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UNICEF recruits a National Consultancy for Designing developing, structuring, consolidation and finalisation of the EMR-RapidPro messages, Kigali, Rwanda

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Date de clôture : Wednesday 26 June 2019


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UNICEF recruits a National Consultancy for Designing developing, structuring, consolidation and finalisation of the EMR-RapidPro messages, Kigali, Rwanda


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Description :

UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. To save their lives. To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential.

Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone.

And we never give up.

For every child, a good Health

How can you make a difference?


Background and Purpose :

Through partnership with UNICEF, MCH program outlined key highlights and recommendations for improving the service delivery by expanding existing Medical record platform to a comprehensive, holistic and integrated system that encompasses the entire MNCH, FP, ASRH and nutrition programs. Further, the review recommended leveraging this platform towards achieving results along the continuum of care using a cascade approach from hospital, health center and community levels. The EMR is currently implemented in 340 health facilities, and is limited to only a few modules including the HIV package, eHealth Management System  eHMS (also referred to as the primary care package) now implemented in 37 hospitals for billing and registration and Bushenge is the only hospital implementing additional modules in EMR including registration, lab, clinical notes, pharmacy and billing. By implementing EMR with comprehensive MNCH/ FP-ASRH and Nutrition  modules, the government of Rwanda would like to address problems related to continuity and quality of care at health facilities and community.

The Government of Rwanda took a decision to adopt the Open Medical Record (EMR) system as a national system to support health care services within hospital and health centers across the country. EMR was created in 2004 as an open source medical record system platform for developing countries. OpenMRS is a software platform and a reference application, which enables design of customized medical records. The system is based on a conceptual database structure, which is not dependent on the actual types of medical information required to be collected, or on particular data collection forms and so can be customized for different uses. This system is based on the principle that information should be stored in a way that makes it easy to analyse and summarize and i.e., minimal use of free text and maximum use of coded information.

This far, some hospitals and health centres in Rwanda and elsewhere have already started using the EMR, however, the benefits so far are immeasurable. Great interest has shown in the health sector to embrace technologies as such and its capabilities to strengthen deliver of MNCH, FP, ASRH and nutrition service across the continuum of care and supporting innovative interventions towards achieving the results. Additionally, Rwanda Ministry of Health is committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030. The maternal and child health program Plan 2030 and key policy and program documents reaffirm the commitment to the SDGs. The Maternal and child Health program is spearheading several policy and program strategies towards achieving the health targets for the national and global overarching goals.


Justification :

Although currently, various data elements are entered into existing EMR separately and exist in virtual silos, clinicians are required to fill out different and mutually exclusive forms, exacerbating strains on a system facing a scarcity of health professionals. Quality of clinical care depends on the knowledge and practice of the health care provider and there is a high degree of variance among providers.

An integrated electronic patient management registry system (EMR) at point of care with key educative, feedback, reminder and notification messages directed to health providers and beneficiaries will guide to ensure a minimum standard of quality. Moreover, data for cohort analysis is not available at real time to inform MNCH/ FP-ASRH and nutrition programmes monitoring, management, planning and policy decisions. The system-level improvement is expected to resolve many of these issues, but much more work is necessary to successfully upgrade the existing EMR version, including a possibility to enable the new MNCH/ FP-ASRH and nutrition modules/forms functioning and enhanced to interoperate with existing EMR modules, existing and new eHealth platforms customized to disseminate key messages to improve knowledge, provider/beneficiaries preparedness and health seeking.

The EMR will Strengthen MNCH/ FP-ASRH and nutrition service delivery platforms and ensure equity in coverage and quality which are critical components integral to achieving maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health targets.


Objectives of the consultancy :

The main objective of this consultancy is to review, re-design, consolidate and finalize EMR-RapidPro messages.

Specific objectives :

Development of messages to be customized in EMR and RapidPro :

  • Hold consultative meeting with MNCH, ASRH, FP, nutrition and C4D programme staff ;
  • Reviewing and inserting details in the draft key messages across the continuum of care (NC, PNC, Intrapartum, IMNCI, Nutrition/growth monitoring, immunization, ASRH, FP, GBV, ETAT, SRH, ECD) ;
  • Designing and completing development of the remaining unfinished key messages ;
  • Identifying and getting consensus from stakeholders on key areas for which surveys need to be done in the continuum of care ;
  • Developing messages for the surveys and capturing responses for these messages throughout the continuum of care ;
  • Indicating frequency and point at which each of the messages will be disseminated at the point of care across thematic areas
  • Structuring specific messages interlinking EMR with RapidPro for each of the RMNCH thematic area, including mandatory  and optional messages to be disseminated to ensure continuum of care between health facilities, CHWs and community ;
  • Technical definitions for all developed messages ;
  • Presenting and discussing final drafts of EMR messages with ANC, PNC, Intrapartum, IMNCI, Nutrition/growth monitoring, immunization, ASRH, FP, GBV, ETAT, SRH, ECD sub-groups and MCCH TWG for inputs and validation ;
  • Inserting inputs from the MCH sub-groups and MCH TWG, finalizing the messages and submission to RBC and UNICEF for approval .

Working with IT consultant to customize the new RMNCH EMR documents within EMR platform :

  • Working with the EMR IT consultant to customize all developed messages (ANC, PNC, Intrapartum, IMNCI, Nutrition/growth monitoring, immunization, ASRH, FP, GBV, ETAT, SRH, ECD) ;
  • Pre-testing of the new EMR messages in one Hospital and One Health center ;
  • Finalization and validation of the new updated key messages ready for implementation  .

The project owner, RBC holds full ownership rights of the messages developed as well as the right to distribute the messages among the stakeholders. Knowledge sharing, and dissemination is very important to ensure continued use of the messages at the end of contract. 


Key responsibilities / tasks :

The Consultant will support the review, designing and development of EMR-RapidPro messages directed to beneficiaries and health providers to improve their understanding, behaviors, notifications/reminders and consequently improve access to and quality of MNCH, ASRH, F, GBV, ECD and Nutrition services. The C4D/Health consultant will design new messages that will be directly transmitted to the beneficiaries, review and update During the execution phase of this project, the consultant will participate in the technical consultations, consolidation and validation of developed messages.

Although the list of expected deliverables is shown below, the consultant must understand the list provided may require changes during the consultancy period. These changes may happen in cases the priority of tasks change, or a specific stakeholder / user requires implementation of the changes.

Deliverables :

  1. Road map for review, consolidation and finalization of the EMR-RapidPro messages with clear process and implementation timeline ;
  2. The final new developed EMR-Rapidpro messages ready for customizing in the EMR system ;
  3. A comprehensive report describing structure, frequency, level and definition of all developed EMR-RapidPro messages explaining flow of messages generating from the EMR to the RapidPro/mHealth and for survey responses from beneficiaries to EMR through RapidPro ;
  4. Final new updated EMR-RapidPro messages including new and existing in RapidSMS to be replicated in RapidPro approved by RBC and UNICEF to be customized within the new EMR and RapidPro platforms  .

All deliverables need to be developed in consultation with and approved by RBC/MOH and UNICEF. The expected duration to complete all these deliverables is 3 months.

Potential types of reports and technical documents to be prepared and submited to UNICEF, as part of the deliverables are:

  • Report on development of messages, road map with clear timelines and description/definition of EMR/RapidPro messages ;
  • A report on all messages integrating all existing and new messages (to the providers and beneficiaries) ;
  • Progress Reports and Minutes of Meetings with technical teams, TWGs and individual experts ;
  • Mission Reports ;
  • Technical Reports ;
  • Draft and Final Report ;
  • Presentations .


To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have :

  • Must have at least a master’s degree in C4D/Health OR a bachelor’s degree with more than eight years of relevant experience with ;
  • 5 years or more of relevant experience in development of C4D/health messages ;
  • Strong experience in designing C4D/Health messages ;
  • Knowledge/experience in developing C4D/Health messages and other forms of child survival management messages ;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English is required ;
  • Knowledge of French and Kinyarwanda will be an asset .


Evaluation Criteria :

The average weight (technical and financial) will be used to determine the most suitable candidate.

  1. Technical Proposal : 75%
  2. Financial Proposal :25%

Administrative issues :

  • Interviews if necessary indicating for which experts/position (in general, the evaluation of experts shall be conducted based on submitted CVs) ;
  • Whenever possible, applicant should be requested to provide an all-inclusive cost in the financial proposal. Applicant should be reminded to factor in all cost implications for the required service / assignment ;
  • When travel is expected as part of the assignment, it shall be clearly specified (e.g. location, duration, number of journeys …etc.) in the TOR  ;
  • Applicant shall be required to include the estimate cost of travel in the financial proposal. It is essential to clarify in the TOR that i) travel cost shall be calculated based on existing rates, regardless of the length of travel and ii) costs for accommodation, meals and incidentals shall not exceed the applicable daily subsistence allowance (DSA) rates, as promulgated by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) ;
  • Unexpected travels shall also be treated as above ;
  • Resources and facilities to be provided by UNICEF; e.g. access to printer, office space¦etc.

Project management :

  • The consultant will be responsible for all logistical arrangements associated with this contract. UNICEF / MOH will provide a letter of support to support field visits where needed (for quality assurance). Other expenses such as local travels, banking/cash services, or equipment (including computers) shall be under the responsibility of the consultant ;
  • For all contractual issues, the consultant shall report to UNICEF. For technical issues, the consultant shall work directly with technical team led by RBC/or MOH. All deliverables shall be approved by MOH and UNICEF to be considered final.
  • The consultant will use his/her own equipment, including computers. UNICEF premises will be available for the meetings and collecting inputs from other partners ;
  • The consultant shall not make use of any unpublished or confidential information, made known while performing duties under the terms of this agreement, without written authorization from MOH/UNICEF. The products of this assignment will not be a property of the consultant and cannot be shared without the permission of MOH/UNICEF ;
  • The consultant shall respect the habits and customs of the local population and abstain from interfering in the country’s political affairs. Law no 31/2007 on intellectual property right will be applicable where necessary ;
  • The consultant shall abide by and be governed by UNICEF Procedure on Ethical Standards in its duties ;
  • All materials developed by the consultant will remain the copyright of MoH/UNICEF, who will be free to adapt and modify the materials for future use. 

Reporting and payment :

  • UNICEF will issue the contract and pay the consultant based on the below payment schedule and after the approval of the deliverables by MOH and UNICEF. UNICEF Chief of Child health/Health Specialist – in collaboration with MOH – will manage the contract and be the focal point for all contractual matters ;
  • Payment will only be made for work satisfactorily completed and accepted by UNICEF. UNICEF reserves the right to withhold all or a portion of payment if performance is unsatisfactory, if work/deliverables is incomplete, not delivered or for failure to meet deadlines

Please note that the final remuneration will be negotiated by HR. 


Payment Schedule  :

DeliverablePayment proportion
Deliverable 110%
Deliverable 220%
Deliverable 330%
Deliverable 440%

Payment is linked to agreed deliverables upon satisfactory completion and certification of deliverables by the supervisor. 


General Conditions: Procedures & Logistics :

The consultant will be required to have expertize in health and C4D with capacity to consult stakeholders, design and knowledgeable in developing messages directed to providers and beneficiaries. In some circumstances, particular logistic arrangements shall be required to ensure time delivery of assigned tasks in quality deserved.

Therefore, in presenting proposals, applicants should take these elements into serious consideration that UNICEF will not be responsible for any unexpected additional cost or arrangement required during the implementation of the assignment.

UNICEF will hire one consultant for this assignment, and the contracted consultant shall be responsible for hiring (if necessary) and paying own sub-contractors as will be necessary. 

Under the consultancy agreements, a month is defined as 21 working days, and fees are prorated accordingly. The consultant is not paid for weekends or public holidays. The consultant is not entitled to payment of overtime. All remunerations must be within the contract agreement.

No contract activities may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant.


For every Child, you demonstrate :

UNICEF’s core values of Commitment, Diversity and Integrity and core competencies in Communication, Working with People and Drive for Results.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages all candidates, irrespective of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of the organization.

UNICEF has a zero-tolerance policy on conduct that is incompatible with the aims and objectives of the United Nations and UNICEF, including sexual exploitation and abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of authority and discrimination. UNICEF also adheres to strict child safeguarding principles. All selected candidates will, therefore, undergo rigorous reference and background checks, and will be expected to adhere to these standards and principles.


How to Apply :

UNICEF is committed to gender equality in its mandate and its staff. Well qualified candidates, particularly females are strongly encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates should send their complete Personal History (P11) form, which can be downloaded form ( or a CV/resume, as well as a cover letter explaining what makes them suitable for this consultancy.

Qualified and experienced candidates are requested to submit a letter of interest including a Technical Proposal outlining a road map for review and implementation timeline. In their letter of interest, candidates should highlight their previous work experience relevant to the assignment, the attributes that make them suitable, their proposed approach to the assignment. Successful applicants will be contacted to provide their financial proposals by email.


Remarks :

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.

Advertised: 12 Jun 2019 South Africa Standard Time
Applications close: 26 Jun 2019 11:55 PM South Africa Standard Time


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