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The World Bank is looking for E T Consultant in Nairobi, Kenya

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Date de clôture : Tuesday 25 December 2018


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The World Bank is looking for E T Consultant in Nairobi, Kenya

Job #:req1183
Organization:World Bank
Sector:Social Protection
Term Duration:1 year 0 months
Recruitment Type:International Recruitment
Location:Nairobi, Kenya
Required Language(s):English
Closing Date:12/25/2018 (MM/DD/YYYY) at 11:59pm UTC



The Social Protection & Jobs (SP&J) Global Practice of the World Bank delivers operational approaches and evidence-based solutions to help individuals and families manage risk, cope with chronic/transitional poverty, and access better livelihoods and jobs.  These include:

  • Strategy, analysis, financing and design of programs delivering social safety nets/social assistance in the form of cash transfers, public works programs, and fee waivers.
  • Advisory and analytical services on design and delivery of contributory transfers (including old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, disability and survivor benefits), and their fiscal sustainability (including budget support for transitions).
  • Analysis, design and delivery of labor market and youth employment programs (with a focus on supply side interventions and intermediation policies), as well as policy advice on labor market regulations and interventions.
  • Strategy, analysis, financing and design of integrated social protection delivery systems (e.g., payments, identification, registries, systems assessments) as underpinnings of effective social programs that can help cope with climatic shocks or underpin fiscal reforms.

The SP&J Global Practice has a large portfolio in Kenya which mainly consist of: a) a Program for Results (PforR) operation supporting the Government’s safety net system; b) an Investment Project Financing (IPF) operation focusing on youth skills training, internship and entrepreneurship, and c) a new IPF with Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) operation which has been  prepared to support the Government to move beyond provision of regular cash transfers to improving access to social and economic inclusion interventions and further improve shock-responsiveness of the safety net. The complementary analytical and advisory activities (ASAs) support all of the above operations through creation of knowledge to inform the policy dialogue and enhance quality of implementation.

The proposed IPF with DLIs operation titled as Kenya Social and Economic Inclusion Project (KSEIP) will be a US$ 250 million IDA credit with DFID’s co-financing of GBP 66 million over a period of five years (2019-2023). This project aims to build on the existing National Safety Net Program (NSNP) and further strengthen delivery systems for enhanced access to social and economic inclusion services and shock-responsive safety nets for poor and vulnerable households. The proposed project will support the Government of Kenya to build upon the achievements made through putting in place credible delivery systems for social protection (SP) services. More specifically, the proposed project will support results in three mutually complementary areas: (i) enhancing institutional capacity and further strengthening of SP delivery systems, particularly the coverage and functionality of the existing single registry as well as to continue improving the efficiency of the payment and grievance management system; (ii) investing in the scale-up of existing nutrition-sensitive safety net and testing of customized economic inclusion models as a complement to the regular cash transfers to improve human capital and self-sufficiency of the poor and vulnerable households; and (iii) improving shock responsiveness of the safety net system by expanding its coverage as well as strengthening financing arrangements for timely support to the affected households to improve their resilience and coping with recurrent climate induced droughts. A Multi-donor trust fund (MDTF), initially supported by the DFID will be set up to co-finance KSEIP through a Recipient-executed Trust Fund (RETF) and a Bank-executed Trust Fund (BETF).

The proposed position would form an integral part of the SP&J team in Kenya and particularly support work related to the implementation of the NSNP and KSEIP. This will require working with the broader SP&J team, in collaboration with relevant short-term consultants (STCs) and development partners as well as other World Bank colleagues as relevant.

Duties and accountabilities:

The proposed Extended Term Consultant will be based at the World Bank Office in Kenya. The primary objective of the position is to support implementation of NSNP and KSEIP through a combination of operational support and technical assistance, contributing with hands-on, international best practice experience in the relevant areas as spelled out below. This would require close coordination with the Government, development partners and other stakeholders. Major responsibilities include:

  • Provide day-to-day implementation support to the State Department of Social Protection (SDSP) and the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) as they continue to implement the NSNP and KSEIP to achieve the DLIs as well as other technical areas supported by investment financing and the BETF technical assistance. This will include contributing with technical assistance for implementation solutions based on international best practice experience;
  • Participate in planning and organization of bi-annual Joint Implementation Support missions for the NSNP and KSEIP;
  • Support the management of the MDTF to co-finance KSEIP, specifically support the tasks such as annual work plans, budgeting, and overseeing the technical assistance brought on board to support KSEIP implementation;
  • Provide support to SDSP and NDMA to prepare annual work plans and regular progress reports related to NSNP and KSEIP;
  • Support the Social Protection Secretariat (SPS) as they embark on the implementation of the social registry, including development of necessary tools, strategy, and implementation of its roll out in Kenya. Brining on board international experience and best practice for the roll-out of the social registry will be critical for this task to ensure high quality results;
  • Support the SPS and the NDMA as they finalize the re-registration in four original HSNP counties and commence registration in four new HSNP counties, ensuring collaboration between SPS and NDMA and necessary synergies for the purpose of the overall social registry. For this task it will also be critical to contribute with international best practice experience to ensure that the registration in the four new HSNP counties are aligned with the social registry approach and international best practice;
  • Support the Social Assistance Unit (SAU) as they ensure a functional Grievance and Case Management (G&CM) System at all levels for NSNP. There is an existing G&CM mechanism which needs further strengthening and international experience to support this task will also be important;
  • Support the SAU and NDMA as they roll-out the Beneficiary Outreach Strategy (BOS);
  • Provide any other type of specialized support and guidance to resolve any implementation challenges as needed;
  • Identify any additional technical assistance needed for SDSP and NDMA to effectively implement NSNP and KSEIP and support development of TORs etc. as necessary; and
  • Any other task related to social protection activities in Kenya as relevant.


Selection Criteria


  • Graduate degree and minimum of master’s level qualification in economics, social policy or related sector
  • Minimum of eight years of relevant international experience in social protection and/or delivery systems such as social registry and administration of cash transfer programs from Kenya and elsewhere.
  • Strong operational experience of working with social protection and shock-responsive safety net.
  • Experience from Kenya and elsewhere working with clients to build capacity and engage in dialogue on social protection and service delivery, particularly on safety nets
  • Strong familiarity with the Kenyan context on the design and implementation adaptable safety net to respond the recurrent droughts as well as development partners support to the government in effective implementation.
  • Demonstrated international experience, including within low capacity environments

Technical Ability:

  • Experience in leading technical assistance activities designed to support the development and strengthening of social protection and/or delivery systems in Kenya and elsewhere
  • Excellent and proven ability to adapt international professional knowledge and technical skills to analyse, diagnose and propose solutions to operational challenges in a specific country context
  • Excellent operational skills from implementing social protection programs in Kenya and elsewhere
  • Experience in designing and overseeing implementation of tools within a social protection program, including Management Information Systems (MIS) and social registries
  • Strong understanding of how MISs work and ability to develop best practice solutions for delivery of safety net programs
  • Strong familiarity with designing, implementing and overseeing a social registry

Client Orientation:

  • Ability to maintain client relationships in the face of conflicting demands or directions and provides evidence-based advice and solutions based on sound diagnosis and knowledge
  • Ability to advise, influence and promote consensus among different stakeholders

Team Work:

  • Demonstrated ability to work efficiently as part of a team. Excellent interpersonal skills, with proven ability to work in a team and intercultural environment, with minimal supervision
  • Proven track record of multi-tasking, managing competing demands and effectively time-manage tasks


  • Evidence of strong interpersonal skills, judgement
  • Evidence of sharing and conveying complex technical issues, in accessible format: written, spoken
  • Proficiency in English

Note: The selected candidate will be offered a one-year appointment, renewable for an additional one year, at the discretion of the World Bank Group, and subject to a lifetime maximum ET Appointment of two years.

The World Bank Group values diversity and encourages all qualified candidates who are nationals of World Bank Group member countries to apply, regardless of gender, gender identity, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.  Sub-Saharan African nationals, Caribbean nationals, and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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