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Social Finance is seeking a Country Program Director for the Cameroon Newborn Development Impact Bond (“DIB”)

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Social Finance is seeking a Country Program Director for the Cameroon Newborn Development Impact Bond (“DIB”)



We are seeking a Country Program Director for the Cameroon Newborn Development Impact Bond (“DIB”). This is an exciting opportunity to manage this pioneering health and nutrition DIB, starting in the second-half of 2018 and targeted to last 3.5 years. The position will be based in Douala, Cameroon, with travel within Cameroon and internationally as required.


About the project

The Cameroon Newborn DIB aims to improve health outcomes for low-birth-weight and preterm infants by expanding access to Kangaroo Mother Care (“KMC”) – a neonatal intervention particularly suited for low-resource settings – in up to 10 hospitals in Cameroon through an innovative train-the-trainer model. The lead implementation partner is the newlyestablished Kangaroo Foundation Cameroon, who will be providing KMC trainings and general intervention support to hospitals, with Kangaroo Foundation Colombia providing technical expertise drawing upon over twenty years of experience disseminating and researching KMC.
The intervention will be rolled out in the following regions of Cameroon: North, Adamaoua, Littoral, Centre, and South West. The three-and-a-half-year program will be delivered through a Development Impact Bond – an outcomes-based funding instrument, in which a philanthropic Investor pays in advance for the intervention, and Outcomes Funders commit to making payments to the investor only if the intervention is successful. Outcomes Funders committed include: the Cameroonian Ministry of Public Health (drawing upon the World Bank-managed Global Financing Facility Trust Fund) and Nutrition International. Grand Challenges Canada is currently performing due diligence on the project for the investor role. Social Finance (based in London) and the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing (based in Toronto) are co-leading the design of the DIB and coordinating this recruitment process.


About the role

The Cameroon Newborn DIB Country Program Director will provide in-country leadership to the rollout of KMC at scale across Cameroon, targeted to begin in the second-half of 2018. The Country Program Director will lead a team of professionals who are committed to evidencemonitoring to continuously improve the project outcomes and ultimately the health of vulnerable infants in Cameroon. The Director will work closely with Kangaroo Foundation Cameroon (“KF Cameroon”), the main implementation partner. The role will be based in Douala, Cameroon, with travel within Cameroon and international travel (e.g. to conferences)as required.

1) Overall project management and strategic leadership

  •  Reports to the Project Board and proactively, regularly and fully informs the Board of progress and potential problems
  •  Reports to other governance structure including the Review Committee and the Government Coordination Committee
  •  Manages a core team of 2 individuals, including a Finance & Operations Manager and a Data Manager, as well as all data entry clerks stationed in
  • ospitals.
  •  Oversees relationship with the main implementation partner, KF Cameroon, who will provide quality KMC training and general intervention support to hospitals
  •  Provides strategic leadership to ensure DIB operations are aligned with government priorities and contract terms agreed with outcomes funders, and proactively designs necessary course-corrections
  •  Responsible for establishing and managing an effective organization to ensure that KMC implementation achieves the objectives established for this program
  •  Maintains strong and transparent operating and financial controls, and adapts program implementation based on ongoing program data analysis to ensure target outcomes are delivered, with a strong emphasis on rolling out the program on time and within budget

2) Financial management and procurement

  •  Work with the Finance and Operations Manager to:
  •  Establish a small but efficient financial organization with full budgetary and internal controls, including assisting in the set-up of a new office in Cameroon as required
  •  Build the financial management and contracting capacity of KF Cameroon (the lead service provider)
  •  Establish strong cash controls over all expenditure
  •  Track all project assets and materials and ensure they are properly used
  •  Internally track key statistics and issues on a regular basis, in each case against targets and the agreed budget
  •  Negotiate key purchase contracts for the provision of key equipment items
  •  Invoice Outcomes Funders for payments to the Investor based on performance achieved

3) Partnerships

  •  Develops and maintains strong working relationships with key players in the project, i.e. outcomes funders, the government of Cameroon (national and regional entities), investor, implementation partner (KF Cameroon), technical advisor (KF Colombia) and individual hospitals. The Cameroonian government is both an outcomes funder and a key operational partner given the intervention will be rolled-out in majority governmentfunded hospitals.
  •  Negotiates and manages operational MoU with participating hospitals
  •  Negotiates and manages agreements with additional partners as required
  •  Acts as an active ambassador for the project with government, local communities, and the scientific establishment, and plays a key role in the sharing of learnings from the Cameroon Newborn DIB project with wider stakeholders (e.g. donor agencies and other governments interested in KMC and/or the DIB model)

4) Data management, monitoring and reporting

  •  Supervises the Data Manager to:
  •  Retain overall control of the project database
  •  Ensure that data is fully captured from all hospitals and KF Cameroon
  •  Ensure that database information is correlated with financial and purchase contract information to optimize project control and audit, and initiate checks and audits where needed
  •  Supports the Data Manager to analyze the data, discuss results with KF Cameroon and, as required, individual hospitals. In collaboration with KF Cameroon agree a path forward to adapt the intervention as required to maximize performance
  •  Supports the Data Manager in transferring data analysis capabilities to KF Cameroon over the course of the program, such that adaptive performance management is embedded within KF Cameroon’s organizational culture
  •  Use the data analysis to report on performance to the Board (and other DIB governance bodies, including the Review Committee and the Government Coordination Committee) on a regular basis
  • Collaborate fully with Independent Verification Agent selected by DIB parties to review the overall effectiveness of the KMC intervention and ensure payments from Outcomes Funders are justified

About you

  • Key competencies and professional expertise required
  •  Senior operational and project management skills, including proven ability to lead and manage the operations of a complex project and/or organization.
  •  Business acumen, including proven ability to communicate project strategy, focus on client needs and deliver stakeholder value
  •  Financial acumen and the ability to interpret and analyze financial reports
  •  Entrepreneurial skills/predisposition, including ability to self-motivate, to respond to changing contexts, proven ability in project advocacy, leading change, and overcoming resistance and setbacks
  •  Strong critical, creative and analytical thinking and ability to apply it to day-to-day management as well as larger strategic decisions
  •  Ability to use data and evidence to drive decisions
  •  Experience engaging with and managing stakeholders at a senior level
  •  Proven track record in influencing others (with a preference for government actors/entities), and an ability to collaborate with and develop personnel
  •  Ability to work with a low level of supervision and as a part of a team
  •  Interest in being based in Douala, Cameroon for a multi-year period, with travel within Cameroon and internationally as required Minimum education and experience required
  •  A relevant Bachelor’s degree (with an MBA or CA qualification preferred)
  •  A minimum of 10 years relevant work experience
  •  A minimum of 6 years of project management experience, including experience managing complex development projects in developing countries (low-resource and low-data, operationally challenging environments). Experience of performance-based contracts a plus
  •  A minimum of 6 years of people management experience, including setting performance objectives, managing for results, giving and receiving feedback, performance evaluation and mentoring and coaching
  •  Experience operating in low-income country settings (experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and in particular Cameroon strongly preferred)
  •  Fluency in written and spoken English and French with excellent written and verbal communication skills


Additional Information

The contract is expected to start in October 2018 for a minimum of two years, with potential to extend to the full length of the DIB. The individual will be based in Douala, Cameroon. Salary is competitive and will depend on the experience of the candidate.


How to apply

Interested candidates should email a copy of their CV and covering letter to [email protected]. CVs should be kept below 4 pages. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and therefore candidates are encouraged to apply ASAP. The final deadline for applications is August 31th, 2018. Please use “Cameroon Newborn DIB Country Program Director” as the subject line.


Appendix: Additional information on the Cameroon Newborn DIB

The Cameroon Newborn DIB aims to improve health outcomes for low birth weight (LBW) and preterm infants by expanding access to Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) – a proven neonatal intervention – in up to 10 hospitals across 5 regions in Cameroon. The program will be funded and delivered through an outcomes-based DIB mechanism, in which investors will provide the upfront financing for the program – covering the cost of infrastructure improvements, equipment, training and general running costs. Kangaroo Foundation Cameroon, in partnership with the target hospitals, will deliver quality KMC to

LBW and preterm infants. The Implementation Management Team, being led by the Country Program Director, will provide ongoing oversight and support to ensure the program is delivered in an effective and efficient manner. If the pre-agreed results are achieved, the outcomes funders will repay the investor a level of return proportional to the level of success. This means that the implementation risk is transferred to the investor, rather than the service provider, and the outcomes funders only pay the investor if the intervention is successful. Unlike traditional funding models and other performance-based financing programs, in a DIB, the investor’s desire to maximize its return ensures a continuous focus on flexible and adaptive program implementation, rather than delivery of pre-defined inputs and activities. The focus on rigorously measured outcomes also increases sustainability by ensuring that public and donor funds from the outcomes funders are only used for tangible, verifiable outcomes.



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