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Recruitment of consultant to develop joint result group workplans for 2019 UN sustainable development partnership (UNSDP) 2018-2022 in Ghana

Accueil » Offres » Avis de recrutement » Recruitment of consultant to develop joint result group workplans for 2019 UN sustainable development partnership (UNSDP) 2018-2022 in Ghana

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Recruitment of Consultant to develop Joint Result Group Workplans for 2019 UN Sustainable Development Partnership (UNSDP) 2018-2022 in Ghana
Procurement Process :RFP – Request for proposal
Deadline :22-Mar-19
Development Area :CONSULTANTS
Reference Number :54078
Link to Atlas Project :
00116825 – UNDP Ghana CO Support to RCO
Documents :
IC Proposal Submission Form
Annex I- Terms of Reference (ToR)
Technical Proposal Submission Form
Financial Proposal Submission Form

Overview :

Background :

The UNCT in Ghana seeks to engage a consultant to support the development of joint workplans (JWPs)for 2019, towards the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Partnership (UNSDP). Individual agency plans have been articulated in four results groups and captured in already existing excel spread sheets. The consultant is to work with results groups chairs, pens and membership to establish and align strategic activities to develop four JWPs aligned with the UNSDP thematic areas and outcomes. These JWPs will serve as instruments to operationalise the UNSDP, thus translating its outcomes into concreate measurable and timebound outputs and activities for 2019. The JWPs will also enable the UNCT to coordinate work and monitor progress around the delivery of the UNSDP outcomes in a coherent manner, as well as promote transparency and accountability.


Scope of work :

The selected contractor shall review UNSDP Result Group spreadsheets, meet with the UNRC and the four Results Group Chairs and prepare four Result Group Joint Workplans for 2019. All meeting will be internal UN meetings. Consultant will identify key UN priorities across the four groups and use as a basis for preparing a vision document for 2019. Drawing from the joint workplans and the vision document, the consultant will interact with the six Inter – agency Groups (namely Operations, Gender, Communications, Data, Emergencies and Youth to help them finalize their workplans for 2019. All products for this consultancy will then be validated with the groups and the UNCT.

Education :

Minimum Master/Advance university degree in international development, economics, evaluation, social sciences or related field


Experience :

  • A minimum of 5 years of professional experience specifically in the area of international development initiatives and UN development organizations; with a proven track record in any of the following areas (Project management, Project development, Monitoring, Evaluations and reporting) ;
  • Understanding of the development context of LMIC ;
  • Familiarity with national planning processes.


How to apply :

See the Documents section above for the detailed Annex I-Terms of Reference and Submission Documents.


Bid submission instruction :

Strictly follow the instructions indicated in the IC Proposal Submission Form uploaded hereto

For detailed information, please refer to Annex I- Terms of Reference (ToR)


Important Note :

The Consultant is required to have the above mentioned professional and technical qualifications. Only the applicants who hold these qualifications are advised to submit their respective bid proposals


Documents required :

The following proposals must be prepared as per the prescribed standard format indicated in the respective IC Bid Document. The Proposals shall be submitted before its deadline on March 22, 2019 via UNDP Ghana Secured mail address : :

  • Technical Proposal in pdf under file name: UNDP-GHA-2019-038-IC – TP – [insert  Name] ;
  • Financial Proposal in pdf under file name: UNDP-GHA-2019-038-IC – FP – [insert  Name].

Please note that these proposals shall be submitted to the designated secured email into two files but in one email unless both Files are Greater than 9MB file size

Email subject line while submitting proposal : While submitting your proposals to be sure your email subject line is UNDP-GHA-2019-038-IC

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