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Request for expressions of interest for a consultant expert for electrical/electromechanically construction supervision

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Date de clôture : Tuesday 30 April 2019


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Ref: No 11.07.023/ 660/MD-EDCL/FG /rjg/ug




Project No: Grant No: 2100155018518

Title of Tender: hiring consultant expert for electrical/electromechanically construction supervision

1.Project Background :

The Rwanda -DRC Regional Transmission Interconnection project originated in 2013 under the ownership of the Energy, Water & Sanitation Authority (Rwanda) and Société National d’Électricité (Democratic Republic of Congo). The project comprised the 220kV Double Circuit Transmission Line and Substations.

The Project covered new installations and the extension of 5 (five) 220 / 110 / 30 kV substations (S/S) in the countries of Rwanda and DR Congo as well as their integration into the existing Load Dispatch Centre at Kigali and their integration into the Communication Network Management System.

For Rwanda Part :

  • New 220 kV S/S Bwishyura and Existing 110 kV S/S Kibuye ;
  • New 220 kV S/S Rubavu ;
  • New 220 kV S/S Shango ;
  • New 220 kV S/S Birembo and Existing 110 kV S/S Birembo.

In view of the above, this request for expression of interest cover the Consulting Services for the 220 kV S/S Shango and Birembo substations for the works to be covered under a new Construction Contract aiming at the completion of the substation’s components.

The Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL invites eligible individual consulting to express their interest in providing the Services in construction supervision services for civil works of 220kv Shango and Birembo Substations.

  1. Objective of the electro-mechanical work expert services :

The general objective of the Consultancy Services is to ensure that REG obtains an economic solution of competent and best-practice engineering support for an orderly, timely and efficient completion of the Project. The completion of the Project englobes technical, financial, administrative as well as environmental and social aspects.

The Electro-Mechanical Expert shall work in close cooperation with REG, its subsidiaries EDCL and EUCL as well as other Consultants recruited by REG for site supervision.

  1. Scope of services :
  • Supervision of site activities during electro-mechanical construction activities ;
  • Inspection of material & equipment deliveries ;
  • Site tests and commissioning and ;
  • site diary.
  1. Execution period :

The contract period for the services required of Electro-Mechanical expert will be Four (4) months only.

  1. Qualification and Experience of Civil distribution Management Expert :

The consultant shall have the following minimum qualification and experiences :

  • Minimum of bachelor’s Degree in in electrical or Electromechanical engineering from a recognized university or equivalent institution and shall be specialized in HV AC substation installations ;
  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience in the field of substations construction with technical know-how in power system protection/control ;
  • At least Three years’ experience substation projects of 220kV level or above ;
  • Experience working with multilateral and bilateral banks, donors and international financial institutions on projects appraisal, evaluation and completion is necessary ;
  • Previous work similar to the assignment in the region will be an added advantage ;
  • Consultant need to be fluent in English languages, Interested candidates should notify their interest to the below addresses no later than 30th April 2019 and provide the following in support of the Expressions of Interest :
    • the specific role of interest ;
    • an updated resume ;
    • details of similar assignments completed recently and in the past 5 years ;
    • references and contacts of previous assignments and clients and ;
    • confirmation of their availability during the indicated period. Should provide the curriculum vitae (CV) and the copy of degrees.

The detailed terms of references for each consultant can be consulted on At least three consultants with capacity to perform the required services will be shortlisted.

The first qualified consultant will be requested to present his financial proposal. The consultant will be selected in accordance with the AfDB Rules and Procedures for the Use of Consultants May 2008 Edition, Revised July 2012, Individual Consultant.

Your  response  to  the  request  should  be  sent  to  With  a  Copy  to

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