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Digital Communication Network Exchange Program 2019 (Fully-funded to the United States)

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Digital Communication Network Exchange Program 2019 (Fully-funded to the United States)




Deadline: June 1, 2019


Description :

  • Application are invited for the Digital Communication Network Program – Fall 2019. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and implemented by World Learning, the Digital Communications Network exchange program created and supports a collaborative network of communication professionals from across Europe and Central Asia, working together to strengthen communication skills through the development and dissemination of digital content.
  • The Digital Communications Network exchange program, which is now entering its fourth year after successful segments in both the United States and in Europe. The program alumni created the Digital Communication Network (DigiComNet), an international association to connect professionals in the digital age from a variety of backgrounds in order to generate ideas, tools, and products for media outlets, civil society organizations, businesses, and government. A total of 16 participants will be selected through an open competition process to come to the United States for a month long professional program, scheduled from September 11- October 11 2019.
  • The U.S. based programs will include an orientation and overview of the issues, a case study looking at different facets of communication with a focus on digital content, professional fellowship placements, training workshops, learning labs, and participation in relevant industry events. Fellowship placements will be in media companies, non-profit organizations, NGOs, public policy organizations, communication companies, or university institutes across the United States. Placements will focus on topics such as the use of technology for advocacy and social causes, development of mobile applications to disseminate information and promote open responsive government, multi-media storytelling, creation of integrated multi-channel social messaging, communication strategies, ethical journalism, investigative reporting, and the nexus of digital and mainstream journalism.
  • Professional development will be supplemented through an online platform, offering social media resources and MOOCs, as well as trainings on planning, executing, and assessing integrated and effective social media campaigns. To enhance program sustainability and effectiveness, participants will create and implement individual follow-on projects in their home countries. Action plans for these projects will be developed throughout the course of the U.S. programs.

Benefits :

  • Accommodation in the United States will consist of double-person shared hotel rooms.
  • A small stipend will be provided to participants while in the U.S. to cover basic living expenses.
  • The cost of international and domestic travel, program-related ground transportation, cultural activities, and all other programmatic and logistical arrangements will be covered as part of the Digital Communication Network exchange program.

Eligibility :

  • Candidates for the program should be communication professionals, either with a journalistic or entrepreneurial background;
  • They should work for media organizations (traditional or new), communication companies, NGOs and social movements, or e-governments focusing on delivering media methods and using new tools of digital communications;
  • Priority will be given to candidates who demonstrate an interest and capacity to develop or transform organizations for the digital age, and/or to create new digital communication products;
  • Participants should work and reside in one of the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Ukraine;
  • Selection will be based on the overall quality of the candidates, as well as their willingness and preparedness to make a contribution to the program. Please note that not all countries will be represented. Candidates from other countries should not apply.

Selection Criteria :

  • English language competency;
  • Minimum two years professional experience in a relevant field;
  • Stated commitment to free and fair information flow;
  • Ability to disseminate information to a wide and diverse audience;
  • No travel within the United States since September 2016(preferred).

Admissibilité :

  • Les participants doivent travailler et résider dans l’un des pays suivants: Arménie, Azerbaïdjan, Biélorussie, Bosnie-Herzégovine, Bulgarie, Croatie, Estonie, Géorgie, Grèce, Hongrie, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kirghizistan, Lettonie, Lituanie, Macédoine, Moldova Monténégro, Pologne, Roumanie, Serbie, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Tadjikistan, Turquie et Ukraine;
  • Les candidats au programme doivent être des professionnels de la communication, ayant une formation journalistique ou entrepreneuriale.
  • Ils devraient travailler pour des organisations de médias (traditionnelles ou nouvelles), des entreprises de communication, des ONG et des mouvements sociaux ou des gouvernements en ligne qui se concentrent sur la diffusion de méthodes médiatiques et l’utilisation de nouveaux outils de communication numérique.
  • La priorité sera accordée aux candidats qui manifestent un intérêt et une capacité à développer ou à transformer des organisations pour l’ère numérique et / ou à créer de nouveaux produits de communication numérique.

Les critères de sélection :

La sélection sera basée sur la qualité globale des candidats, ainsi que sur leur volonté et leur volonté de contribuer au programme. Veuillez noter que tous les pays ne seront pas représentés. Les candidats d’autres pays ne doivent pas postuler.

Les critères de sélection supplémentaires incluent:

Compétence en anglais :

  • Minimum deux ans d’expérience professionnelle dans un domaine pertinent;
  • Engagement déclaré à un flux d’informations libre et juste;
  • Capacité à diffuser des informations à un public large et diversifié;
  • Aucun voyage aux États-Unis depuis septembre 2016 (préféré);
  • Application.

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