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Recruitment of an Individual Consultant for Corporate Procurement Assignment – Cote d’Ivoire

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Date de clôture : 17 juillet 2019


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Recruitment of an Individual Consultant for Corporate Procurement Assignment – Cote d’Ivoire

Introduction :

 The African Development Bank Group (AfDB or the Bank) is a multilateral Bank engaged in reduction of poverty, improvement of living conditions and mobilization of resources for the continent’s economic and social development. With this objective in mind, the institution aims at assisting African countries – individually and collectively – in their efforts to achieve sustainable economic development and social progress. Combating poverty is at the heart of the continent’s efforts to attain sustainable economic growth.

In order to carry out its procurement activities the Bank has in place a Corporate Procurement Division that is responsible for acquisition of goods, services, real estate and works.

The African Development Bank hereby invites Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in the following Assignment: Procurement Expert.

Objectives of the assignment :

  • The objectives of this assignment is for an Individual Procurement/Contract Management Expert recruited by CHGS.2, to reinforce the workforce of the Division in implementing its work programme during the upcoming year-end peak period ;
  • The Procurement function has already a strong team on the ground; however, it needs more support to strengthen procurement capacity. The Procurement Expert will form part of a Corporate Procurement Division Team with specific tasks allocated within the Division work programme. The overall aim is to seek value for money, forward-looking risk management, supplier relationship and performance management. These considerations require the Bank’s Consultants to provide high quality services and therefore professional qualifications and the technical quality of the Consultants Proposal shall be the most important factors in the selection process ;
  • The Consultant shall execute this assignment with the appropriate due diligence to achieve the envisaged objectives within the time that would be agreed upon by both parties.


Scope of Works :

The nature of the assignment requires on-site presence for continuous delivery as the Procurement Expert will form part of a Corporate Procurement Division. The consultant should work effectively with the Division Manager in addition to direct counterparts allocated as appropriate by the Division Manager. The services to be provided under the Assignment are to :

  • Identify reliable sources of supply by determining appropriate procurement methods, preparing solicitations (RFQ, RFP, REI, ITB) ;
  • Develop realistic time frames for the procurement needs of clients, setting the process in motion, and working closely and directly with internal clients to execute and conclude procurement actions ;
  • Prepare solicitations, implement and monitor bid schedules as well as responding to queries from vendors and customers on procurement matters ;
  • Manage and conduct all aspects of bid/proposal with regard to conducting pre-bid meetings, bids openings, and post- bid debriefing, as well as leading the aggrieved bidders for dispute instigation ;
  • Analyze the offers received from bidders, constitute technical evaluation committees (TEC), prepare and submit recommendations received from the TEC to the Bank’s authorizing officers or Purchasing Committee ;
  • Participate in negotiations with Users and contractors and prepare submissions to the authorizing officers for review and subsequent approval by the authorized official ;
  • Provide technical input to the planning, development and implementation of strategies for the procurement of real estate, works, goods and services for the Bank Group, this involves, combined assessment of user requirements with modelling the trends over a period of analyze the performance of suppliers ;
  • Liaise with Legal Department on the interpretation of Bank’s rules and regulations in case of ambiguity ;
  • Assistance to the Purchasing Committee Secretariat ;
  • Execute any other assignments as may be assigned from time to time.

Duration and Timetable for the Assignment :

  • The consultant shall report directly to the Division Manager, CHGS.2 in addition to direct counterparts allocated as appropriate by the Division Manager. The intended commencement date is August 1st , 2019 ;
  • The total duration of the assignment is 03 months. This period may be renewed, based on satisfactory performance and organizational needs and budget availability ;
  • The Consultant will be expected to work in Abidjan during the period of the contract ;
  • The Consultant shall sign his Contract prior to start working. All travel arrangements if required and payments shall be in accordance with the Bank’s Travel Policy.


Deliverables Expected :

The Consultant shall a monthly report on tasks executed. This report shall be submitted together with the monthly invoice.

Essential Specialized Skills/Knowledge/Competencies :

  • The consultant to be recruited will be a Procurement professional of repute who has been actively involved in procurement activities in International Organizations in the field of corporate procurement ;
  • The consultant shall have a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline (e.g. law, procurement, business or commerce). He/She shall justify of at least 05 years of experience ;
  • Good knowledge of procurement within the Multilateral Development Banks or International Institutions and familiarity with corporate procurement policies and procedures ;
  • Good negotiating skills; knowledge of procurement techniques and practices; knowledge of purchasing systems, advanced calculation and planning knowledge ;
  • Dynamic, efficient communicator, effective team-work player, result-driven, customer service oriented, analytical skills, and ability to work cross-functionally and under pressure ;
  • mpetence in the use of standard software used in the Bank (Word, Excel, Access, MS Projects and PowerPoint)  ;
  • English and French are the working languages of the African Development Bank. The consultant should be able to communicate and write effectively in French or English ;
  • The Corporate Procurement Division invites qualified experienced Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the above-described services. Interested eligible individual consultants shall provide information on their qualifications and experience demonstrating their ability to undertake this assignment (CV, documentation, references for similar services, experience in comparable assignments, etc.) .


The eligibility criteria, the establishment of a short list and the selection procedure shall be in conformity with the Bank’s Rules and Procedure for the Use of Corporate Consultants. Please, note that interest expressed by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of the Bank to include him/her in the shortlist .

The estimated duration of services is 03 months and the estimated starting date is August 1st, 2019.

Interested Individual Consulting may obtain further information at the address below during the Bank’s working hours: 8:00 to 17:00

Expressions of interest (hard copy or through email) must be received at the address below no later than 17 July, 2019 at 17:00 local time in HQ, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and specifically mentioning : “Procurement Expert for Corporate Procurement Division (CHGS.2)”:


For the attention of:

Mrs. Maimouna SAKO,

African Development Bank

General Services and Procurement Department Corporate Procurement Division

Avenue Joseph Anoma, 01 BP. 1387, Abidjan 01, Cote d’Ivoire Tel: +225-20262856


Remuneration :

The remuneration will be an all-inclusive monthly fee to be negotiated, and in compliance with the Bank’s stablished remuneration scale considering requisite qualifications and experience. The Consultant will be paid a round trip ticket from the point of recruitment to Abidjan. No per diem and accommodation will be paid in Abidjan. The consultant will also be eligible for travel expenses (air ticket, hotel accommodation and per diem) while assigned on a Bank Mission during the duration of his Contract. No other travel expenses will be incurred on the Consultant. Payment of honorarium will be on a monthly basis after satisfactory execution of duties assigned to him/her.

Establishment of the Shortlist :

A shortlist of three to six individual consultants will be established at the end the request of expressions of interest. The consultants on the shortlist will be judged on the following criteria on the basis of their updated resume.

Level of education in general20%
Understanding of Terms of Reference15 %
Educational level compared to the field of mission15%
Years of experience in procurement20%
Number of years of experience with international institutions25%
Language proficiency (English or French)05%


Only the proposals scoring a minimum score 70 points or above shall be considered for this assignment. All the consultants shall be ranked and the highest ranked consultant will be selected for the said assignment if his/her fees are within budget limits. The Bank reserves the right to hire more than one consultant from this process based on its needs and budget availability.

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