African Development Bank General Services and Procurement Department Corporate Procurement Division






Brief description of the Assignment : to provide direct technical support on implementation of procurement projects and assist the Corporate Procurement Division in managing high value and complex corporate procurement contracts

Department issuing the request : General Service and Corporate Procurement Department (CHGS)

Place of assignment : Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)

Duration of the assignment : Six months (which may be renewed depending on the performance of the consultant and budget availability)

Tentative Date of commencement :  Dec. 2020

Deadline for applications :  30 Nov. 2020

Applications to be submitted to :

Any questions and requests for clarifications may be sent to :

Terms of Reference for : PROCUREMENT/CONTRACTION EXPERT 1. Introduction, Background and Objectives



The General Services and Procurement Department (CHGS) of the African Development Bank is in charge of implementing and monitoring policies and programs relating to the procurement of goods, services, real estate and works, maintenance of the Bank’s fixed assets and equipment, as well as travel, communication and restaurant services for welfare of internal customers.

The Corporate Procurement Division (CHGS.2) is responsible for centralizing of all the corporate procurements of goods, services, real estate and works for the internal use of the Bank, in the Headquarters and Field Offices, and acquiring skills in the Bank’s procedures relating to the procurement and management of contracts.

CHGS.2’s activities include procuring goods, services, real estate and works for the Bank’s internal use and managing the related contracts. CHGS.2’s responsibilities include fiduciary and oversight to ensure compliance with the Bank’s procurement rules and procedures; developing Annual Procurement Plans for goods, services, real estate and works to meet the needs of the Bank; delivering on-the-job training and playing an advisory role on procurement matters to Field Offices; and enhancing stakeholder’s corporate governance through capacity building and outreach programs.

The AfDB is intending to acquire the services of an experienced Individual Consultant (Senior Procurement Expert) to provide operational support to the procurement and contracting functions of the division.

Main activités and délivrables :

Under the overall direction of the Principal Procurement Officer, the consultant will assist in the following activities :

  • Lead the day-to-day procurement process to ensure timely, cost-effective and adequate delivery of goods and services to support institutional needs ;
  • Conduct market surveys, identify, assess and select potential vendors ;
  • Conduct market surveys to keep abreast of market developments, research and analyze statistical data and market reports on the world commodity situation and availability of goods and services ;
  • Ensure high quality standards for goods and services procured by the Bank by developing and maintaining specific internal control and self-evaluation criteria/procedures ;
  • Together with relevant Users, review, and finalize Terms of Reference (TOR’s), pre-qualification documents and technical specifications of commodities and individual consultant, etc.;
  • Prepare the tendering documents (Request for Proposals, terms of references) ensuring that the bidding process is in line with the established Bank’s Rules and Procedures and procurement regulations and guidelines ;
  • Ensure organization of bid opening committee, bid opening and bid evaluation in accordance with the Bank’s procurement rules ;
  • Analyze bids, prepare price evaluation and coordinate the entire evaluation process, attend evaluation panels with relevant staff/consultants while ensuring the application of procurement principles and approvals as per the Delegation of Authority Matrix ;
  • Manage negotiations with suppliers, develop and prepare contracts for procurement of goods and services by defining terms and conditions, ensuring best quality/delivery terms and pro-active management of associated risks ;
  • Prepare relevant documents for submissions to the Committee on Contracts ;
  • Support the procurement process including providing input to statement of works/requirements, assist in the development of technical evaluation criteria and guidance during contract drafting. Help to develop a quality assurance plan to provide a systematic method to evaluate services and products ;
  • Assist on issuance of Purchase Orders, contract, expediting of procurement and communication with the external customer for all procurement with contracts ;
  • In coordination with Snr. Contracts Management Officer, carry out contract operations in accordance with the Bank’s Cooperate procurement principles, rules and processes and ensure that the objectives of contracts are met efficiently, effectively and economically; oversee adherence to contractual administrative and technical provisions ;
  • Conduct periodic contract performance reviews in conjunction with requesting units to ensure compliance and to resolve any eventual disputes and provide feedback to requestors and vendors ;
  • Liaising, as appropriate, with Country offices, providing procurement advice on relevant policies and procedures and clarifying terms of reference/specifications ;
  • Provide administrative support to the activities of the Secretariat of the Purchasing Committee  ;
  • Track progress and performance of schedules against baselines, prepare progress, contracting activities and other reports (procurement plans, statistics, and regular activity updates) prepare internal and external correspondence related to procurement and contracting  ;
  • Carry on other assignments as required by the supervisor.

The Procurement function has already a strong team on the ground; however, it needs more support to strengthen procurement capacity. It is envisaged that this assignment will build on the significant progress that has already been attained over the years in order to support the Procurement Directive, the Procurement Procedural Manual, the Annual Procurement Plan aiming to meet the increasing and new demands from clients within the Bank.

The consultant will work effectively with the Division Manager in addition to direct counterparts allocated as appropriate by the Division Manager.

The services to be provided under the Assignment are to assist the Corporate Procurement Division. This includes quantitative or qualitative analysis and providing Division Manager with information about improving initiatives and work plan, and specifically to carry out activities required for successful delivery of the projects listed above.

  1. Duration of the assignment : The assignment is proposed for an initial period of for six (6) months renewable upon satisfactory performance, continued need and availability of the budget.
  1. Administration/reporting : The consultant will perform its mission under the overall guidance of the Corporate Procurement Division Manager.
  1. Qualifications and Experience required :

The candidate shall have the following qualifications :

  • A minimum of a master’s degree or its equivalent in business administration, public administration, commerce, law or a related field ;
  • Professional trainings in procurement and/or contracting ;
  • A minimum of five (05) years of relevant and progressive experience procurement, contract management, and administration is required. Experience, preferably in an international or multi-cultural team, is required. Experience in procurement and contract management in public international organization is highly desirable ;
  • Good negotiating skills; knowledge of procurement techniques and practices; knowledge of purchasing systems, advanced calculation and planning knowledge ;
  • Dynamic, efficient communicator, effective team-work player, result-driven, customer service oriented, analytical skills, and ability to work cross-functionally and under pressure ;
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, especially Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Experience in accounting and reporting using automated accounting systems such as SAP will be an added advantage ;
  • Strong writing and editing skills, sense of accuracy and attention to detail ;
  • English and French are the working languages of the African Development Bank. The consultant should be able to communicate and write effectively in French or English ;
  • Be a national of one of the member countries of the Bank.
  1. Evaluations of Offers and Performance :

The eligibility criteria, the establishment of a short list and the selection procedure shall be in conformity with the Bank’s Rules and Procedure for the Selection of Corporate Consultants.

Interest expressed by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of the Bank to include him/her in the shortlist.

Individual Consultants are invited to indicate their interest in providing the above-described services. Interested consultants should provide information on their qualifications and experience demonstrating their ability to undertake the assignment (documents, reference to similar services, experience in similar assignments, etc.).

A shortlist of three to six individual consultants will be established at the end the request of expressions of interest. The consultants on the shortlist will be judged on the following criteria based on their updated resume.

General qualification and suitability for the task to be performed30%
Specific experience in assignments similar to TOR40%
Experience with international donor agencies10%
Knowledge of the region10%
Language Capacity10%

Only consultants scoring a mark of 75 points or more will be considered for the assignment. All consultants will be ranked and the first on the list will be selected for the assignment given that he/her fee rate is within the budget.

  1. Rémunération :

The applicant should submit their financial proposal consisting of their professional fees. During the duration of the contract, the Consultant will be based at the Bank’s Headquarters in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The Consultant will be paid a round trip ticket from the point of recruitment to Abidjan. No per diem and accommodation will be paid in Abidjan. The consultant will also be eligible for travel expenses (air ticket, hotel accommodation and per diem) while assigned on a Bank Mission during the duration of his Contract. No other travel expenses will be incurred on the Consultant. The consultant shall meet the cost of any insurance and medical examination, or treatment required by him/her in the course of performing the Services. The Consultant shall seek and obtain any visas or resident permits that he/she may require to carry out the Services and perform his/her obligations under the Contract. The Bank shall, as necessary, assist the Consultant in obtaining such visas and/or permits. Payment of honorarium will be on a monthly basis after satisfactory execution of duties assigned to him/her.

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours (8h00 to 17h00 – Abidjan time):

General Services and Procurement Department (CHGS)

Corporate Procurement Division (CHGS2)

Please attach an updated Curriculum vitae on the basis of the template attached in APPENDIX 1.