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UNICEF seeks to recruit an international consultancy – Technical assistance to the ongoing process for the elaboration of the Child Protection Code in Guinea-Bissau.

Accueil » Offres » Avis de recrutement » UNICEF seeks to recruit an international consultancy – Technical assistance to the ongoing process for the elaboration of the Child Protection Code in Guinea-Bissau.

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Date de clôture : Friday 26 October 2018


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UNICEF seeks to recruit an international consultancy – Technical assistance to the ongoing process for the elaboration of the Child Protection Code in Guinea-Bissau.


Job no : 515917
Work type : Consultancy
Location : Guinea-Bissau
Categories : Child Protection, P-4
Applications close : Greenwich Standard Time

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UNICEF works in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach the world’s most disadvantaged children. To save their lives. To defend their rights. To help them fulfill their potential.

Across 190 countries and territories, we work for every child, everywhere, every day, to build a better world for everyone.

And we never give up.


For every child,

The UNICEF Child Protection programme and UNDP are working jointly with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and other key IPs, in the implementation of a peace building project (PBF) aiming to strengthen Restorative Justice and Alternatives Disputes Resolution Mechanisms in the country, targeting particularly women and children. One of the key elements of this programme is the strengthening of the child protection legal and policy frameworks. An advocacy effort will be designed and implemented in the hope of influencing the ongoing process of developing the Child Protection Legal Code and Policy so that they include restorative justice principles and practices. The law should enable the rehabilitation and reintegration of young offenders. Arrest, detention and imprisonment should be used only as a last resort and for the shortest possible time. UNICEF wants to ensure that alternative mechanisms as well as formal criminal proceedings are child and gender sensitive and included in the on-going justice and child protection reforms. This way the project will provide support to the process and bring justice for children into the justice reform agenda to ensure child protection legislative and policy work include restorative programmes for children. The Ministry of Justice, in partnership with the National Assembly (Women and Child Commission) and main child protection stakeholders, have jointly discussed, developed and approved a roadmap and timeframe for the development of the Child Protection Code. To strengthen the role of the new piloting working group responsible to monitor the process of development of the Child Protection Code, the Minister of Justice issued a ministerial order creating a committee (with its terms of reference) and the development of the Code was initiated in late 2017. Preliminary work was undertaken to provide capacity building to key child protection stakeholders and a national team of experts were recruited. A desk review was carried out and the structure of the Code validated. All these activities are planned under the UNICEF/ministry of Justice work plan 2018. In this current context, and as per Ministry of Justice request, UNICEF Child Protection programme is looking for a Justice for Children expert that will provide a key contribution to the current process of elaboration of the Child Protection Code, through technical guidance to the team of national consultants, by revising and provide inputs to all steps of the workplan, including roadmap implementation, main deliverables so far submitted and way forward.


How can you make a difference?

The consultant will work directly with the team of national consultants, under the guidance of the Child Protection Specialist, in collaboration with MoJ (including the steering committee for the elaboration of the CP Code), the National Assembly and Institute of Woman and Child, by performing the following tasks :

  • Conduct one working session to the CP Code Steering committee on the national harmonization of child protection legislation in line with the CRC and other child rights instruments (best practices and experience from other countries) ;
  • Work closely with the team of national consultants to provide following support ;
  • Review and provide technical inputs to all deliverables submitted by the consultants so far ;
  • Discuss and provide contributions on the different legislative techniques and the most recommended and tailored to Guinea-Bissau ;
  • Discuss and provide inputs on how to include in the draft Child Protection Code (considering the on-going justice and child protection reforms) alternative responses for assisting children in conflict with the law ;
  • Provide guidance, recommendations and inputs to ensure that the formal criminal proceedings are more child and gender sensitive ;
  • Provide guidance, recommendation and inputs on how to bring the procedural aspects in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Charter on the Rights of the Child among other Child Rights instruments ;
  • Analyze and discuss administrative measures and social reintegration of children and young people in conflict with law and deprived of liberty, considering the Bissau-Guinean context ;
  • Analyze how to make formal procedural aspects less judicial and more expeditious in cases of adolescents in conflict with the law ;
  • At the end of the consultancy, a final report with a summary of key deliverables, should be submitted.





September 2018

5 days


Activity 1:

  • Review existing and related documents available (remote work);
  • Skype calls with UNICEF and key intervenient (MoJ and consultants).
  • Inception Report with clear deliverables and calendar of its implementation.

September-October 2018

12 days

Activity 2:

  • Undertake meetings with Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Woman and Family (Woman and Child Institute and CNAPN) and key Justice stakeholders working on justice for Children.
  • Organized 6 working sessions with the team of national consultants on the draft Child protection Code, in line with tasks and deliverables agreed above.
  • Share a summary of “best practices” identified internationally on processes of harmonization of national legislation in line with the CRC and other international child rights instruments.
  • Provide writing inputs and recommendations to all the outputs presented by the national consultants regarding the draft CP Code.
  • Facilitate a 1-day seminar for institutions and organizations working on Child Rights (State institutions, CSOs, Judicial), members of the CP Code Steering committee to share relevant information on Justice for Children and lessons learned on legal reform in line with CRC and other child rights instruments and enforcement of child protection legislation.
  • Work closely with the team of national consultants on the recommendations and conclusions of the Seminar.

  •  Minutes of all working meetings undertaken.
  •  Reports from the working sessions with national consultants submitted, with clear guidance and recommendation to move forward.
  • Best practices on harmonization of national legislation processes in line with the CRC, shared.
  • TOR, agenda and presentations for the Steering Committee Seminar shared and approved.
  • Report of the seminar with inputs and recommendations shared.

October 2018

8 days (remote)

Activity 3:

  • Consolidate all the inputs and recommendations.
  • Conduct Skype calls in case of clarifications of pending issues.
  • Draft final report for submission.

  • Final comprehensive report on the assignment one week prior to the end of contract


Timeframe, payment and supervision :

 Estimated days of work : Approximately 25 days out of which 13 could be remote.

The total period of the Special Service Agreement is foreseen from September to October 2018.

Duration :

The contract will be for a total of five (5) weeks. The table above is an indicative time table for the contract.  The consultant is free to propose a different time table, if the proposal clearly explains the sequence of activities, the resources deployed at each stage and the feasibility of the duration of each stage.

Management and implementation arrangement :

The overall management of this contract will be done by UNICEF. The consultant is expected to work closely with the Ministry of Justice (team of national consultants and the steering committee members for the CP Code) and UNICEF Guinea Bissau.

Budget and Remuneration :

The consultancy, on a SSA type contract is at the L4 level. The applicants should send a financial proposal along with the application. The contract fee rate will be based on the current market value. The selected consultant will be remunerated according to his/her experience and the negotiations that will follow. This consultancy contract is on lump sum. DSA will not be paid.

Professional fees will be paid on the successful completion of specific tasks and the satisfactory submission of deliverables.

To receive the professional fees, the expert will invoice country office for the number of days devoted to a task (according to “Estimated Days of work and timeline” section).

No payment will be made without submission of the specified deliverables.

Proposed range for lump sum payment :

  • 1ST PAYMENT corresponding to 30%, upon successful completion of deliverables related to activity 1 from time frame table above ;
  • 2nd PAYMENT corresponding to 40%, upon successful completion of deliverables related to activity 2 from time frame table above ;
  • 3nd PAYMENT corresponding to 30%, upon successful completion deliverables related to activity 3 from time frame table above.


To qualify as an advocate for every child you will have

  • The selected consultant will have to possess :
    • An advanced degree in law, international law and human rights (child rights) ;
    • More than 8 years of working experience in justice for children, implementing child justice, development and implementation of legislation for children, including juvenile justice experience ;
    • Good experience and skills in developing child protection legislation, including on juvenile justice ;
    • Excellent training and facilitation skills on Justice for Children to law enforcer ;
    • Excellent writing, analytical and synthesis skills ;
    • Very good command of written and spoken Portuguese ;
    • Fluent in English or French ;
    • Experience of working in international environments especially in PALOP (African Portuguese speaking countries) is an asset ;
    • Good knowledge of the country contextn ;
    • Familiarity with UNICEF mission and mandate is an asset.

Conditions of work :

Travel to Bissau from the duty station/residence of the selected candidate. Travel arrangements according to UNICEF regulations. UNICEF will purchase an economy AR ticket. UNICEF will facilitate transport to and from the airport and within Bissau for work purposes only. This consultancy contract is on lump sum. In the case that the experts incur approved travel-related costs, such as for air travel, visas, etc., final settlements of these expenses will be made upon submission of all required travel related documents (including completed F-10 form, trip report, tickets and boarding passes, receipts and any other invoices, e.g. for visas, etc.). In Bissau, the consultant will work from the office and internet connectivity will be provided. The consultant will use UNICEF transport in respect of the regulations of the Organization and field trips will be conducted based on a previous travel plan agreed on with the supervisor and national counterparts. All the products developed will be the property of UNICEF.

For every Child, you demonstrate…

UNICEF’s core values of Commitment, Diversity and Integrity and core competencies in Communication, Working with People and Drive for Results.

The technical competencies required for this post are….

View our competency framework at

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages all candidates, irrespective of gender, nationality, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of the organization.



Mobility is a condition of international professional employment with UNICEF and an underlying premise of the international civil service.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.

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