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Scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT) in 2019 for young students in training Nigerian teachers (fully funded in Japan)

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Date de clôture : Thursday 31 January 2019


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Scholarship from the Japanese government (MEXT) in 2019 for young students in training Nigerian teachers (fully funded in Japan)

Application deadline: January 31, 2019

The Embassy of Japan is pleased to inform you that the Government of Japan will provide a scholarship to Nigerian teachers in primary and secondary schools who wish to follow a teacher training course in Japanese. Training in Japan

The Japanese government scholarship (MEXT) 
is open to graduates of universities and colleges of teachers aged less than thirty-four (34) years (must be born after April 2, 1984), who taught in primary schools / secondary institutes teacher training for at least five years in their country of origin at the time of application. The embassy will take this opportunity to attract Nigerian schools wishing to start courses or Japanese classes in their school.Upon their return, the beneficiaries contribute to the promotion of the teaching of the Japanese language in Nigeria.

Qualifications and conditions

MEXT accepting applications from international students studying in Japan and meet the following qualifications and conditions. Its goal is to foster human resources that will become bridges of friendship between the beneficiary’s country and Japan, through studies in Japan and contribute to the development of both countries and the world.

  1.  Nationality: Applicants have the nationality of a country that has diplomatic relations with Japan. An applicant who has Japanese nationality at the time of application is not eligible. However, individuals with dual nationality who have Japanese nationality and whose place of residence at the time of the request is outside of Japan are eligible if they choose the nationality of the other country and renounce their Japanese nationality on the day their arrival. in Japan. The first screening is to take place at the Japanese diplomatic mission in the country where the applicant chooses nationality.
  2.  Age: Applicants must be born April 2, 1984 or after that date. The exceptions are limited to cases where MEXT finds that the applicant can not be a candidate in the age limits allowed because of the situation or the circumstances of his country. (Mandatory military service, loss of educational opportunities because of the troubles of war, etc.). Personal circumstances (financial status, family situation, health status, circumstances related to the university or place of employment of the applicant, etc.) will not be taken into account, without exception.
  3. academic and professional background: Candidates must be graduates. universities or teacher training schools and have worked as teachers in primary / secondary schools or teacher training schools (excluding universities) in their country of origin for a total period of five years or more as of October 1, 2019 in an institution of higher education are not eligible.
  4. Japanese skills: Applicants must be willing to learn Japanese. Applicants should be interested in Japan and be willing to deepen their understanding of Japan after arriving in Japan. Applicants must also be able to conduct research and to adapt to life in Japan.
  5.  Health: Applicants must submit a medical certificate in the prescribed format, signed by a physician stating that it is neither physical nor mental. conditions preventing the study of the applicant in Japan.
  6.  Arrival in Japan: In principle, candidates must be able to arrive in Japan before the period specified (usually in September or October) between the day before the start of the course and the start date of the course. . If the applicant can not arrive in Japan during the period specified for personal reasons, travel expenses to Japan will not be paid. With the exception of cases where MEXT considers unavoidable circumstances, the candidate must withdraw from this scholarship program if it can happen in Japan before the end of the above period set by MEXT or university acceptance .


Benefits of scholarship

  1.  Allowance: 143,000 yen per month. An additional regional allocation of 2000 or 3000 yen per month will be added to the monthly amount of the scholarship recipients who study or conduct research in specially designated areas. Because of the situation of the Japanese government budget, the payment amount can be changed each year. If a stock is absent from the university for a long time, the stock is suspended for this period.
  2.  Tuition fees: Registration fees, registration and training in universities will be supported by MEXT.
  3.  Travel expenses ①Transport Japan: MEXT defines in principle the program and itinerary of the trip and provides an air ticket in economy class for the flight from the nearest international airport to the residence of the beneficiary (in principle, the country of destination). National) to an international airport in Japan via the normal route to university acceptance. The beneficiary has to bear his expenses all costs related to domestic travel home proprietor to the nearest international airport, airport taxes, airport usage fees, special taxes necessary for the journey, travel expenses Japan (including air transit fees), travel insurance costs, hand luggage or unaccompanied luggage, etc.

Transportation from Japan: based on the beneficiary’s request, MEXT will provide an airline ticket to beneficiaries who follow the training course in the host university and the return. in the country of origin no later than the end of the last month of the scholarship period (see “3 EXCHANGE PERIOD”) designated by MEXT. MEXT provides in principle an airline ticket in economy class of an international airport in Japan used for the return journey from the university that accepts the airport to the nearest international airport to the residence of the recipient.

For guidelines and application forms, please click: http: // for the online form or visit the embassy. address below.

Deadline for applications: January 31, 2019
Address: No. 9, Bobo Street (Gana Street), Maitama, Abuja Phone: 090 6000 9019, 090 6000 9099Embassy Thursday) 8:00 to 5:30 p.m. (Friday) 8:00 to 12:45

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