogo women group :

The group mostly works on farming (sorghum) and renting out mats and plates and cups. Due to the poor rainy season, farming activities have not been very profitable. Group is interested in how to establish irrigation system to avoid the influence of poor rainy season next year and they would like to get new ideas for farming and income generating activities.


Expériences / Formation du candidat :

  • Marketing skills for local women products ;
  • Basic skills and knowledge about community development in developing countries ;
  • Communications skills (including visibility, public relations and advocacy) ;
  • Ability to communicate and instruct in English ;
  • Flexibility and willingness to lead a basic life ;
  • Ready to work under minimum supervision.

Salaire / Indemnité :

The programme covers the following costs :

  • International travel covered ;
  • Insurance during the duration of the project ;
  • Visa process ;
  • Accommodation ;
  • Monthly allowance: 310,62 euros.

Documents à envoyer :

The candidate has to send the following documents to [email protected]

  • His/her application form SuD HAV 2
  • His/her self assessment questionnaire
  • His/her CV europass

Between 15/01 and 15/02/2019: the pre-selected candidates will have a Skype interview with ADICE and UPA.
Between 21/02 and 21/03 2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate to an online training (around 25 hours) and face-to-face pre-departure training that will take place March 23rd to April 4th 2019 in Belgium.
The final selection will be done after the pre-departure trainings in April 2019.

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