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ADICE recruits a Senior EU Aid Volunteer

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Date de clôture : 26 mai 2019


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ADICE recruits a Senior EU Aid Volunteer


Expérience3 à 5 ans
FonctionsGestion de projets/programmes
Secteurs d’activitéDéveloppement économique et local
PaysAsie, Népal


Description :

Volunteers Initiative Nepal (VIN), founded in 2005, is a non-profit, non-government, non- political and secular organization working for the most marginalized communities of Nepal using a holistic community development approach.

This volunteering position will take place in grassroots organization developing mainly local development and humanitarian aid projects. It is expected from the volunteer to be autonomous and able to take initiatives to support the hosting organization and local community in the development of their projects and activities.

This position will allow to promote national volunteering for local and national youngsters. Indeed, the concept of volunteering is not popularly develop in Nepal. VIN wants to promote and develop the concept of it among local people through this volunteer which is also the objective of EU. This volunteer will also support the volunteering management coordinator. He will be involving practically with volunteer management team and teach to the local staff. The volunteer will work closely with the director/volunteer manager of the organisation and local team to support the organizational, technical and operational capacity of the hosting organization to work and update the volunteering processes. Furthermore, the objective is to organize capacity building activities that target local staff members, volunteers and vulnerable communities.

The main areas include the support in strengthening volunteer management at the organisation to improve service delivery at community level, using results of an independent study carried out by previous EUAVs and other.

The specific focus will be refined based on the technical expertise and experience of the volunteer.

The volunteer will be based at VIN‘s head office in Kathmandu, with frequent travel required to VIN‘s project sites in Nepal (e.g. Kathmandu, Okhaldhunga and Nuwakot districts.)


Operational details & security context :

VIN is working in the rural area of Nepal. It mobilizes its volunteers in those areas to achieve its goal. Volunteers will be working closely with the volunteers in those areas. Travelling via bus to reach Kathmandu from Tarakeshwor takes around 1 hour. Tarakeshwor and Okharpawa are simple rural communities and have only basic facilities. Volunteer needs to travel to Okhaldhunga to support other volunteers which is 250 km from Kathmandu and takes 8 hrs by bus, mountainous site.

Each volunteer is received from the airport by VIN’s staff and brought to its hostel. VIN provides full on arrival training that lasts a minimum of a week. Most of the people speak Nepali in the working community, so the volunteers need to learn some survival Nepali. VIN provides volunteers with Nepali language classes with professional language teachers to help prepare them. They are prepared culturally to fit in with the local context. VIN covers health and safety briefings, cultural classes, the local working context, working community visits and one to one information/orientation with mentor and program officers during on arrival training.
The volunteers are given the emergency contact details of staffs, hospitals and other necessary information on the first week of their arrival. VIN is available 24 hours for volunteers in need.
The hosting organization will share before and at the very beginning of the project security briefing and a security management plan with all healthy and safety rules to follow.

Tâches :

  • Promoting national volunteering :

The volunteer will promote national volunteering for local and national youngsters. He / she will promote and develop the concept of it among local people and will also support the volunteering management coordinator to update the tools and practices of volunteering management.

  • Volunteer needs and opportunities identification :

Under guidance from the Director/volunteer manager, the volunteer should assist the management and field staff in the identification of needs for volunteers, scheduling of incoming volunteers, and planning of tasks for volunteers (e.g. to ensure continuity, coherence and sustainability of programmes and projects), as well as assist the organisation in active identification of needs and opportunities and selection process.

  • Volunteer preparation :

Assist in update of materials for volunteers, as well as communication with volunteers prior to their projects, to facilitate their preparation for activities, manage expectations.

  • Planning and coordination tools :

Assist in development of tools to ensure timely and relevant planning and coordination of activities, including support in the tasks definition as well as promote coherence, continuity and sustainability of projects (e.g. volunteer work plans with indicators, event calendars, diaries, community testimonials, feed-back mechanisms, hand-over of media content created, exit-evaluation notes, project hand-over notes, and etc.).

  • Volunteer mentoring :

Assist in mentoring and accompanying of volunteers, as well as community preparation, including, identifying availability of and access to alternative support networks (former volunteers, mentors, host families, and etc.);

  • Social activities :

Support the organization of meetings and social activities for volunteers, community and staff, to encourage timely feedback, socialisation, coordination of work, and management of expectations;

  • Feedback analysis :

Ensure timely and regular collection, analysis and follow-up of feedback from volunteers, and advise on and support proper collection and analysis of data.
Ensure that lessons learnt, feedback from community and volunteers, good practice from VIN projects and programmes, as well as outputs and products are compiled, distributed, and used further to improve future planning, programming and implementation;

  • Community outreach :

Together with Communication Officer at VIN, design and implement outreach activities and materials for local communities, to promote local volunteering;

  • Capacity building :

Provide capacity building (training, skills development activities) to local team on volunteer management, coordination, mentoring and support;

  • Documentation updates :

Support in the review, development, and regular update of existing documents of volunteering management.

  • Networking and partnerships :

Support in the development of networks and partnerships with the local and international volunteer community;

  • Volunteer induction :

Assist in induction training of volunteers, as well as training volunteers on work with communities, and etc.


Expériences / Formation du candidat :

  • Skills and ability to analyse human resources and volunteer management processes and procedures.
  • Experience in Volunteer Management and Coordination.
  • Experience in development sector is highly desirable.
  • Skills in training and developing staff.
  • Autonomy, self-iniative, resilience, flexibility and adaptation.
  • Oral and written fluency in English.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and as a team member.
  • Ability to work effectively in multi-cultural environments.
  • Positive attitude.

The volunteers will have to adapt and to be flexible regarding the local working and living environment that is very different from the European one.

Salaire / Indemnité :

A monthly Subsistence Lump Sum (334.66 per month), will be paid to the volunteer to cover subsistence (food, any other personal items) in addition to a local transportation reimbursement.
In addition, after the return, 100€ of post deployment resettlement allowance per month of deployment done, will be foreseen.
Accommodation with locked individual room will be provided by the hosting organization.
Visa fees, insurance and international travel (1 round trip ticket) will be covered directly by sending organization.

Comment postuler :

The candidate has to send the following documents to on 26/05/2019 at the latest:

  •  his/her application form SuD HAV 2 ;
  • his/her self assessment questionnaire ;
  •  his/her CV in Europass format.

At the end of May / beginning of June: the candidates interviewed will know if they are selected to participate to the pre-departure training.
In June 2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate to an online training.
In July 2019: The pre-selected candidates will participate to a face-to-face training (12 days).
The final selection will be done after the pre-departure trainings at the beginning of August 2019.


Interview Process :

Skype interview with the sending and hosting organizations in June 2019.Important notice: additional candidates may be shortlisted for a single position and proposed for the EU Aid Volunteers training. This is to ensure that for each position, substitute volunteers may be chosen to replace the candidate in case
he or she resigns or is no longer available. Where more than one candidate has been shortlisted for a single position, final selection takes places following the training.

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