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UNICEF seeks to recruit a market assessment consultant, Bujumbura, Burundi (3 Months)

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Date de clôture : Monday 31 December 2018


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UNICEF seeks to recruit a market assessment consultant, Bujumbura, Burundi (3 Months)

Job no : 518807
Work type : Consultancy
Location : Burundi
Categories : Supply/Logistics, Consultancy

Background and Justification :

The local procurement operations of the United Nations Agencies in Burundi have been constantly evolving since 2015 with an expanding commodity group from simple to complex items, including a variety of supplies and services from standard market-available products to specialized and tailor-made item/kits and products. Similarly, Burundi’s local market has evolved with a visible increase of local vendors.

The UN Country Offices select and pre-qualify new suppliers based on established criteria by advertising in local newspapers through an Expression of Interest (EOI), registration using standard supplier’s profile format. The business directories are regularly referred to source new suppliers.

Local vendors information remains limited in Burundi with a need for regular updating. The variety of commodities available to procure locally has also widened.Furthermore, there is a requirement to have field vendors evaluated, verify authenticity of their profiles on United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM).Pre-qualification as part of market survey ensures that bids are only received from suppliers who complies with the requirements of UN.

Scope of Works :

Under the supervision of UNICEF’s Supply and Logistics Specialist, the market survey consultant will support in conducting the market analysis in the country and establish a list of main commodity categories frequently procured by the UN Agencies. The analysis will be based on historical data of the past years Purchase Orders; interviewing the UN Procurement Working Group to ascertain future trends and new commodities/services to be included in this market survey.Currently, based on historical data of the past purchase orders of 2015-2018, the following categories of commodities/services are the main common items being procured by the UN System in Burundi:


Goods :

  • Printing ;
  • blankets ;
  • soap ;
  • furniture ;
  • communication equipment ;
  • IT equipment ;
  • Stationery, office supplies and equipment ;
  • consumables for computers ;
  • photocopiers ;
  • chlorine; HTH ;
  • textbooks ;
  • building materials and hardware ;
  • hygiene kits ;
  • tarpaulins and tents ;
  • play materials ;
  • plastic products (jerry cans; buckets; water tanks, cups, basins) ;
  • agricultural tools and inputs ;
  • livestock, animal feeds, medical and veterinary supplies and pesticides ;
  • Fuel and Lubricants.


Services :

  • Customs clearance; Logistics services (warehousing, handling, stock kipping ;
  • car hire;( passenger) ;
  • inland transportation ;
  • cash management and banking services ;
  • ancillary services ;
  • quality inspection ;
  • translation ;
  • travel management services ;
  • event management services ;
  • accommodation and conference facilities ;
  • air conditions and generator maintenance and repair ;
  • vehicle maintenance and repair (garage) ;
  • design and publishing services ;
  • video production services ;
  • cleaning services ;
  • photographer services ;
  • catering services ;
  • courier services ;
  • security services ;
  • internet connectivity services ;
  • fumigation services ;
  • fire extinguisher services ;
  • purified drinking water ;
  • auction services ;
  • Consultancy Services.


UNICEF Country Office, will call for an Expression of Interest in the local newspapers to invite suppliers to express their interest to register with UN. The Supplier Profile Form will be included in the advertisement. They will be requested to complete the Supplier Profile Form and provide original substantiating documents about their company. This will help identifying new suppliers and provide to the old vendors an opportunity to update their profile :

  1. The Consultant will furthermore assess the local market by sourcing status for suppliers via such institutions as the Ministry of Trade, Chamber of Commerce, National authorities, Employers organization, UN agencies, INGO/NGO, Business Directories etc ;
  2. The Consultant will forward the Supplier Profile Form to the manufacturers, wholesalers, traders etc. for competition ;
  3. The consultant will also forward the Form to the existing suppliers recommended by the UN agencies, including LTA holders for inclusion in the market survey. This will ensure that existing reputable suppliers are not missed out ;
  4. The consultant will analyze the completed Supplier Profile Forms for initial vetting based on the information provided by the suppliers, such as: valid company registration, areas of activity/commodities, business capabilities, organization/staff qualifications, manufacturing facility/practices, quality assurance practices, source of goods, availability/delivery period of products, ISO certification, client list, financial capacity, reference checks, and other relevant registration documents ;
  5. The consultant will also ensure that suppliers have proper bank account for receiving bank transfer payment ;
  6. Based on this assessment, the consultant will prepare a shortlist of vendors for each category of supplies/services ;
  7. The Consultant and staff members of UNICEF Supply team will visit the premises of each of the vendors, and prepare a short Supplier Inspection Report to assess the suitability of each supplier ;
  8. The consultant will assist qualified supplier to register on UNGM website, prepare the evaluation files and liaise with UNICEF Supply Division to finalize the vendor evaluation process for each qualified supplier ;
  9. Based on the results of the vendor visits and inspection reports, the Consultant will assess each supplier, document results and make recommendations of pre-qualified suppliers by category of commodity and services. The suppliers not visited will not be considered pre-qualified ;
  10. The Consultant will ensure that minimum five or more suppliers are selected per commodity/services to receive minimum three qualified bids. UN will prefer mix of old and new vendors for each commodity/service. Where OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) or sole source vendor/s is necessary, the consulting firm will provide detailed justification for the same as part of the recommendations.


Consultancy Services :

  • The consultant will prepare a separate Roster of consultants in common/specific areas of hire for respective Agencies based on existing rosters and survey results ;
  • The consultant will prepare a simple comprehensive database for consultancy services ;
  • The Procurement Working Group will review and assess the work done by the Consulting Firm ;
  • The Consultant will prepare a final report containing the methodology, principal conclusions and recommendations of the market survey.


Deliverables :

  • Final list of commodities/services based on the consultation with Procurement Working Group ;
  • A list of approved suppliers and a list of approved suppliers with conditions by commodity category ;
  • A list of suppliers not approved with reasons/justifications ;
  • Completed Supplier Inspection Reports ;
  • Completed Supplier Profile Forms ;
  • Consultancy Database Common to the UN ;
  • Final report containing the methodology, principal conclusions and recommendations of the market survey.


Evaluation Criteria :

The proposals will be evaluated based on a 70 technical /30 financial award model.

Technical proposal will be scored as follows :

  • Education : Advanced University degree : 10
  • Relevance of Experience in supply chain Management : 10
  • Consultant Experience in Market Research :  35
  • Proposed Methodology :  15

Only applications that score 50/70 will qualify for financial evaluation.


Financial Evaluation :

  • Evaluation Criteria Formula for Financial Proposal ;
  • 30 * price of lowest bidder Price of proposal being considered.


Qualification :

The applicants must have at least two years’experience in conducting similar market surveys.


Contract Supervisor :

UNICEF, Supply & Logistics Specialist


General Conditions :

30% fee will be paid upon signing the contract and remaining 70% upon receipt of the final market report along with completion of other required deliverables.  Consultancy Firm will use own transport and is therefore expected to include this among other organizational costs in its financial proposal.

How and when to apply :

Send separated technical and financial proposals as requested in the vacancy notice on UNICEF website.

The financial proposal should be protected with a password to be provided upon request by the Evaluation team.

Note : Technical and Financial proposals which are not separated will not be considered.

Apply here


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