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United Nations Volunteers seeks to recruit a finance officer – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Accueil » Offres » Avis de recrutement » United Nations Volunteers seeks to recruit a finance officer – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Date de clôture : Thursday 3 January 2019


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United Nations Volunteers seeks to recruit a finance officer – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Grade : International Volunteer – Internationally recruited Volunteer

Occupational Groups :

  • Banking and Finance
  • Operations and Administrations

UN VOOLUNNTEEER DESCCRIPTION OFF ASSIGNNMEENT ETHR001066-FinanceOffcerrc The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. UNV contributes to peace and development by advocating for volunteerism globally, encouraging partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing volunteers.In most cultures volunteerism is deeply embedded in long-established, ancient traditions of sharing and support within the communities. In this context, UN Volunteers take part in various forms of volunteerism and play a role in development and peace together with co-workers, host agencies and local communities.In all assignments, UN Volunteers promote volunteerism through their action and conduct. Engaging in volunteer activity can effectively and positively enrich their understanding of local and social realities, as well as create a bridge between themselves and the people in their host community. This will make the time they spend as UN Volunteers even more rewarding and productive :

  • Ge en neer rall IInffoorrmma attiionn ;
  • Couunty ofAsssgnmeent Ethiopia ;
  • Hoost nsttuee Government Agency ;
  • Volunteer Categoryy National Specialist ;
  • NummberrofVoounteerr 1 ;
  • Duration 12 months ;
  • Expected Starting Date Immediate ;
  • Duty Statono Addis Ababa [ETH] ;
  • AssignmeentPlace Family Duty Station ;
  • AssignmeentPlace Remmark ;
  • Livng Conndtions.

Addis Ababa is a large capital city with a variety of schools, medical facilities, restaurants, entertainment and other things that you would expect. It is home to the African Union, The Economic Commission to Africa and numerous UN agencies and NGOs. As such there are a large number of international staff from around the world. It is sometimes referred to as Africa’s capital and if a country has an embassy anywhere in Africa, it will probably have one in Addis. The city is over-crowded with the resultant heavy traffic. Cars, like other imported goods, are expensive and there are slow procedures to buy or import one, but taxis are readily available. There is a range of accommodation from apartments to houses though large gardens are rare. Prices can be high, and the quality of building finish is often poor.

Electricity supply in Ethiopia is 220-240 volts, 50 cycles AC accessible via 13-amp, through either a narrow two pin (Italian) socket, or the type of grounded socket found in most European countries. Replacement 28 Dec 2018 plugs can easily be bought locally. However, power cuts are common, and it is advisable to have a generator. Proximity to the office and directions of peak traffic flow are important consideration when finding a place to live as travel can be slow. The city is generally safe though pick pockets operate in crowded areas. Ethiopia has a range of natural and cultural attractions though distances are great, and it is often easier to take an internal flight to reach them. Addis is a major airline hub with good connections to many international destinations. There are sporadic outbreaks of political and ethnic violence in different parts of the country which result in temporary localised travel bans by the UN Department of Safety and Security. Addis Ababa is a foreigner-friendly city, in terms of economy, local society, expats, safety, climate, no malaria. Only internet can be slow at times. As this is a national UN Volunteer assignment, the UN Volunteer will be responsible for arranging his/her own housing and other living essentials. National UN Volunteers are part of the malicious insurance plan. As sssiign nmme en ntt DDe ettai ils AssignmeentTitele Finance Officer.


Orgaanzatonnal Context & Poject Descrpttono :

Re-established in October 2018 the Ministry of Peace is one of the executive organs established following the ongoing governance reform process in Ethiopia. It has assumed all the functions of its predecessor, the Ministry of Federal and Pastoralist Development Affairs, including the function of ensuring reliable and sustainable peace in Ethiopia. The Ministry of Peace and the UNDP are collaborating in the framework of Governance and Democratic Participation Programme which has the following major outcomes a) improved inclusion, social cohesion and sustainable peace; b) responsive, accountable and inclusive systems of governance; and c) empowered and responsible citizens. The GDPP which started in July 2017 will last until June 2021.

Sustainabe Deeveoppmennt 16. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Gooasls Task descrpttono Within the delegated authority and under the supervision of the Programme Manager or his/her designated mandated representative(s), the UNV Finance Officer will :

  • Monitor project budget and financial expenditures and their conformity to the work-plan ;
  • Process requests for direct payments, reimbursement and advance requests ;
  • Liaise with the respective Units within UNDP on financial and administrative matters and ensure that all administrative and financial transactions are properly carried out according to the requirements of UNDP ;
  • Actively participate in Annual Work Plan and Budget preparations of the implementing partner ;
  • Prepare financial reports as per the approved budget and standard UNDP reporting template Keep and manage financial record, be responsible for day-to-day project correspondence and 28 Dec 2018  information sharing regarding project financial management to UNDP and Implementing Partners; Assist in preparing evaluation reports, periodic project reports, and update projects files ;
  • Prepare financial reports in line with the National Implementing Manual (NIM)financial rules and procedures according to UNDP’s Implementation Manual for United Nations Agencies Assisted Programs in Ethiopia (PIM) ;
  • Undertake the day-to-day financial management of the project, including managing vouchers and preparing direct payment request (writing of receipts, preparation of payment request forms, receipt and disbursement of cash and clearance of advances ;
  • Assist in the development of Procurement Plan for the Implementing Partner ;
  • Advise the Ministry on procedures and guidelines of budgeting and financial management as per the NIM of UNDP and PIM of MoFEC Provide necessary assistance in the operational management of the programme according to the Programme Document and the NIM procedures ;
  • Assist in the preparation of project activities, including workshops, meetings, trainings, etc. ;
  • Assist logistical arrangements for invited participants for project activities (DSAs, transportation, etc.) ;
  • Maintain project inventory, as required ;
  • Contribute to periodic updates of the GDPP by preparing financial reports ;

Any other related tasks as may be required or assigned by the supervisor.

Furthermore, UN Volunteers are required to:- Strengthen their knowledge and understanding of the concept of volunteerism by reading relevant UNV and external publications and take active part in UNV activities (for instance in events that mark International Volunteer Day)- Be acquainted with and build on traditional and/or local forms of volunteerism in the host country- Provide annual and end of assignment reports on UN Volunteer actions, results and opportunities using UNV’s Volunteer Reporting Application-

Contribute articles/write-ups on field experiences and submit them for UNV publications/websites, newsletters, press releases, etc.- Assist with the UNV Buddy Programme for newly-arrived UN Volunteers- Promote or advise local groups in the use of online volunteering, or encourage relevant local individuals and organizations to use the UNV Online Volunteering service whenever technically possible.


Reesults/Exppectedd Ouutpuuts :

As an active Ministry of Peace team member, efficient, timely, responsive, client-friendly and high-quality support rendered to Ministry of Peace and its beneficiaries in the accomplishment of her/his functions, including :

  • Ensures proper budgeting, planning and monitoring of financial expenditure as per AWP and standard financial procedures ;
  • Ensures timely reporting and disbursement of finances for the Ministry of Peace ;
  • Ensure financial transactions are properly carried out according to the requirements of UNDP and ;
  • Implementation Manual for United Nations Agencies Assisted Programs in Ethiopia (PIM); of MoFEC ;
  • Ensure all financial transactions of the GDPP in the Ministry of Peace are properly carried out including procurement, payments of DSA and other expenses as well as records are properly kept and organized for audit ;
  • 28 Dec 2018 • The development of capacity through coaching, mentoring and formal on-the-job training, when working with (including supervising) national staff or (non-) governmental counter-parts, including Implementing ;
  • Partners (IPs); • Age, Gender and Diversity (AGD) perspective is systematically applied, integrated and documented in all activities throughout the assignment • A final statement of achievements towards ;
  • volunteerism for peace and development dur-ing the assignment, such as reporting on the number of volunteers mobilized, activities participated in and capacities developed.



Qualifications//Requirements :

  • Requied Degree Level Bachelor degree or equivalent ;
  • Educaton – Additonal Commments ;
  • University degree in accounting or finance ;
  • Requieddexperence 48 months ;
  • Experence Remark ;
  • At least 4 years of relevant experience in project financial management ;
  • Experience in auditing along with financial management experience would also be an asset ;
  • Good understanding of UNDP’s financial management modalities, particularly in programmes and/or projects ;
  • Experience in the usage of computers and office software package (MS Word, Excel, etc.) and knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages ;
  • Excellent oral and written skills; excellent drafting, formulation, reporting skills ;
  • Ability to process large information content, drive for results ;
  • Strong financial management skills or efficient and effective in financial management ;
  • Full proficiency in office software packages (MS Word, Excel) ;
  • Good knowledge of spreadsheet and database packages, experience in handling of web based management systems ;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills ;
  • Ability to deliver under pressure and strict deadlines ;
  • Demonstrable ability to work in a team environment ;
  • 28 Dec 2018 . Self-motivated, ability to work with minimum supervision; ability to work with tight deadlines ;
  • Have affinity with or interest in Peace building, volunteerism as a mechanism for durable development, and the UN System ;
  • Sound security awareness.

Language Skislllls

  • English (Mandatory) , Level – Fluent
  • AND – Amharic (Mandatory) , Level – Fluent
  • Area ofExpertses
  • Finance, accounting and audit Mandatory
  • Other finance, economics and administration related experience Optional
  • Area ofExpertseRequurement
  • Need DrvingLicence No


Competences &Values

  • Accountability
  • Commitment to Continuous Learning
  • Communication
  • Integrity
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Professionalism
  • Working in Teams
  • Co onnddiitiionnss off Seriice and o other r inforrmation
  • Conditon of Servcec Click here to view Conditions of Service


Conditons of Servce :

The contract lasts for the period indicated above with possibility of extensions subject to availability of funding, operational necessity and satisfactory performance. However, there is no expectation of renewal of the assignment.

Travel to duty station (if applicable) and a Settling-In-Grant will be provided in the event the duty station is not within commuting distance from the place of recruitment. The applicable Volunteer Living Allowance is

28 Dec 2018 . provided monthly to cover housing, utilities and normal cost of living expenses. Life, health and permanent disability insurance are included (health insurance for up to 3 dependents), as well as final repatriation (if applicable) and resettlement allowance for satisfactory service.

Furthermore, in non-family duty stations that belong to hardship categories D or E, as classified by the

ICSC, a Well-Being Differential (WBD) on a monthly basis will be provided.

For UN Volunteer entitlements, kindly refer to the link

Suppervision,,nduuctonn and duuty ofcare oofUNN Voolunteerrs

UN Volunteers should be provided equal duty of care as extended to all host entity personnel. Host entity support to the UN Volunteer includes, but is not limited to :

  • Introductory briefings about the organisation and office-related context including security, emergency procedures, good cultural practice and orientation to the local environment ;
  • Support with arrival administration including setting-up of bank accounts, residence permit applications and completion of other official processes as required by the host government or host entity ;
  • Structured guidance, mentoring and coaching by a supervisor including a clear workplan and performance appraisal ;
  • Access to office space, equipment, IT support and any other systems and tools required to complete the objectives of the assignment including a host entity email address ;
  • Access to shared host entity corporate knowledge, training and learning ;
  • Inclusion of the volunteer in emergency procedures such as evacuations ;
  • Leave management ;
  • DSA for official travel, when applicable ;
  • All changes in the Description of Assignment occurring between recruitment and arrival or during the assignment need to be formalized with the United Nations Volunteer Programme.

Apppllcatonn Codde ETHR001066-3567


Appllcation procedure :

United Nations Volunteers is an equal opportunity programme which welcomes applications from qualified

professionals. We are committed to achieving diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture.

Before applying, please make sure that you have read the requirements for the position and that you qualify.
Applications from non-qualifying applicants will most likely be discarded by the recruiting manager.

Apply here


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