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The African Development Bank hereby invites Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in the following Assignment : Senior telecom & network engineer consultant for Nigeria regional office (RDNG)

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Date de clôture : mercredi 14 novembre 2018


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Avenue Joseph Anoma, 01 B.P. 1387, Abidjan, CÔTE d’IVOIRE

Corporate IT Services Department (CHIS)

E-mail : [email protected]

Telephone: (+225) 20 26 22 61/ (+225) 20 26 25 83


  1. The African Development Bank hereby invites Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in the following Assignment : Senior telecom & network engineer consultant for Nigeria regional office (RDNG) ;
  2. The objectives of this consultancy are hiring a highly skilled Network & Telecom engineer to :
  • Provide technical support services pertaining to telecommunications & network technologies including LAN/WAN, voice and data (Internet, e-mail) transmission as well as videoconferencing ;
  • Assist in system configurations and provide support to users of Information Technology (IT) tools at the Bank’s Country Office in Nigeria ;
  • Serve as focal point of the Bank’s unified communication and network teams based at the Headquarters in Abidjan to carry out specific tasks in AFDB’s Nigeria Offices for improving network access, connectivity, switching, routing, quality of service (QoS), resilience and security.

More details about the scope of services are attached as Annex.

  1. The Corporate Information Technology Services Department (CHIS) invites Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the above-described services. Interested Consultants shall provide information on their qualifications and experience demonstrating their ability to undertake this Assignment (CV, reference to similar services, experience in similar assignments, etc.😉 ;
  2. The eligibility criteria, the establishment of a short list and the selection procedures shall be in conformity with the Bank’s procedures for the acquisition of consulting services funded by the administrative or capital expenditure. Please, note that interest expressed by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of the Bank to include him/her in the shortlist ;
  3. The estimated duration of services is 12 months and the estimated starting date is 03 December 2018 ;
  4. Interested Individual Consultants may obtain further information at the address below during the Bank’s working hours: from 08:00 to 17:00 hours, Abidjan Local Time ;
  5. Expressions of interest must be received by email at the address below no later than Wednesday, 14 November, 2018 at 17:00 hours, Abidjan local time and specifically mentioning “SENIOR TELECOM & NETWORK ENGINEER CONSULTANT FOR RDNG”.

For the attention of: IT Recruitment Team African Development Bank Corporate IT Services Department (CIMM) Avenue Joseph Anoma, 01 B.P. 1387, Abidjan, CÔTE d’IVOIRE

Tel: (+225) 20 26 22 61

Email : [email protected]


Establishment of the short list

A shortlist of three to six individual consultants will be established at the end the request of expressions of interest. The consultants will be judged on the following criteria on the basis of their updated resume.

Level of education in general20%
Educational level compared to the field of mission20%
Years of experience in general20%
Number of years of experience relevant to the mission40%


Annex 1- Scope of Services

The Consultants duties will include the following :

  • Design, build, implement and maintain the Bank’s Telecommunication and Network infrastructure, which may incorporate all technologies and platforms: Satellite, Fiber Optic, Microwave, fixed, mobile, wireless, Unified Communication, Tele Presence etc. including public and private networks, Internet/Intranet and call centers ;
  • Design and implementation of reliable, resilient, efficient and cost effective connectivity solutions for Nigeria Offices in the framework of the CHIS department Policy ;
  • Planning, implementation and management of Telecommunications and Network projects using modern and proven Project Management Tools and Methodology ;
  • Management of Telecommunication and Network design policies, strategies, architectures and documentation, covering voice, data, text, e-mail, facsimile and video ;
  • Ensure that Telecommunications and Network environment is operational according to service level requirements ;
  • Ensure that all calls related to IT service outage are logged, resolved within the agreed SLA, make service credit claim in the event target SLA are not met thereby ensuring value for money is achieved ;
  • Build and maintain relationship with global and third parties on network and telecom development or support issues ;
  • Work with the Information Security Office to ensure solutions deployed meet the bank’s Security Requirements and provide technical assistance for investigation and analysis of security alerts ;
  • Ensure the most cost-effective and efficient use of telecommunications and Network infrastructures ;
  • Directly involve in maintenance and implementation of complex IT infrastructure components such LAN, VSAT, MPLS, ISP connections, servers and Unified Communication systems in the regional hub and attached FOs ;
  • Ensure that all Telecommunications and Network hardware and software complies with industry standards and best practices ;
  • Develop and publish the main KPIs for Telecommunications and Network activities ;
  • Monitor and review Telecommunications and Network performances, throughput, availability, response time and exceptional incidents ;
  • Provide advice and guidance to management in design and planning phases of Telecommunications and Network systems, to ensure that the requirements (particularly network response times, volumetric information and security requirements) are reflected in the overall specification ;
  • Within agreed standards and policies, competently plan the work of teams or project groups ;
  • Update or provide input to cost benefit analyzes, risk analyzes for Telecommunications and Network projects or development plans ;
  • Verify and confirm all work performed by 3rd parties in the Regional Office; record and report non-performance accordingly ;
  • Monitor service performance especially critical infrastructures services such as bandwidth utilization pattern, quality of real time application such as voice and video conferencing ;
  • Co-lead all ICT projects that are deployed in the Regional Office and ensure that necessary communication and protocol are observed ;
  • Administering enterprise IP networks in mission-critical, 24×7 production environments ;
  • Provide high level support on configuration, optimization and maintenance of MPLS, MPLS V3 and L2 VPN VRF, BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, ODR, Multicasting, DMVPN and QOS ;
  • Design and integrate secure networks including all aspects of multi-site network designs and support (LAN, MAN, WAN, SAN, IP Telephony); Router ACL; NAC; ISE; VPN also deploying and maintaining remote access technologies/solutions ;
  • Interpret existing configurations and understand how the systems hardware fits into the overall ADB network design and client solution ;
  • Provide detailed knowledge transfer to customers on solution sets and work with the bank’s system engineers to implement leading edge server and storage environments ;
  • Utilize strong interface skills to work closely with the Bank staff and third partners to create an atmosphere of teamwork ;
  • Review aspects of Unified Communications costs against public tariffs and new developments, initiating proposals to change Unified Communications design when appropriate ;
  • Assist in the assessment and selection of suitable unified communications solutions to meet all or parts of specified requirements, including the design and establishment of call centre telecommunications systems and services ;
  • Review and maintain telecommunications network topology configuration databases, records and representations, assessing effectiveness, and advising on optimum configuration ;
  • Take responsibility at the Regional office level for all stages of the life cycle for software/hardware and transmission media development of communication systems, including investigation, analysis, specification, design, construction, testing, maintenance, upgrade and migration ;
  • Perform integration of various products ;
  • Troubleshoot and monitor network performance and resolve performance and connectivity issues ;
  • Sign and implement new network topologies as required, incorporating best practices around collaborations, datacenter, LAN/WAN, mobility, and disaster recovery ;
  • Facilitate the preparation of technical documentation related to the executed operational activities to be kept in the knowledge database ;
  • Assess, identify and understand new business requirement of the regional office and make a proposal of suitable solution to CHIS in order to address the requirements.




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