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Recruitment of consultant expert for preparation of project completion reports (pcr)

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Kigali, April 12th 2019

 Ref: No 11.07.023/ 662/MD-EDCL/FG /rjg/ug



Project No: P-Z1-FAO-031

Title of Tender: Hiring Consultant expert for PREPARATION OF PROJECT COMPLETION REPORTS (PCR)


Background :

The African Developing Fund (ADF) provided resources to Multinational-Interconnection of Electrical Grids of Nile Equatorial Lakes Countries (Rwanda-DRC Grids Interconnection Project) for preparation of Project Completion Reports.

The Bank is therefore seeking to procure an Energy Specialist/Power System Individual Consultant and/or a Development Specialist consultant, to assist the Bank Group and NELSAP. Consultant required in assessing through a Project Completion Report (PCR) of the completed project to identify what has been achieved, what lessons can be learned from the projects, and what measures have been put in place to ensure that the projects achievements are sustainable. This self-evaluation tool also helps the Bank account for development impact of its investments, and project performance vis a vis relevancy, effectiveness, efficiency of interventions, achievement of objectives, sustainability, as well as documenting lessons learned that could inform future or ongoing operations. PCR preparation is among the final milestones of project implementation and results tracking and constitutes the culmination of regular supervision. The timely submission of PCR is also essential to bank-wide results reporting.

Objective of the Assignment :

The individual consultants will therefore review the performance of the subject project, prepare and submit a PCR based on the project log frame

Specific Scope of the Consultancy :

In delivering on the assignment, the consultants’ activities will include but NOT limited to the following:

  • Familiarize himself with the project PARs and review AfDB procedures and guidelines for preparation of PCRs for investment projects;
  • Conduct fact-finding missions and targeted field visits to collect data and to verify the level and quality of project completion, outstanding issues and how these were being addressed;
  • Assess (i) the degree to which the project achieved its development objectives and outputs as set out in the PAR, outlining the main factors that affected the performance, and making comments on the performance of the various entities involved (government, consultant and contractors, the Bank, Co-financier, etc.); (ii) other significant outcomes and impacts; (iii) prospects for the project’s sustainability; (iv) the Bank Group and borrower performance, including compliance with relevant Bank policies; and (v) the lessons learnt from project implementation ;

Assess the financial viability of the project taking into consideration the current macro-economic, financial and commercial and O&M information and the applicable electricity tariff;

  • Assess the economic benefits of the project, and value for money and compare with the those expected at project appraisal ;
  • Review and compare actual project costs, financing plan and disbursements with cost estimates, financing plan and disbursement forecasts at appraisal, and discuss any significant departures from the original plan;
  • Review the extent to which the Bank and the borrower ensured the project was commensurate with the Government’s capacity to implement it, including efficiency of procurement and handling of environmental and social safeguards (compensation, RAP, etc,) ;
  • Based on the logical framework (Log -frame) of the project, assessing the performance of the project by examining the linkages between project inputs, outputs, and the project goal and purpose, and ultimately the operational objectives of the PAR ;
  • Review appropriateness of the project interventions, including outputs and outcomes, and their relevance to the country’s energy sector ;
  • Contact relevant development partners to assess their participation if any, and their impression on the project, and determine how the outputs of the project relate to their interventions in the power sector and the government’s overall objectives ;
  • Determine the adequacy or weakness of the technical design and implementation of the program with a view to draw lessons and make recommendations for sustaining the benefits of the program ; and
  • Document lessons learned from the implementation of the project both by the Government

and the Bank for improving future interventions in the energy sector.

Besides the above, the consultant will be guided by the relevant guidelines for preparation of a PCR. These shall be provided.

Duration of the Assignment :

The combined overall level of effort of the assignment is thirty (30) person-days and the final PCR shall be delivered within forty-five days (45) from the date of award of contract. Consultants must be able to travel to Rwanda at short notice to commence the assignment.

The assignment should commence in May 2019.

Consultant’s Qualification :

  • The consultant shall have master’s degree (Post Graduate) Qualification or equivalent in either Power Engineering / Energy Economics and/ or Engineering as the case may be ;
  • Must have exposure to consultancy services in power infrastructure development projects in particular regional interconnection and must have been involved in similar projects study, design and implementation including site supervision assignments ;
  • Knowledge of financial and economic analysis of power investment projects is necessary ;
  • Previous work experience on similar assignment will be a critical requirement ;
  • Experience working with multilateral and bilateral banks, donors and international financial institutions on projects appraisal, evaluation and completion is necessary ;
  • Previous work similar to the assignment in the region will be an added advantage ;
  • Consultant need to be fluent in English languages.

Reporting Arrangements :

The Consultant shall report to the Regional Sector Manager, Power Operations, RDGE1. However, the Energy Team in CORW and RDGE shall supervise the daily activities of the consultancy assignment ;

Interested candidates should notify their interest to the below addresses no later than 30th April 2019 ;

The detailed terms of references for each consultant can be consulted on ;

At least three consultants with capacity to perform the required services will be shortlisted ;

The first qualified consultant will be requested to present his financial proposal ;

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the AfDB Rules and Procedures ;

for the Use of Consultants May 2008 Edition, Revised July 2012, Individual Consultant. Your response to the request should be sent to

With a Copy to

Done at Kigali, on 12/ April/ 2019



Head of Procurement     Management Services

Managing Director

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