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Recruitment of an individual consultant energy sector specialist private and public sector operations, Ethiopia

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(Individual Consultant : Energy Sector Specialist – Private and Public Sector Operations, Ethiopia)

Energy Financial Solutions, Policy and Regulation Department Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth Complex Africa Development Bank (AfDB)


Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to inform you that the African Development Bank will require the services of an individual Consultant, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, for the following assignment: Energy Sector Specialist – Private and Public Sector Operations, Ethiopia (theAssignment”).

You are kindly requested to submit your proposal in writing by January 4th, 2019 at 18.00 (Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire local time) to the email addresses mentioned in paragraph 9 below.

The probable duration of the assignment is 12 working months.

Appendix 1 contains the Terms of Reference (TOR) indicating the scope of the Assignment, as well as the services required from the selected Consultant. You are kindly requested to provide comments on the TOR for the Assignment, as well as present your practical experience and updated Curriculum Vitae. You are also requested to present your financial proposal, elaborating on proposed monthly fees (in USD).

The proposals to be submitted by interested parties shall be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

aGeneral qualifications and adequacy for the assignment to be undertaken25%
bSimilar experience in the area of expertise of the assignment30%
cDemonstrated understanding of TOR20%
dExperience with DFIs, AfDB, Power Africa and/or multilateral/bilateral donors10%
eKnowledge of the country/region (assignment environment)10%
fLanguage proficiency5%

Only proposals scoring 70 points or above shall be considered for this assignment. All the Consultants shall be ranked and the highest ranked Consultant will be selected for the said assignment if his/her fees are within budget limits.

The Consultant shall bear all insurance and medical costs for the duration of his/her services.

The Consultant shall take steps to obtain the visas or certificates of residence required to perform his/her duties and fulfill his/her obligations under this contract. The Bank will assist the Consultant in these tasks whenever necessary. For the EOI to be considered, the consultant needs to be registered in the AfDB DACON Consultant Database1. The Bank reserves the right to cancel or postpone this EOI process.

Kindly submit your proposal, to the electronic addresses indicated for the submission of proposals, specifying ‘Energy Sector Specialist, Private and Public Sector Operations, Ethiopia’ in the subject line of the email before the closing date specified in paragraph 2 above. Any proposal received after the closing date shall be rejected.

Candidates should be registered in the AfDB DACON Consultant Database. New registration can be obtained at on a PC only through Internet Explorer.

For the attention of :

  1. Carlos Mollinedo. E-mail: [email protected] With copy to:
  2. Callixte Kambanda. E-Mail: [email protected]

and Mrs. Allioucha Niango, E-mail: [email protected]

The AfDB looks forward to receiving your proposal and thanks you in advance for your consideration of this request for Expressions of Interest.

Yours faithfully,

Wale Shonibare

Director – Financial Solutions, Policy and Regulations Department

Appendix 1



African Development Bank

Energy Financial Solutions, Policy and Regulation Department

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANT: Energy Sector Specialist – Private and Public Sector

Operations, Ethiopia

Background :

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is the premier multilateral development finance institution fostering economic growth and social progress in Africa. The Power, Energy, Climate and Green Growth Sector Complex (PEVP) was created to fulfil AfDB’s objectives of “Light Up and Power Africa” – principally achieving universal access to energy by 2025 across Africa. Within PEVP, the Energy Financial Solutions, Policy and Regulation Department (PESR) has among its objectives to :

  • Process AfDB’s non-sovereign operations in the energy sector that contribute to the objectives of the ‘Light Up and Power Africa’ component of the New Deal for Africa. The PESR Department undertakes the origination, structuring, and execution of NSOs in the power sectors of regional member countries, including Ethiopia. It has the primary responsibility for the execution of various financing instruments, which include: loans, equity participation, guarantees, and technical assistance related to private sector ;
  •  Support the RMCs, including Ethiopia, in the establishment of relevant energy policies and clear, predictable and transparent regulation framework, and structure investments across the full spectrum of the energy sector. This involves supporting and providing leadership on the establishment of appropriate energy policies and clear, predictable and transparent regulatory frameworks to ensure financial sustainability of the sector and mobilize private sector investment ;
  • PESR requires the services of an individual Consultant to be based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Consultant will work with the AfDB teams to assist the Ethiopian government achieve its ambitious electrification targets ;
  • Ethiopia’s electricity access challenges are enormous and pressing: Ethiopia has the second largest electricity deficit (60 million people) in Africa after Nigeria. Yet, the energy sector in Ethiopia offers immense opportunities, with its vast renewable energy potential remaining mostly untapped to-date. AfDB, in conjunction with the other donors, is supporting the Government in undertaking an ambitious comprehensive and costed National Electrification Program (NEP), “Lights for All” (2017), which targets universal electricity access by 2025 to turn the country into a regional energy hub by 2030. The NEP intends to mobilize USD 1.5 billion of financing in the form of investments and technical assistance (2018-2022) to connect over 14 million households.

Objective :

PESR is requesting the services of an Energy Sector Senior Consultant (Public and Private Sector Operations) for Ethiopia to plan the execution of the work program and activities relevant for the successful implementation of the NEP. In addition, the Consultant will coordinate the AfDB energy portfolio in Ethiopia, as well as all AfDB non-lending interventions in Ethiopia in line with the delivery of the PESR 2018/2019 work plan.

Tasks and responsibilities :

Private Sector Operations :

  • Proactively identify potential investment partners and opportunities based on industry experience, reputation, market potential, financial capability, and strategic fit ;
  • Lead efforts related to the expansion of the Ethiopia energy private sector pipeline, including initial project screening, application preparation, and relationship management with Partners and other key stakeholders ;
  • Lead on the transaction processing for AfDB private sector operations, including AfDB interventions on geothermal, solar, wind and hydro projects and private sector interventions in the off-grid and Solar Home Systems (SHS) space ;
  • Assess the attractiveness of specific investment opportunities with a strong focus on credit quality and development impact ;
  • Support investment officers to prepare project appraisal documents for presentation to the department, review committees, senior management and finally to the Board of Directors ;
  • Support investment officers to carry out on-site due diligence of projects ;
  • Support investment officers in negotiation of finance documentation and achievement of financial close ;
  • Participate in the identification, development, structuring and processing of energy projects to be considered for private sector financing ;
  • Participate in due diligence missions and provide technical support in negotiations with project developers, sponsors, and financiers to facilitate the financial closing of private sector transactions and implement projects ;
  • Participate in specific private sector transaction meetings with external technical advisors, consultants and lawyers.

Public Operations and Policy Dialogue :

  • Act as the principal point of contact for all energy sector policy, regulation and project operations in Ethiopia, providing a local source of guidance and information on matters pertaining, in particular, to AfDB’s involvement in the NEP ;
  • Lead the implementation of the AfDB Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Energy Efficiency program in Ethiopia, including the implementation of the IPP SEFA grant ;
  • Manage the operations process of project preparation and implementation activities with Technical Partners, including procuring and managing other consultants as needed ;
  • Represent AfDB at the Country’s power sector Donor Coordination meetings and workshops on NEP and other relevant topics as identified. The Consultant will also serve as an interlocutor with counterparts from donor Partners, public sector and private sector partners as projects are assessed for their needs and activities of support as defined ;
  • Be responsible for coordinating with the government and technical partners with respect to activities of the Ethiopian energy portfolio by planning, implementing and reporting on initiatives, programs and activities, as identified ;
  • Support the development of appropriate project structures with a view to attracting private sector investment and optimizing the mix of financial instruments ;
  • Undertake analytical work related to other policy and regulation initiatives ;
  • Conduct independent policy discussions with representatives of the government and non-government partners for relationship management ;
  • Contribute to the development of relevant regulatory frameworks at a country-level and develop targeted interventions in line with the Electricity Regulatory Index (ERI) ;
  • Implement future energy policy development that will promote increased investment in the sector, including, incentives, procurement processes, standards, regulations ;
  • Support capacity building of policymakers and actors within the energy sector on best practices in policy and regulation ;
  • Understand relevant cross-sectoral areas and how they are interrelated with the ability to identify lending and non-lending opportunities in energy.

Deliverables :

The following deliverables will be produced/coordinated by the Consultant :

  • New sponsors in the sector and projects identified ;
  • Newly originated public and private projects reviewed and added to the pipeline ;
  • Provision of support required at Preliminary Evaluation stage, including document review both for public and private sector operations ;
  • Provision of support required at Project Concept stage, including document review, drafting, and participation in the committee meetings ;
  • Provision of support at the Project Appraisal stage including document review, drafting, participation in the due diligence mission, committee meetings, and the Board ;
  • Provision of support at the Negotiation and Signing stages, including negotiation with the sponsor and co-financiers on term sheets, and loan document review ;
  • Participation in the workshops and seminars in the relevant sectors when required.

Qualifications and experience required :

  • Citizenship of a member country of the AfDB (regional or non-regional) ;
  • Hold at least a Master’s degree in Economics, Electrical Engineering, Law and policy or related field ;
  • Multidisciplinary skills are essential to develop a sector wide analysis from technical to economic and financial aspects of power sector regulation and reforms ;
  • Have a minimum of 8 – 10 years of relevant professional experience in power regulation analysis, energy project management, and energy investment ;
  • Expert ability to interact with all stakeholder levels of commercial, operations, technology, and back-office colleagues ;
  • Good understanding of the principles of project cycle and project implementation ;
  • Excellent organization, research and report writing skills ;
  • Excellent analytical, written, and verbal communication skills ;
  • Excellent interpersonal relationship skills with high level Government officials is key ;
  • Self-motivated and pro-active ;
  • Working language: Excellent English speaking and writing skills.

Duration of the assignment :

The assignment period is expected for a period of [12] months (renewable) from the date of signing the contract. The commencement date is expected to start on January 21st 2019.

Location of the position :

The work will be carried out at the Bank’s Ethiopia Country office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Remuneration :

The remuneration will be based on the Consultant experience and the Bank’s Guidelines on Individual Consultants Remuneration.



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