Scholarship Description :

Applications are invited for Announcement of Partial Scholarships under the NMI-AIST (AfDB) Project, at NM-AIST for 2018/19 Academic Year. The scholarships are open to both local and regional students.

These programmes are aimed at providing Africa with the skills needed to add value to its natural resources and to enhance its competitiveness and growth.

The African University of Science and Technology (AUST) is a Pan-African institution, established in 2007 in response to a request from several African Heads of State, to give life to a request made by then-President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, that the World Bank and the African Union work together to create strong Pan-African centres of excellence to improve sub-Saharan Africa’s capacity in Science and Technology. Thus, a network of the now so-called Nelson Mandela African Institutes of Science and Technology (NM-AISTs) was born. AUST in Abuja was the first of these Centers of Excellence to be established. It currently only offers Graduate level programs by a combination of coursework and cutting-edge research.


Degree Level :

Scholarships are available to study Graduate as well as Postgraduate programs.


Available Subject :

Scholarships are awarded in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation (SETI).


Scholarship Benefits :

These scholarships are partial (tuition fees and research support) as per NM-AIST fee structure.

Eligible Nationalities :

The scholarships are open to both local and regional students.


Entrance Requirements :

Applicants must meet the following criteria :

The scholarships are open to both local and regional students and will run for two years. Initially, scholarships will be granted for one year and may be subsequently extended upon successful academic performance. While on the scholarships, students are encouraged to apply for additional funds to cover for other costs. Successful applicants are expected to report for studies on 14th January 2019.

Females are highly encouraged to apply


Application Procedure :

All applications and supporting documents must be sent to NM-AIST using the following email : Copy to In the subject matter indicate < MSc >, < Your names >.


Eligibility criteria for scholarships :

  1. Certified copies of academic transcripts and certificates in relevant fields ;
  2. NM-AIST admission letter ;
  3. A recommendation letter from the current employer and/or previous supervisor/educator ;
  4. A maximum of a 2-page of Curriculum Vitae (CV) ;
  5. A maximum of a 2-page research concept note ;
  6. One page motivation letter ;
  7. Publications as an added advantage.

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