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Scholarships of the bilateral education agreement (BEA) 2019/2020 to allow Nigerians to study abroad (funded)

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Date de clôture : samedi 19 janvier 2019


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Scholarships of the bilateral education agreement (BEA) 2019/2020 to allow Nigerians to study abroad (funded)

Application deadline : January 19, 2019


The Honorable Minister of Education (MCH), Mallam Adamu Adamu, hereby invites Nigerians interested and qualified to participate in the test on computer appointing 2019/2020 (CBT). ) For grants from the federal government studies for :


Bilateral agreement on education (bea) :

  1. Undergraduate Programs (UG) applicable in Russia, Morocco, Algeria, Serbia, Hungary, Hungary, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, Cuba, Romania , Ukraine, Japan, Macedonia; and
  2. Postgraduate studies valid in Russia (for those whose first degrees were obtained in Russia), China, Hungary, Serbia, Turkey, Japan, Mexico, South Korea.

2.0 All qualified applicants are advised to : 

  1. Visit the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and click READ MORE ICON on the Federal Scholarship Board on the home page ;
  2. Read the guidelines and complete the online application form ;
  3. Print the application form ;
  4. Submit two sets of printed application forms instead of maintenance, as provided below.

3.0 Fields of study 

  1. 1st cycle – engineering, geology, agriculture, science, mathematics, languages, environmental science, sports, law, social sciences, biotechnology, architecture, medicine (very limited), etc. and
  2. Postgraduate (Masters and PhD) in all areas.

Eligibility criteria :

Scholarships undergraduate :

All applicants for undergraduate courses must have at least a degree of five (5) awards (As & Bs) in upper secondary, WAEC (May / June) only in matters within their field of study, including English and mathematics. The certificates must not be older than two (2) years (2017 & 2018) for African countries. The age of the certificate is for one year (2018) only. The age limit is between 18 and 20 years.

Scholarships post-graduate :

All applicants for an undergraduate program must hold an undergraduate degree (first degree with at least a second upper division. Candidates have completed at least two (2) years after qualifying or practice of labor Nigéria.Tous applicants must have completed the NYSC the age limit is 35 years for Master and 40 years for the doctorate and only :

  1. Discharge or exemption only NYSC certificates are accepted ;
  2. Evidence of the employer’s willingness to disclose its information.

Note (for all applicants) :

  1. BEA countries not English, candidates must be prepared to undertake a mandatory course in a foreign language for one year in the country of choice, which will be the means of usual instruction;
  2. Candidates of Japan must have very good knowledge of mathematics ;
  3. Certificates required for candidates applying for Pranans Iman and Quaranic teachers of Islamic religion in Algeria WAEC science as in other scholarships ;
  4. All candidates for a Hungarian scholarship can apply for two fields of study in order of preference; and
  5. All candidates for a Hungarian scholarship should visit the website: before January 15, 2019.


Complete the form online

Print the completed form and bring it instead of maintenance in addition to the point 2.0 above.

Place of maintenance :

All candidates eligible must appear for an interview at the scene provided for accreditation one day before the scheduled examination. Two sets of completed application forms must be submitted in the various centers of the CBB JAMB with the following attachments :

  1. Two photocopies of series of educational certificates and testimonials from previous schools attended with the originals for observation ;
  2. One certificate is accepted, namely WAEC May / June for ;
  3. candidates in the first round ;
  4. Two copies of the birth certificate of the National Population Commission ;
  5. Certificate of the State of origin / the AGL signed, stamped and dated ;
  6. Four (4) colored passport size photographs on white background; and
  7. Graduate applicants must submit their transcripts and their discharge certificate or exemption only ;
  8. Candidates nominated by the Council will be required to submit to the Federal Scholarship Board ;
  9. Certified copies of academic certificates ;
  10. International passport data page in progress; and
  11. Specified medical reports from public hospitals ;
  12. Police certificate, if applicable.

Scholarship award of Nigeria budarship (na) 2019/2020 federal government federal issued in Nigeria for tertiary institutions for tertiary na, sdg (objectives of sustainable development) only for girls

The eligibility criteria for Nigerian award / sdg are following :

  • Applicants for postgraduate studies must have a minimum of first degree with Second Class Honors. Division. The candidate must be enrolled full time in a federal or state university ;
  • All other candidates (UG & HND NCE) must be enrolled full-time in the second year or more in federal or national universities, polytechnics, the monotechnical and colleges. education. All applicants for an undergraduate scholarship (physical challenged included) must be at least 4.0 Cumulative Points (CGPA) on a scale of five (5) points or equivalents or 5.0 out of 7.


Application instructions :

The forms are completed online as follows: Complete the online form and print a copy Submit Attach a photocopy of the following documents in hard copy :

  1. Letter of admission to the institution ;
  2. Registration form the current price ;
  3. Results of the MPC of the year 1, 2, 3, etc ;
  4. Identity card of the current school ;
  5. Letter identification of your regional / local government ;
  6. Two (2) passport size photographs with your name written on the back and signed by you.


Note :

The printed copy must be endorsed (signed and stamped) by your head of delegation or dean of your business. 19659019] GENERAL


Notice :

During the application, applicants are supposed to indicate the following :  

  1. Selection Center computer test (CBT); and
  2. Selection of the preferred program in order of priority (p. ex. bilateral education agreement (BEA), Nigerian Stock Exchange (N / A), scholarship sustainable development goals (SDGs) for girls) ;
  3. Warning: duplicate entries will be disqualified.


Numbers official :

  1. Bilateral Agreement on education (BEA): 08077884417/09094268637 ;
  2. Award of Nigeria / ODD: 08077884418/08091155229
  3. ng / fsbbea @ / fsbna @


More information here


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