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Solidarités International seeks to recruit a meal coordinator – Maiduguri, Nigeria

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Date de clôture : 28 mars 2019


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FonctionsAutre, Gestion de projets/programmes
Secteurs d’activitéAppui institutionnel, Décentralisation, Autre

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Desired start date : 04/03/2019

Duration of the mission : 1 year

About our mission in Nigeria …

Solidarites International opened the Nigeria mission over the summer 2016. Starting with a single project, this mission has quickly expanded and SI is now a major WASH and shelter actor in the Borno State.

The current political and military crisis has affected millions of lives in the area and SI is answering the needs of displaced populations and host communities in Borno State. The targeted areas of intervention are WASH, shelter, logistics, food security and livelihood.


Programs currently running :

  • Emergency WASH and Shelter response (OFDA) – Maiduguri, Monguno, Dikwa, Ngala ;
  • Multi-sectorial Health-Nutrition-WASH-Shelter-FSL-Protection project (ECHO) in partnership with PUI, ACTED (lead), REACH, INTERSOS and TDH – Monguno/Kukawa and Maiduguri ;
  • Emergency WASH in Health project funded by ECHO in partnership with ALIMA (led by SI) – Maiduguri and Monguno/Kukawa ;
  • Multi-sectorial WASH and FSL early recovery project (EuropeAid for three years) – consortium led by ALIMA – in Monguno, Ngala, Askira and Hawul ;
  • Logistic Platform Management (WFP) – Monguno ;
  • Emergency WASH activities (NHF) – Ngala ;
  • Emergency WASH activities (CDC) – Dikwa.

This mission is strong and has potential to continue developing relevant and mandate-based interventions to cover the humanitarian needs in the area and to ensure a real humanitarian impact. The team is well staffed with very diverse profiles (former SI, former national staffs from several SI missions, various backgrounds and technicalities). Overall, the atmosphere is very good, people get along well and they love to play volleyball on Sundays.


Here are the key numbers and information about the mission :

  • 5 bases (Maiduguri, Abuja, Dikwa, Ngala and Monguno) plus Coordination Office in Maiduguri ;
  • The number of expatriates is around 20 ;
  • The national staff are approximately 220 ;
  • The total budget of the mission is around 7,5 million euros.

About the job…

Within the Nigeria mission and under the supervision of the Deputy CD Programs, the MEAL Coordinator designs the MEAL action plans of the mission, in accordance with SI’s operational framework, and makes sure it is disseminated, understood and implemented by the staff.


Main responsibilities :

Strategic orientation :

  • Propose and develop sector-based action plans (M&E, accountability, gender, do-no harm) in accordance with SI’s policies and priorities for the intervention country ;
  • Make sure collected data are used to take appropriated operational decisions and to address contractual engagements with donors.

Training and technical support :

  • Develop MEAL teams’ capacities in his/her field of expertise: data collection and analysis (method, format, software etc.), measure of indicators, complaint response mechanism, do-no harm analysis, etc ;
  • Supporting MEAL and program teams in application of data collection platforms and analysis. (Kobo, ODF etc) ;
  • Supporting the IM teams in centralizing the databases and proposing methods of extraction and analysis ;
  • Provide MEAL teams with a technical and methodological support for M&E activities, data management (questionnaire design, sampling, data entry, extraction of useful data and interpretation) and integration of cross-cutting issues ;
  • Creating or adapting tools for: indicators monitoring, impact monitoring (MEAL or M&E plan and survey tools) or risk analysis.

Monitoring and Evaluation of SI programs :

  • Elaborate or contribute to the elaboration, review and harmonization of M&E tools, data management, especially in M&E Plans ;
  • Validate relevance of reports, analysis, maps and recommendations produced by the MEAL department or PMs before their dissemination. Liaise with HQ if external publication ;
  • Propose adjustments, new activities to improve the quality of the operations or approaches, in consultation with technical coordinators ;
  • Contribute to terms of references for external evaluations and studies.

Accountability :

  • Design and roll out of complaints response mechanisms ;
  • Ensure that the key principles of the mechanism are respected ;
  • Ensure that regular analysis of the complaints and feedbacks received are done.

Institutional Knowledge Building (IKB) :

  • Make sure that all IKB tools are disseminated and used on the mission ;
  • Build on institutional knowledge on M&E activities and missions’ results (lessons learnt and recommendations) and make sure these are known by technical and field coordinators ;
  • Participate into centralizing and disseminating procedures, guides and tools with HQ ;
  • Build on an expertise network in his/her field and, if possible, develop partnerships with counterparts ;
  • Use SI’s IKB tools to document MEAL tools and methodologies/approaches; sharing with relevant HQ departments.

Coordination and operational monitoring :

  • Ensure consolidation and validation of the department’s activity work plan ;
  • Ensure achievement of the department’s objectives ;
  • Actively participate in the mission’s coordination meetings ;
  • Take part of the monthly review of programs (budget, operational, logistics…) and of budget follow up for his/her department.

HR management/Capacity Development :

  • Together with the Deputy CD Programs, defines the MEAL set up and HR needs ;
  • Ensure that communication schemes, roles and responsibilities and procedures inside the MEAL department (if any) are coherent and relevant. If needed, propose improvements ;
  • Make sure that new staff from program and MEAL departments are briefed on MEAL’s roles and responsibilities ;
  • Evaluate and assess the performance of collaborators under his/her direct supervision ;
  • Lead workshops, coordination meetings and/or technical exchange programs ;
  • Identify technical training requirements and the resources available in the work area ;
  • Makes sure that handover reports are produced by all staffs and are shared with HQ (if relevant).

Reporting / communication / representation :

  • Validate and disseminate final versions of M&E reports, studies and analysis produced by the department ;
  • Support the Head of Mission for fundraising, negotiation and review of project proposals in his/her field ;
  • Write project proposals and reports’ paragraphs on crosscutting issues and MEAL ;
  • Convey information to the relevant authorities on security matters or any event having a possible consequence on Solidarités International activities and the security of the teams ;
  • Represent SI when asked and/or delegated to do so ;
  • Ensure that SI is represented at all meetings or forums concerning his/her department.

Specific stakes and challenges :

  • Focus on implementation of protection mainstreaming and accountability across all activities. Particularly important for the two ECHO grants :
  • Comprehensive Europaid M&E analysis plan for the next phase (year 2), ongoing monitoring and IKB: with particular focus on database management support for the team, improvement of qualitative FSL monitoring tools, multi-sector analysis of impact on communities (WASH and FSL). This will also be dependent on the strategy/visibility from the EU program team ;
  • Complaints Response Mechanism: strengthening the foundation of what was established in 2018, improving accessibility to channels, and looking at possibilities for a joint CRM with consortium partners in Kukawa (dependent on security situation and MR outcome) ;
  • Consolidation and improvement of mission monitoring tools and databases together with technical coordinator(s).

Your profile…

  • Master’s degree or equivalent in statistic, quality control or humanitarian project management ;
  • Experience in MEAL or Project management (min.3 year) ;
  • Technical experience in Information Management ;
  • Experience in capacity building of teams ;
  • Experience in communication with communities and accountability mechanism ;
  • Knowledge of social research and data collection theories and methodologies ;
  • Knowledge on project management and PCM ;
  • Knowledge on data collect, sampling, mobile data collection (Kobo, XLS form) and data analysis ;
  • Knowledge on database management (Access, SQL) ;
  • Capacity to follow multiple projects across multiple bases and synthesize and analyse both technical and non-technical data ;
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills (planning of assessments and evaluations across bases) ;
  • Ability to work autonomously ;
  • Good communication skills (for bases which may at times not be possible to visit due to security restrictions) ;
  • Previous GIS experience would be interesting for this position in order to develop area knowledge and bring together current water resource mapping and community boundary mapping ;
  • Ability to take decisions ;
  • Good resistance to stress and pressure ;
  • Capacity to adapt to security constraints ;
  • Language: Good written and spoken English.

Si will offer you…

According to experience, starting from 2640 euros gross per month (2400 base salary + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) and a monthly Per Diem of 600 USD.

SI also covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate’s country of origin and the place of assignment.

Vacation :
During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time-off is implemented at the rate of one break every three months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7-day break during the 3rd and the 9th month (with 750 USD allocated by Solidarités). He or she will also be entitled to go back to his or her home country for a 14-day period after six months spent on the mission (Solidarités will cover travel costs).

Social and medical cover :

Expatriates benefit from an insurance package which reimburses all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.

The living conditions of the base are comfortable (A.C, comfortable beds, TV, tennis table, good cooking etc) with possibility of finding a wide range of goods for cooking. Despite restriction (curfew & limitation of movement), the level of activities is quite good (Sport: Soccer, volleyball…and interactions with other INGO).  The multicultural environment allows for enriching exchanges and extensive discussions, as the atmosphere is very uplifting. The problematic aspect is that security procedures are quite restrictive (which is normal given the context) but it means that movement are limited and that knowledge of the city and the culture will be also very limited.

Application process…

  • Does this description fit you? Please send us your CV and Cover letter in English ;
  • NB : The vacancy may close before the deadline. Thank you for your comprehension ;
  • For further information about Solidarités International, please consult our website : here

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