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Recruitment of an individual consultant for the development of a new governance strategy – Côte d’Ivoire

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Avenue Jean-Paul II, 01 B.P. 1387, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

E-mail : [email protected]



Expressions of interest are being requested for one individual Consultant position to develop a new governance strategy for the African Development Bank.

Brief description of the assignment: Under the general guidance of the Senior Management and Task Manager of the Governance and Public Financial Management Coordination Office (ECGF), the Consultant will prepare a new governance strategy for the Bank. This will include preparing defined deliverables, making consultations and other such tasks in the preparation of the final strategy document.

Department issuing the request : Governance and Public Financial Management Coordination Office (ECGF).

Place of assignment : Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire,buttermsare flexible

Duration of the assignment : 4 months

Tentative Date of commencement : November 2018

Detailed Terms of reference for the assignment : (see below)

Deadline for applications : 16 November 2018

Applications to be submitted to: [email protected] copied to [email protected].

Please attach an updated Curriculum Vitae.

Interested Consultants should also register on the AfDB E-Consultant site at and advise [email protected] on the Webcode that will be issued / or the DACON number if they are already registered. Please use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox Mozilla to access the E-Consultant application.

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to [email protected] copied to [email protected].


Terms of reference

Introduction and background 

The Governance and Public Financial Management Coordination Office (ECGF) is in the complex of the Chief Economist / Vice Presidency for Economic Governance and Knowledge Management (ECVP), based at the Headquarters in Abidjan, and is responsible for coordination and operationalization of the strategy and programs, including lending and non-lending work

The AfDB recognizes the centrality of governance to Africa’s ‘Governance and Accountability’ is elevated as one of the o Bank’s Ten Year Strategy-2022).Governance(2013 issues also cut across the Bank’s

new strategies also known as the High 5s, including the New Deal on Energy (2016-2025); Strategy for Agricultural Transformation in Africa (2016-2025); Industrialization Strategy for Africa; Regional Integration: Policy and Strategy (2014-2023); and Jobs for Youths in Africa (2016-2015), the aspirations of which cannot be achieved in the absence of effective, accountable, and transparent institutions, strengthened service delivery, affordable capital, good infrastructure and an enabling environment for private sector growth.

The Governance Strategic Framework and Action Plan (GAP II), approved in 2014, has provided the framework for the Bank’s intervention in gove coming to an end in 2018, the Bank is now preparing a New Governance strategy, which will be the guiding document and roadmap for governance work in the Bank for the next 6 years.

The new strategy is expected to capture the latest thinking on the theme of governance in Africa from both a conceptual and operational perspective, helping Bank staff and management approach the subject with renewed clarity. In addition, the strategy will help communicate priority areas of the Bank to other development partners in order to harmonize strategies and avoid duplication of efforts.

The New Governance Strategy is expected to harmonize Bank modalities on governance operations across all departments and complexes. It should be aligned with the respective strategies for the five core operational priorities of the Bank. This New Governance Strategy will also bear cognizance of broader thinking on governance from recent blueprints such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Addis Ababa Action Plan, and the First Ten-Year Implementation Plan of the African  Union’s . Agenda  2063

Furthermore, the new strategy is to take into consideration the organizational restructuring through the new Development and Business Delivery Model (DBDM) in 2016, with the aim to streamline business processes to improve efficiency, improve financial performance and increase development impact, and mo much closer to its clients so as to improve delivery.

The objectives of the New Governance Strategy are as follows :

  1. Provide an action and business plan that will ensure that the Bank leads in the work of improving the capacity, institutions and processes within both state and non-state actors in order to improve the lives of the people of Africa ;
  2. Synchronize lending and non-lending governance operations in the context of the Bank’s DBDM, thereby ensuring smoother coordination with external partners.

ECGF is seeking an individual consultant to lead the devel Governance Strategy. The consultant will be part of a small team set up for this assignment.

Objectives of the consultancy and scope of work

The primary objective of the consultant is to produce a well-defined, six-year New Governance Strategy for the African Development Bank with clear operational paths to achieving the goal of transforming governance in the continent. The other tasks of the consultant are as follows :

  1. Take stock of all the existing Strategic Documents (from the Bank and various stakeholders and partners)1, the new governance strategy approach paper and the progress report on GAP II, drawing insights on the ernanceBank’s gov priorities ;
  2. Draft an inception report/ approach paper for the new governance strategy, building on a preliminary concept note prepared by ECGF ;
  3. Interview key Bank staff in both the head and regional offices to get experiential perspectives on the subject matter ;
  4. Identify the comparative advantages of the Bank in working on governance issues relative to other organizations ;
  5. Outline the strategic pillars and objectives of a New Governance Strategy ;
  6. Outline an implementation plan as part of the New Governance Strategy ;
  7. Define within the New Governance Strategy the optimal organizational structure to deliver the strategy ;
  8. Ensure that the strategy is inclusive and effectively mainstreams gender and youth considerations ;
  9. Provide an estimated indicative cost required to implement the Strategy and propose workable system of mobilizing the required resources to achieving this ;
  10. Define a clear monitoring and evaluation scheme and results measurement framework that will track inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes, and impact ;
  11. Propose implementation modalities to roll out the New Governance Strategy ;
  12. Present draft strategy to a High Level Steering Committee for guidance and validation.


Expected deliverables

The following are the main outputs expected from the Consultant within the consultancy timeframe :

A.  Inception Report- this report should outline the approach and5 days after
work plan for the delivery of the full assignmentassignment start
  • This includes the strategies for the respective High Five Agenda, Strategic Framework and Action Plan on the Prevention of Illicit Financial Flows in Action, as well as recent Bank policy notes including that on domestic resource mobilization ;
  • Indicative timeframe- to be agreed within work plan submitted by the consultant and approved by the Director.


B. Draft Strategy Concept Note submitted for peer review10 days after A3
C. Final Strategy Concept Note with full outline of strategy annexed5  days  after  B
submitted for clearance by senior management (SMCC) and
Board (CODE)
D.0. Draft Strategy submitted to internal working group for peer
15 Days after C
E.  Workshop to present draft strategy5 Days after D
F.  Draft Strategy submitted for ECGF Management Clearance5 Days after E
G. Strategy submitted for processing to Senior Management and
5 Days after F


Furthermore, the consultant should provide Bi-weekly progress reporting to ECGF management in the form of face-to-face meeting or Skype/VC call to detail advancements versus initial objectives, as well as issues encountered.


Consultant qualifications, experience and competencies

The Bank is looking for an experienced individual consultant with the following qualifications :

  • Minimum of an advanced degree in economics, political science, international relations or related fields ;
  • Minimum of 15-year experience including in policy and strategy development at a multilateral development bank or similar international financial institution ;
  • Experience supporting development agencies, international finance institutions, or multilateral development bank in defining, implementing and monitoring operational strategies ;
  • Knowledge of governance, public finance, including the specific areas of: domestic resource mobilization, debt management, financial accountability and illicit financial flows ;
  • Experience in governance project management and design, including policy based operations/ budget support and institutional support projects, as well as technical assistance ;
  • Experience and knowledge of preparing a robust monitoring and evaluation system.


Other qualifications include :

  • Excellent English and/or French writing and communication skills, at least a working knowledge of the other language ;
  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience of working on Governance in Africa, in particular an understanding of geo-political and regional dynamics, regional political and economic governance trends and reforms ;
  • A committed project leadership skill with experience working on the ground in Africa ;
  • Each deliverable has to be accepted and cleared by the Director before proceeding ;
  • Experience working with major financial institutions in driving efficiency and improvement across functions and processes ;
  • Knowledge of the African Development Bank and its operations would be a plus.


Duration of the assignment

The assignment is expected to require 45 non-consecutive working days during the period November 2018 – March 2019.


Place of assignment

The assignment will include missions to the African Development Bank Headquarters in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire,sometravl may also be expected to one or more of the Regional Centers of the African Development Bank.



Contract Amount: The Bank shall pay the Consultant a competitive monthly lump sum fee based on the level of experience and consistent with its remuneration policy.

Method of Payment: The payment of the Contract amount shall be made in monthly schedule upon satisfactory completion of the outputs described in this Terms of Reference. The Contract amount shall be payable to the Consultant in arrears payable within thirty (30) days of receipt by the Bank of an invoice issued as mentioned above (deemed satisfactory in the performance of the Services under this contract, as determined by the Bank).

Additional information

The consultant shall report to the Director, ECGF. Day-to-day management of the consultancy shall be assured by a person designated by the Director. Reports and all correspondence will be sent to :

Ms. Carina Sugden, Principal Governance Officer, [email protected].



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